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Enterprise Smart Clients Architecture, Patterns, Design, Best Practices PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise Smart Clients Architecture, Patterns, Design, Best Practices

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Enterprise Smart Clients Architecture, Patterns, Design, Best Practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Smart Clients Architecture, Patterns, Design, Best Practices. Keith Elder Manager, Sr. Software Engineer Quicken Loans Blog: http://keithelder.net/blog/ Email: keith@keithelder.net. Take Aways. Previous Session What are Smart Clients

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enterprise smart clients architecture patterns design best practices

Enterprise Smart ClientsArchitecture, Patterns, Design, Best Practices

Keith Elder

Manager, Sr. Software Engineer

Quicken Loans

Blog: http://keithelder.net/blog/

Email: keith@keithelder.net

take aways
Take Aways
  • Previous Session
    • What are Smart Clients
    • How to deploy them as easy as a web application
  • Setting Up Visual Studio – How to get started
  • Modules
    • Interface
    • Business Logic
    • Data Access Logic
  • Understanding the architecture of an Enterprise Smart Client and how to get started building one.
  • Handling Business Rules
  • Enterprise Library
smart client architecture

Provides connection pooling to database

Allows for updates to business layer without affecting clients

Disconnected / Connected

Smart Client Architecture

SQL 2005

Business Logic


Web Services Cluster


visual studio solution organization
Visual Studio Solution Organization
  • Think in terms of modularity and re-use
    • Will not apply to smaller applications
  • Modules are collections of projects and solutions
    • Web Service
    • BusinessLayer
    • DataLayer
    • WorkFlow
    • Proxy
    • UI.Web
    • UI.WinForm
    • UI.Mobile
    • Etc.
visual studio solution organization things to remember
Visual Studio Solution Organization:Things to remember
  • Create a “Common” library early on
    • Common API’s -> EnterpriseDesktop.Common
      • Typically shared among all projects (it is common right?)
      • Base APIs to handle validation, serialization, configuration or whatever
    • Common UI -> EnterpriseDesktop.Common.WinForm
  • Why separate things out so much?
    • Allows for Multiple User Interfaces to leverage the same logic. Write once. Use it everywhere.
  • Bake Enterprise Library into your application from the start, not as an after thought. More on this later.
  • Each SmartClient “module” will have minimally four projects:
    • Web service – provides the means to retrieve, and validate information for your module
    • Business Layer – Contains your business rules and business entities
    • Data Layer – Facilitates storing and retrieving of data (could be datasets, custom objects, or an ORM)
    • UI (winform) – User controls which make up your user interface

Smart Client Module

Mobile 5 App

Web Service

Smart Client


Internal Web App


Web Site




Folder Structure For Application





















handling business rules with smart clients
Handling Business Rules With Smart Clients
  • Put your business rules in the web service
    • Business rules change constantly, do you want to redeploy your entire app for a few lines of code change?
      • Answer: No. Just redeploy your web service. No one will ever know!
    • Leverage Biztalk rules engines or WorkFlow rules engine
  • Great idea but I can only pass back and forth XML, so how do I do it?
    • Answer. List<Rule> brokenRules
  • Note: EntLib 3.0 has a Validation Block
patterns and practice is your friend
Patterns and Practice Is Your Friend
  • Enterprise Library
      • Logging Block
        • Log exceptions
        • Route SQL Exceptions to pagers
        • Log who is doing what
        • Log to flat files, xml or database
      • Data Access Block
        • Abstract data access, less code than ADO.Net
      • Caching Block
        • Database
        • File system
        • Isolated file storage
      • Security Block
        • Manage permissions for your application (who can do what)
      • Console
        • Winform Application to configure or re-configure your application on the fly
    • WSE 3.0 – Web Services Enhanced (pre WCF)
enterprise deployment tips
Enterprise Deployment Tips
  • Things you need to deploy
    • Smart Client
    • Web Service for each module
      • Tip: Create master solutions for each web service deployment
      • Reminder: Don’t forget to add Enterprise Library to your services
    • Documentation
      • Asp.net web site
  • Purchase software certificate from Versign
    • Sign ClickOnce manifests with certificate
    • Have your windows engineers deploy this certficate as a trusted certficate to the desktops.
  • Build an MSI installer which contains a URL desktop shortcut. Deploy this to the enterprise based which user’s need the application.
    • Provides an easy on ramp to kick off the application and get it installed.
    • Can be placed in desktop image by IS
anything else i should look at
Anything Else I Should Look At?
  • Web Service Performance Tip: Gzip and ExcludeSchema
  • Smart Client Software Factory
  • Web Service Software Factory
  • Mobile Software Factory
  • Keep eyes on Patterns and Practice Team
  • My Blog
    • http://keithelder.net
  • Email
    • keith@keithelder.net
  • Resources
    • http://msdn.microsoft.com/smartclient/
    • http://practices.gotdotnet.com/projects/scbat
  • Patterns and Practices
    • http://msdn.microsoft.com/practices/
      • Smart Client Software Factory
      • Enterprise Library
      • Web Services Software Factory
      • Mobile Software Factory