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Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities. http :// . Overview Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council - (NSERC ) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - (SSHRC)

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Funding Opportunities

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funding opportunities
Funding Opportunities


Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council - (NSERC)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - (SSHRC)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research - (CIHR)

Foundation Grants

Provincial Funding

International Funding

Athabasca University Funding

GordMcCalla’s Do’s and Dont’s

Methods to Evaluate Research

Search Engines

Tools & Guides





Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Available Prizes

NSERC - Grants Programs Overview

NSERC How to Apply for Discovery Grant Guide

NSERC How to Apply for Funding Guide

NSERC Post-Award Responsibilities and Schedules

NSERC Search Engine

NSERC Strategic Vision

Successful NSERC Projects and Grant Proposals




Grant Programs

Collaborative Health Research Projects Program

Collaborative Research and Training Experience

Discovery Grants

NSERC Tutorials

Guidelines on the Review of Applications in Interdisciplinary Research Areas

NSERC - Frequently Asked Questions

NSERC_ How to Prepare an Application


Strategic Project Grants (SPG) - FAQs

Witten’s NSERC Grant Writing

NSERC Collaborative R&D

NSERC Collaborative R&D Application Forms and Guides

NSERC Collaborative R&D Grant Guidelines

NSERC Collaborative R&D Grants Application Part 1

NSERC Collaborative R&D Grants Application Part 2

NSERC Collaborative R&D Grants Application Part 3

NSERC Collaborative R&D Grants Overview

NSERC Collaborative R&D Search Engine

NSERC Collaborative Peer Review Processes





SSHRC Available Funding Opportunities

SSHRC Budget

SSHRC Grant Regulations Overview

SSHRC Grants How to Apply

SSHRC Grants Search Engine

SSHRC Necessary Terms and Definitions

SSHRC Peer Review Processes

SSHRC post-Award Funding Compliance Guidelines

SSHRC Strategic Plan

Successful SSHRC Grant Proposal Summaries


SSHRC Grant Application Tips

SSHRC Grants Online Application Tutorial





Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategic Roadmap

CIHR Budget Information and Strategic Roadmap

CIHR Compliance and post-Award Policies

CIHR Funding Opportunities

CIHR Grant Evaluation Criteria

CIHR Grant Peer Evaluation Process

CIHR Grant Search Engine

CIHR Review Process

CIHR Successful Proposal Search Engine

Complete an Application - CIHR

Current Budget - CIHR

New Investigator Salary Award



Common CIHR Applicant Mistakes

Managing Your CIHR Grant Booklet Pages

Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal

Guidebook For New Principal Investigators Back to top

Nursing Grants

Canadian Nursing Index Student Nursing Scholarships Grants and Loans

Nursing Grants

Canadian Nurses Foundation

UBC School of Nursing - Funding & Award Deadlines

UBC School of Nursing - Research Grants

Nursing Student Scholarships Grants

McGill University Health Centre - Nursing Research Resources

McMaster Univ. - Research at the School of Nursing - Foundations




Foundation Grants

Alberta Heritage Foundation For Medical Research - Grants & Awards

Alzheimer Society of Canada Research Grants and Training Awards

BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Grants

Canada Lung Associate Funding Research Information

Canadian Breast Cancer Research

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Celiac Association - Research Awards

Canadian Foundation for Women's Health Annual Research Grants Awards

Canadian Thoracic Society - Research

CCFC Research - Opportunities for Researchers

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada Research Grants

Funding Links from Umich, particularly NIH, NCI, & NSF

Funding Opportunities CHSRF

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Grants

Parkinson Society Canada Grants

Pfizer Canada Cardiovascular Grants

The Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS) - Grants & Awards

The Kidney Foundation of Canada Biomedical Research Grants




Provincial Funding - Alberta

Advanced Education and Technology, Govt of Alberta

Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN)

Alberta Innovates




International Development Research Centre - (IDRC)

Current IDRC Competitions International Development Research Centre

IDRC Available Awards

IDRC Awards Applicant Checklist

IDRC Awards Application

IDRC Funding Application

IDRC Funding Overview

IDRC Funding Walkthrough

IDRC How to Apply for Funding

IDRC Search Engine

International Funding

Bay Trust - Grants

European Commission - Grants of the European Union

International Grant Making

International Grants and Funders

Queen's University Belfast Grant Awards

Rotary International Foundation Funding

Royal Society - Funding scientists

SRA International Foundations List

SRA International Funding Opportunities

SRA International Grants Resource

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

World Bank - Business Center - Grants

U.S. Funding

Available NIH Grants

Fogarty International Center @ NIH - Advancing Science for Global Health

Funding Strategy - Fogarty International Center @ NIH

Grants Information - Funding - Fogarty International Center

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

National Science Foundation Grants

NIH Forms and Applications

NIH Grants Process Overview

Research Grants - Fogarty International Center @ NIH

Research Training Grants - Fogarty International Center @ NIH


Athabasca U


Athabasca University Funding

Academic and Professional Development Fund

Academic Research Fund and Mission Critical Research

AVPR Special Research Opportunities

Research Grant in Lieu of Salary

President's Award for Research and Scholarly Excellence




Methods to Evaluate Research – some Resources

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

Canadian Evaluation Society - links

Canadian Social Research Links

EvaluationMethods - Health Promotion Clearinghouse

External vs. Internal Evaluators

Institute for Social Research - York University

Learning - Evaluation Resources

Links to Evaluation Materials -

Mental Measurements Yearbook

Methods in Social Research

Overview of Evaluaton Methods for R&D Programs

W. K. Kellogg Logic Model Evaluation

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook




Search Engines

Canada Foundations & Grants Fundsnet Services

Canadian Institutes of Health

Community of Science Funding Search Engine

Foundation Center

GrantsNet Search

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

PubMed Home


Tools & Guides


Tools & Guides

Foundation Proposal Letter

GrantsNet- Funding Tool

Identifying Direct & Indirect Costs

Proposal Development Worksheet.docx

Proposal Development Worksheet.pdf

Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

NIH Videos

Inside the NIH Review Process

What Applicants Need to Know Now