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Media Selection PowerPoint Presentation
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Media Selection

Media Selection

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Media Selection

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  1. Media Selection The two parameters of media selection are: Qualitative Quantitative

  2. We can look at the medium ,  message or vehicle depending on: Reach of the medium Cost of the medium Role and relevance of the medium to the brand Impact of the medium Single or combination of the medium

  3. USAGE  As a medium- to express oneself  As a message- to get your message across As a vehicle- various method by which messages are said

  4. REASONS FOR USING THE FOLLOWING MEDIUM: 1.      DAILIES: Mass reach Sense of immediacy Flexibility More involving

  5. LIMITATIONS FOR DAILIES ARE: High cost at national level Not simultaneous in consumption

  6. 2.      MAGAZINES Consumed by choice Fine colour Pass along readership Focus audience Shelf life

  7. LIMITATION FOR USING MAGAZINE: Slow build up of reach Lack of immediacy Longer lead time

  8. ONLINE MEDIA : Targeted activity Interactive Multimedia communication capability Cost efficient and measurable for real

  9. Limitation for using online media Relative low base

  10. The following question will answer as to when and why one should use more than one media for advertising:  Question- Why to go beyond a SINGLE medium?

  11. To extend the reach of a media plan: for a  better reach  to light users of a medium - when one is exposed to a certain kind of media for a short amount of time. • Reaching multiple audiences at the same time. • To re-enforce the message: exposing the audience to different stimuli and building a multiplier effect. • Eg: when we see an object at a place A,B or C, it begins to get ingrained in our minds and has a certain impact on us. The message along with it also makes an impact telling us how we will benefit from the particular brand.

  12. Media Multiplier Effect study – Milwert Brown They believe in the use of one medium and then add on to it for enhanced effective impact. For eg. Combination of TV and Radio ,TV and Dailies etc. • When one hear or see something in the past , you connect it with the present and then one does not require to use another medium • Complementing/Supplementing the role of each medium : This helps in strengthening brand identification.

  13. Factors in evaluating media vehicles: QUANTITATIVE FACTORS Reach within audience Subset of our and in the overall reach of medium Cost efficiency of vehicle Wastage factor, reach beyond desired areas

  14. QUALITATIVE FACTORS Stature of vehicle Reproduction Content/ environment of vehicle Openness to media innovation- eg. Strip ad below the mast head of newspaper (navigation ad) Tactical issues