interventional radiology in greece n.
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Interventional Radiology in Greece

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Interventional Radiology in Greece - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interventional Radiology in Greece. Elias N Brountzos , EBIR Head IR Division Attikon University Hospital 2 nd Dept of Radiology, School of Medicine National and Kapodistrian University of Athens . Subspecialisation of Interventional Radiology in Europe 2009.

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Interventional Radiology in Greece

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interventional radiology in greece

Interventional Radiology in Greece

Elias N Brountzos, EBIR

Head IR Division

Attikon University Hospital

2ndDept of Radiology, School of Medicine

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

interventional radiology in greece 2012
Interventional Radiology in Greece2012

Republic’s Gazette 3 April 2012:

  • Interventional Radiology is established as having subspecialty status within Diagnostic Radiology.
  • The content of IR are image-guided procedures both diagnostic and therapeutic which are minimally invasive.
  • Such treatments involve peripheral PTA, percutaneous aneurysm management, tumor ablation, etc.
ir in greece
IR in Greece
  • Subspecialty of Radiology
  • Area of expertise: Image-guided minimal invasive diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedures
  • With the exception of coronary and neuro-interventional procedures.
ir training in greece during dr residency
IR training in Greece during DR residency

Current Radiology curriculum

New Radiology Curriculum

Harmonization with ESR.

3-years of core knowledge.

2-years of specialization.

2-years of IR subspecialization within Radiology training.

  • 5 year training.
  • Interventional Radiology: mandatory 6-months rotation.
  • In some University Hospitals: 3-years IR training.
subspeciality ir training in greece
Subspeciality IR training in Greece
  • Board certified Radiologists can apply for Subspecialty.
  • Time of training: 2 years.
  • 16 months theoretical and clinical training in the field of vascular IR.
  • 8 months theoretical and clinical training in non vascular IR.
subspeciality ir training in greece1
SubspecialityIR training in Greece

Training centres:

  • Tertiary Hospitals with ≥200 beds covering all the clinical specialties (internal medicine, surgery, oncology, vascular surgery, Intensive Care Unit, etc.)
  • With angiography unit, CT, MRI, U/S
subspeciality ir training in greece2
SubspecialityIR training in Greece

Selection of applicants:

  • Radiology title
  • CV
  • Personal interview at the selected cites
subspeciality ir accreditation in greece
SubspecialityIR accreditation in Greece

Title of IR subspecialty

  • Acquired after written and oral examinations
  • IR logbook (150 diagnostic and100 therapeutic vascular and non vascular procedures as first of second operator. At least 50 diagnostic and 30 therapeutic procedures as a first operator)
  • IR Publications
ir certificate
IR Certificate

Issued by the

Greek Ministry of Health

is important to develop an IR curriculum to ensure that every trainee is trained to a set standard and assessed before they are accredited as specialists. This is particularly important when interventional radiologists cross European borders, and a set curriculum offers a means of ensuring quality control and competency,”
ir procedures in greece
IR procedures in Greece

Late 70s: first steps

Today: all kinds of vascular, non vascular and emergency IR procedures

interventional radiology in greece by prof d kelekis
  • 1993 : Foundation of Society of Interventional Radiology
  • 1970: Intraarterial Angiography
  • 1971: Selective angiography of renal and splachnic vessels
  • 1979: Selective embolization of juvenile fibroadenoma
  • 1979: PTA of renal artery
  • 1980: PTA of iliac arteries
  • 1982: Chemoembolization of tumors
  • 1984: Embolization of internal iliac arteries for hemorrhage
  • 1986: Intraarterialthrombolysis
  • 1996: Radiofrequency Ablation
  • 1997: Endovascular Treatment of Abdominal Aneurysms
  • 2004:Chemoembolization with DEB
  • 2009: Microwave Ablation
ir procedures in greece emergency ir
IR procedures in GreeceEmergency IR
  • Trauma centres in the majority of the major Greek hospitals performing endovascular embolization/stenting procedures
  • TIPS
  • Emergency EVAR- TEVAR network under development
vascular ir
Vascular IR
  • PAD (IC, CLI, ALI)
  • Dialysis access maintenance
  • Venous disease (DVT, Varicose veins)
non vascular ir
Non Vascular IR
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Obstructive uropathy
  • Biliary disease
  • Image-guided biopsies/drainages
interventional oncology
Interventional Oncology
  • RFA
  • TACE
  • GI/biliary stenting
  • Supportive care:


  • SIRT currently available in Athens

In all major hospitals

experimental protocols
Experimental protocols
  • Animal labs investigating new IR devices and techniques.
  • Development of various animal models for PAD, cancer, angiogenesis, uropathy, ect.
  • Multi-disciplinary experimental protocols (vascular surgeons, urologists, interventional cardiologists, etc.)

Academia of Athens

clinical investigation
Clinical Investigation
  • Multiple high-impact IR publications in major peer-review journals
  • Pioneer work in HCC (TACE) , PAD (infrapopliteal drug-eluting stents), musculoskeletal disease (vertebroplasty) and dialysis access (drug-coated balloons) treatment
  • Continuously growing participation in multi-centre trials.
international recognition
International recognition
  • Society of Interventional Radiology (USA) Gold Medal. In 2012.
ir in greece cirse group member
IR in GreeceCIRSE Group member
  • Greek Society of Interventional Radiology

  • Post-graduate course (MSc) in IR at the University of Athens

CIRSE Group member

thinks to do
Thinks to do…
  • Establish a truly clinically oriented IR specialty –within Radiology.
  • Create an IR department in every hospital.
  • Change the Radiology residency curriculum towards an IR module after a core diagnostic knowledge.
  • Attract enthusiastic young physicians who want to be Irs!!