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Movie Summaries French Language and Culture

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Movie Summaries French Language and Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Movie Summaries French Language and Culture. Madison and Tori . “Au Revoir Les Enfants ” “ Goodbye Children ”. “Au Revoir Les Enfants”.

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au revoir les enfants
“Au Revoir Les Enfants”

First we see the main character, Julien Quentin, and his older brother at a train station with their mother. The boys board a train destined for an all-boys private boarding school outside of Paris. We learn that this is a religious institution which is led by priests. The school is cold due to insufficient heating and the food is unappetizing. Soon a new student named Jean Bonnet is introduced to the class. Like the other students Julien dislikes and teases Jean because he is awkward. Eventually however Julien begins to tolerate Jean and they become friends. One night Julien wakes up and discovers that Jean is awake and is praying in a language he doesn’t understand. One day Julien is going through the other student’s cubbies while alone in their dormitory. While looking in Jean’s locker Julien finds a book that is the property of Jean Kippelstein. Julien then realizes that Jean isn’t Protestant like he claims to be but that he is actually Jewish and is using the school as a refuge from the Nazi party. Julien agrees to keep Jean’s secret and they become even closer. At the end of the movie Nazis raid the school. They search the classrooms and Jean and a few other students along with the headmaster of the school, Father Jean, are taken away.

le d ner de cons
“Le Dîner de Cons”

Pierre Brochant is a pretentious, rich man who needs a guest to bring to a weekly dinner which is hosted by his pretentious friends. The only rule is that the guest must be an idiot, someone stupid enough that the group can laugh at over dinner. One day a friend informs Brochant that he met a man who builds models out of matchsticks on the train. Brochant insists on being introduced to the strange man so that he can trick him into attending the idiot dinner. Mrs. Brochant finds the whole game disgusting and leaves the house when Brochant tells her about his new idiot. Nevertheless Brochant calls up Mr. Pignon (the man with the matchsticks) and tells him that he is a publisher who would like to write an article on his models for a magazine. Pignon is delighted and agrees to meet Brochant for an interview at his home. After a short time getting to know Pignon, Brochant knows that he would win the idiot prize. However Brochant had thrown out his back and finally admits that he cannot attend the dinner. Pignon is a kind man and stays to take care of Brochant even against his wishes. While trying to help Brochant, Pignon learns that Mrs. Brochant had stormed out. Having been left by his own wife, Pignon feels the need to help poor Mr. Brochant. Brochant fears that his wife has run off with another man and Pignon takes it upon himself to find out the facts by calling up the man and tricking information out of him. Pignon also calls a tax inspector who is auditing the man suspected of being with Mrs. Brochant. Brochant discovers that Christine is not with the other man because he is in fact sleeping with the tax inspector's wife. He then finds out that his wife Christine is in the hospital after a car crash but does not want Brochant to visit her because she is angry with him. Pignon steps in and convinces her that Brochant is a good man who deserves a second chance. Brochant is touched and offers to prove it by going to the next idiot dinner as Pignon's guest.

les 400 coups
“Les 400 Coups”

This movie is about a 12 year old boy named Antoine Doinel growing up in Paris. He is ignored by his parents at home and is constantly in trouble at school for acting out and not doing his homework. One day he comes into school after skipping school the day before. Because he does not have a note from his parents excusing him, he lies and says that his mother died. The teachers take pity on him until his mother shows up at school. His mother finally decides to take an interest in her son and tells him that if he works hard and gets a good grade on his next writing assignment that she will give him 100 francs. In school he is told to write about a difficult experience in his life and he writes down part of his favorite book. After being accused of plagiarism by his teacher for writing that essay Antoine quits school. He steals a typewriter from his father's office to sell to make money so he can run away.

Antoine gets caught by the security guard who then calls Antoine’s father. His father turns him over to the police hoping that being in jail will scare him straight. Antoine spends the night in jail with criminals and prostitutes. Antoine’s mother meets with the judge to decide what the appropriate action to take is considering the circumstances. She mentions to the judge that Antoine’s father is not actually his biological father. Antoine is sent to an observation center for troubled teenagers.

One day, while playing football with the other boys, Antoine escapes under a fence and runs away to the ocean. The move ends with him running into the water and looking into the camera.