sex needs consent n.
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Sex Needs Consent

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Sex Needs Consent. What is consent?. con·sent   / kənˈsent / Noun Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. There are many misconceptions surrounding what constitutes consent in different circumstances.

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what is consent
What is consent?
  • con·sent  /kənˈsent/Noun
  • Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.
  • There are many misconceptions surrounding what constitutes consent in different circumstances.
  • Learn about consent in order to have a happy, healthy, and respectful love life.

NO does not mean Yes

It is a common misconception that people and particularly women are “playing hard to get” and that when they decline sexual attention they are simply being modest or subtle.

If someone says no to sex they need to be heard and understood for exactly what they are saying. Do not assume that you know what someone really wants and if you are confused about

whether someone is consenting to sexual contact make sure you ask them in order to clarify


Naked does not mean Yes

Clothes are not consent! Just because someone is dressed in a revealing or sexy manner does not mean that they are asking for sex or sexual contact. Just because someone is naked does not mean that they are automatically giving consent. In a fair world people should be able to dress however they want and have the option to be vulnerable without worrying about being attacked violated, and without it being assumed that they are sexually available to others.

Only direct consent should facilitate actual sex.


Drunk does not mean Yes

If a person is drunk or under the influence of a substance they may be incapable of giving consent. Just because someone is partying or drunk does not mean that they are making themselves sexually available to other people.

If someone is clearly intoxicated be the bigger person and do not have

sexual contact with them until they are sober enough to clearly give



Too scared to say “No” does not mean Yes

Consent given due to coercion or pressure to say yes does not count as true consent. Sometimes people are threatened, manipulated, and pressured into sexual activity that they may have technically agreed to although it was not a free choice.

If someone denies consent respect their no the first time and do not attempt to convince them to give consent. If someone changes their mind about consent it should be their own free and informed decision.


“Maybe” does not mean Yes

If a person expresses that they are unsure whether or not they want to engage in a certain

sexual activity that means that they are unsure, not that they need the decision to be made

For them. Only yes means yes. If someone decides to give consent then remember that they

May choose to change their mind. If someone asks you to stop then stop immediately. Just because something started out as consensual does not mean that it cannot change into being

Non-consensual. Listen to your partner(s)!


Silence does not mean Yes

Being unable to speak and or not saying anything does not equate to consent. If someone is in

A state that hinders their ability to communicate or if they are afraid to speak and sexual contact

continues it can be considered non-consensual.


Yes once does not mean yes always

Just because someone has given consent one time or many times does not mean that consent is unspoken or can be assumed for every time in the future. Consent cannot be assumed just because you are in a relationship with someone, and consent must be given and communicated each time that you have sexual contact with another person. Also, if a person consents to one type of sexual contact it does not mean that they are consenting to all kinds of sexual contact. Make sure you communicate with your partner and get consent before trying new sexual activities.


Only “Yes” means Yes!

Consent may seem complicated but it can be made simple. Remember that consent has only

Truly been given when a person fully agrees to sexual activity or when they clearly and verbally communicate that they want to engage in sexual contact. If there is any confusion regarding consent make sure to ask for clarification. Check in regularly with your partner(s) to make sure

that the sex you are having is comfortable and consensual.

why is consent so important
Why is consent so important?
  • Sex is not safe without consent
  • The right to give and/or deny consent is a basic human right
  • Because nonconsensual sexual activity = sexual assault, rape, attempted rape, violation, disrespect, illegal, harmful, dangerous, degrading, destructive, inexcusable
  • Because everyone should have the right to make decisions for their self about when, where, how, and with whom to have sex
things to remember about consent
Things to Remember about Consent
  • Consent must be given prior to sexual contact
  • Consent can change through-out a sexual encounter and through-out a relationship
  • Just because someone is your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, or lover does not mean that they are always sexually available to you
  • Consent should be communicated before and during sexual activity