what makes asian people come to finland n.
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What makes Asian people come to Finland?

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What makes Asian people come to Finland? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What makes Asian people come to Finland?. S eminar on international business (IBM 407) Assi Leskelä Marianne Pohjola Anna Serow Ville Suominen. 1 Introduction. Between Jan – Nov 2013 there were 5.3 million foreign tourists in Finland this is 0.8 % more than the year before

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what makes asian people come to finland

What makes Asian people come to Finland?

Seminar on international business (IBM 407)

Assi Leskelä

Marianne Pohjola

Anna Serow

Ville Suominen

1 introduction
1 Introduction
  • Between Jan – Nov 2013 there were 5.3 million foreign tourists in Finland
    • this is 0.8 % more than the year before
    • the number is significant compared to the population of Finland (5.4 million)
    • the largest group came from Russia but the interest for Finland was high also in other Asian countries
    • tourism from China and Japan increased the most
      • from China the increase was 27.3 % (127 000 tourists)
      • from Japan the increase was 17.6 % (185 000 tourists)
  • Permits of residence were admitted to 16 294 foreigners between Jan – Nov 2013
    • Russian (3 541)
    • Indian (1 629)
    • Chinese (1 356) people
2 the subject and the method of the study
2 The subject and the method of the study
  • title: Why Asian people come to Finland?
  • the study is based on differentarticles and an interview study done with a questionnaire
    • the interview study took place at theSiam University
    • 20 students from five different Asian countries answered the questions (Thailand, Myanmar, India, Taiwan and Bangladesh)
  • eleven of the respondents were female and nine of them were male


With this interview study we would like to find out what the people from Asian countries know and think about Finland.

Background information

Where are you from? ___________________

Are you male or female ?

1) What do you know about Finland?


2) Would you like to go to Finland? Why/ why not?

a) as a tourist?


b) to work?


3) Are you familiar with these Finnish brands/ characters?

a) Nokia yes no

b) Marimekko yes no

c) Angry birds yes no

d) Santa claus yes no

e) Moomins yes no

3 findings and analyses
3 Findings and analyses


  • tourism is mainly concentrated

in two different areas; Lapland

in the Northern Finland and Helsinki,

the capital of Finland in the Southern


  • the busiest season in Lapland is on winter time, especially on Christmas time
    • snow, Northern Lights, reindeer, landscapes, Santa Claus
    • tourism is the main source of livelihood in Lapland
    • big business; tourists bring over half a billion euros to Lapland annually

Helsinki also attracts tourists

    • a clean and peaceful city with beautiful city environment
    • good connections
      • Finnair provides direct flights to Helsinki for example from Shanghai, Hongkong, Tokyo, Singapore and Bangkok

NorthernLights in Lapland



Finnish culture, design and innovations fascinate tourists

    • graphic design, shapes and colours
    • especially textiles of Marimekko
  • popular Finnish characters
    • Angry birds, Moomins, Santa Claus
  • 17 of 20 studentsareinterested to travel to Finland as a tourist
    • reasons: different kind of nature, culture and people
    • new experiences
    • 3 is not interested; unknown country
  • None of the respondents knows Marimekko.
  • Nokia and Angry birds are very well-known. Only one of the respondents is not familiar with these brands.
  • Santa Claus is also quite well-known (11 of 20) while Moomins are not; 17 of 20 do not know them.


  • a growing labour shortage in some professional fields in Finland
    • healthcare (both doctors and nurses)
    • by the year 2040 Finland needs 200 000 more healthcare workers than today
    • most of the Asian nurses come from Philippines
  • a need of seasonalworkers
    • in summer 2013 there were about 4 000 berry pickers from abroad, most of them were from Thailand
  • 16 of 20 students would not go to Finland to work
    • unknown country, too cold climate
  • 4 of 20 students would like to go to Finland to work if they got an opportunity


  • because of globalization people travel more  international marriages have grown fast
  • family matters are common reasons for foreigners to move to Finland
    • for example in 2010 there were 3 354 Finnish-Thai families living in Finland
  • by foreign adoptions about 200 children come to Finland annually
    • most of them are adopted from China, 64 children in 2012
4 conclusions
4 Conclusions
  • In future there will be more Asian people travelling and working in Finland.
  • Middle class is growing in many Asian countries; people have more money to spend and they are looking for new experiences.
  • Finland can also be seen as a good place to work because there will be more jobs available for foreigners.