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Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai

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Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai

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  1. Homeopathy Doctors In mumbai

  2. What is homeopathy? • Homeopathy is a practice of complementary medicine which works in alignment with the natural healing process of the human body. Homeopathy has been in use for more than 150 to 200 years. The remedies of this alternative healthcare therapy are designed in such a way that they stimulate the natural reaction of the human body to help with numerous health conditions and disorders, eventually bringing back the health to the normal state. With an ever increasing number of people choosing to go in for increasingly natural way of preserving their health, this alternative stream of medicine can be used conscientiously in conjunction with conventional treatments and the same has an increasing evidence base to upkeep the same.

  3. Homeopathic Remedies and Treatments • Homeopathy is predominantly based on three sound principles namely: • The principle/law of Similar • Law of individualization • Law of infinitesimal dose • According to the law of similars or technically called "similiasimilibuscurantur," or "like cures like," it is believed that any substance that might cause a symptom in a healthy body has also got the power to heal the same symptom found in a person who is ill. Likewise, the law of individualization denotes that the symptoms of each and every human being are unique and in a situation where the person falls sick, homeopathic treatment tends to look for the person who is suffering with the disease and not the disease essentially that is making the person to suffer.

  4. The third principle on which homeopathy relies upon is the law of infinitesimal dosage of medication, and according to this particular principle, the medication that is administered to a patient who is suffering with a particular symptom is equal to the total symptoms that are found in the person. This form of alternative medicine focuses more on locating the modalities of the specific symptom and not much on the disease in essence. • The primary cause for any disease is nothing but toxins. Toxins actually disturb the steadiness of the vital force and interrupt vital function. Thus, during illness, the vital force endeavors to restore the organism back to equilibrium. As vital energy upsurges in an endeavor to eliminate toxins from the system, it also incites symptoms.

  5. Homeopathy doctors in mumbai • Dr. AsmitaAdsul • Dr. Sheetal Mehta • Dr. Narendra Mehta • Dr. LeelaDSouza Francisco • Dr. GeetanjaliS.Bothe • Dr. Grazilia Almeida • Dr. ChetanNerkar

  6. Source: • https://www.chikitsa.com/mumbai/homeopathy-doctors-and-therapists