martin luther king jr webquest l.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest PowerPoint Presentation
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Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest

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Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest
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  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest

  2. Introduction • Martin Luther King was a very important man. He wanted everyone to be treated fairly. He did a lot of important things that changed how we live. Today we will be looking at a time line of his life.

  3. The Task • You will look at a timeline of MLK’s life. As you view the timeline, you will answer the questions on your piece of paper. Make sure to read the entire page before choosing your answer.

  4. The Process • Please read all the steps before beginning: • 1. Click on the link to visit the website. Martin Luther King Website • 2. Click on the words “starts here” • 3. Read each page and choose an answer on your worksheet. • 4. Click on the black arrow at the top of the website page to go on.

  5. The Process • 5. Each page may not have matching question on the sheet. (One slide even has TWO questions!) • 6. Circle the answers to each question. • 7. Don’t worry about finishing! You can take it home to finish there! • 8. Have fun and learn lots!

  6. Evaluation • Give your best effort. • If you have a question, raise your hand. • Read quietly to yourself.

  7. Conclusion • I hope by the end of this webquest you will have learned a lot about Martin Luther King Jr. He was a very important man and should be remember every day.

  8. Let’s Get Started • Click here for the MLK website. • Click on the links below for more great MLK websites. Timeline with student drawings Photos of Dr. King View a slide show of Dr. King Dr. King’s speeches (must have Real Audio Player)