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  1. Whatever! Designs Whatever You Think You Can Do, Whatever You Dream You Can Do, Whatever You Can Do. We Can Do It For You WWW.Whatever!.com Lindsey PapenhuyzenOwner 780 919 8069

  2. The issue • In todays industry it is impossible to manage a successful business without a strong marketing foundation. Businesses alike are presenting the same goods as well as providing competitive pricing for those goods or services. It is becoming more evident that the aspect that sets these companies apart is their marketing strategies, however, asking the average business owner to complete an entire marketing portfolio for their business, on top of their other day to day challenges is a difficult task and more often then not does not reach its potential. WWW.Whatever!.com

  3. The solution. • What is being offered today is a custom made display that can be applied to a business in regards to an event, trade show, gallery, sale, fundraiser, or competition. The biggest asset of this item is that it will be constructed, maintained and dissembled afterwards so that the business owner has practically nothing to worry about in regards to their marketing strategies for that event. • The display will constructed to the business owners needs and can include anything from a themed display to match a certain event or a colour coated one meant to promote a farm or business logo WWW.Whatever!.com

  4. what It Includes • The booth can include and is not limited to the following aspects. • Two oak side tables • Two flower arrangements on those tables (colour specific) • Two 7 foot display boards and black curtains • 4-6 chairs • Coloured shavings • Custom made memory book with ten pages • 2ft X 4ft picture frame of featured event / animal / product. • Any other aspects that the buyer may want to invest in such as, signage, give aways and souvenirs Please note that the memory book souvenirs and the picture frame can be negotiated on size and quality as these two components will be available for the buyer to keep however additional costs will be present in regards to their production costs. What is being sold today is the labour of putting a marketing display together not the actual display itself. WWW.Whatever!.com

  5. Example Pages in memory book: WWW.Whatever!.com

  6. Example ofFeatured Pictures : WWW.Whatever!.com

  7. Chairs and Center pieces: WWW.Whatever!.com

  8. Give a ways and souvenirs WWW.Whatever!.com

  9. Featured souvenir (Custom made ear tags ) WWW.Whatever!.com

  10. Order form: • What is the type of event that you are wishing to have the display present at? • What do you want your display to include? • What are the specific colours of your display? • What is the dates and times of your event? • Would you like to purchase aspects of the display to keep? • If so what is your price range and what do you want to add to the display? • For additional assistance questions or clarification please contact Lindsey Papenhuyzen @ 1(780)919-8069 or WWW.Whatever!.com