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Idaho Instructional Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Idaho Instructional Management System

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Idaho Instructional Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Idaho Instructional Management System. Idaho State Department of Education August 2, 2011. What is an Instructional Management System?. Helps educators maximize planning and instructional time. Provides access to information that identifies instructional needs (down to the student level)

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Idaho Instructional Management System

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Idaho Instructional Management System

Idaho State Department of Education

August 2, 2011

what is an instructional management system
What is an InstructionalManagement System?
  • Helps educators maximize planning and instructional time.
  • Provides access to information that identifies instructional needs (down to the student level)
  • Can be used to create formative assessments and real time student outcome data
  • Aligns content standards, instructional resources, digital content and formative assessments
  • Has the reporting capability that allows for data driven decisions
helping teachers administrators students
Helping Teachers, Administrators & Students

Setting goals and providing access to reports, materials, and resources aligned to goals.

Offering tools to maximize instructors’ time.

High-lighting student achievement for teachers and administrators

Helping teachers, administrators, and parents use technology to improve student achievement.

  • Classroom technology
  • Wireless to high schools
  • Digital Content (yrs 3+)
  • Administrator PD
  • Teacher PD
  • Support
  • Schoolnet software suite
  • District grants
  • Teacher incentives
  • Data leads
  • Digital content (yrs 1,2)
  • Infrastructure
  • Schoolnet deployment is being funding by a federal grant and the J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation
  • SCF will fund system maintenance in year four and beyond


  • Best fit across state stakeholders,by role and district size
    • Advisory Group recommendation
  • Compared to other vendors
  • Most complete and easy to use solution
  • District may purchase other systems
schoolnet deployment strategy
Schoolnet Deployment Strategy
  • Baseline: Enhance Statewide Schoolnet functionality
  • Pilots: Refine deployment plan through pilot group
  • Measuring Success: Establish metrics
  • Grants: Focus subsequent resources on those districts with the capacity and commitment to adopt Schoolnet
statewide schoolnet baseline
Statewide Schoolnet-Baseline
  • Spring ISAT results
  • Standards-deconstructed
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Digital Content
  • Blended online/in-person PD approach
  • Fall 2011
  • Five districts
  • Schoolnet IMS
    • Online assessment management/delivery
    • Online instructional materials
    • Student data reporting
  • Live professional development/training
  • Fall 2011
planned pilot outcomes
Planned Pilot Outcomes
  • Develop and share promising practices
  • Create online assessment items for sharing between Idaho districts
  • Collect feedback to refine adoption and deployment strategies
grant based cohorts
Grant Based Cohorts
  • Cohorts developed through grant application process
    • Readiness to support deployment and training
    • Commitment and capacity
    • Classroom technology
    • ISEE data loads
  • Selections in Spring 2012
districts using schoolnet
Districts Using Schoolnet

Northside ISD (TX)

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VA)

Corpus Christi SD (TX)

Denver SD (CO)

Colorado Springs SD (CO)

Harlandale ISD (TX)

Inglewood SD (CA)

Baltimore City (MD)

McKinney SD (TX)

Newark SD (NJ)

Austin ISD (TX)

Atlanta Public Schools (GA)

Philadelphia SD (PN)

Chicago SD (IL)

Manassas SD (VA)

Wichita Public Schools (KS)

Dekalb ISD (GA)

Guiderland Central SD (NY)

Dallas ISD (TX)

Columbus Public Schools (OH)

Albemarle County Public Schools (VA)

Goose Creek ISD (TX)

next steps
Next Steps
  • Fall 2011-Enhanced statewide system
    • Standards, digital content
    • Online PD
  • Fall 2011-Pilot district deployment
    • System access
      • Curriculum management, assessments, reporting
  • May 2012-Second cohort of system announced