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Upcoming Events. Wednesday, October 25 th – 5:30 p.m. COB 353 Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management “Meet the Firm” Saturday, October 28 th – Tailgate Event Wells Fargo Financial & Professional Sales Institute ISU vs. Youngstown State 1:30 p.m. kick-off

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Upcoming events
Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, October 25th – 5:30 p.m. COB 353

    • Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management “Meet the Firm”

  • Saturday, October 28th – Tailgate Event

    • Wells Fargo Financial & Professional Sales Institute

    • ISU vs. Youngstown State 1:30 p.m. kick-off

  • Wednesday, Nov. 1st – PSI Speaker Series

    • 6:00 p.m. COB 357 (co-sponsor Delta Sigma Pi)

  • Tuesday, Nov. 14th – PSI Speaker Series

    • 7:00 p.m. COB 366 (co-sponsor Pi Sigma Epsilon)

Initiating relationships pre call planning approach
Initiating Relationships: Pre-Call Planning & Approach


  • Generate Prospect Profile

  • Identify Potential Problems & Needs

  • Develop A Customer Benefit Plan

    • Relevant & High Potential FABs

    • Bring the Benefits to Life – translate into REALITY

  • Establish Objectives (short-term and longer-term)


  • Importance of Attitudes, State of Mind, and Moods

  • Critical First Impressions


  • Rapport-building, Breaking the Ice

  • Bridging with a Business Transition/Proposition

The selling process planning the presentation
The Selling Process: Planning the Presentation

  • Selling Approaches

    • Stimulus Response

    • Mental States

    • Need Satisfaction

    • Problem Solving, Consultative

  • Sales Mix Model (Figure 6.3 – p. 172)

    • Presentation pace

    • Presentation scope

    • Depth of inquiry (Use of ADAPT sequence)

    • Two-way communication

    • Visual aids

Communication at work the sales presentation talk time model
Communication At Work:The Sales Presentation Talk Time Model




Relative amount of

time salesperson talks












Relative amount of

time buyer talks









Developing the relationship the sales presentation and gaining commitment
Developing the Relationship:The Sales Presentation and Gaining Commitment

  • Selecting the Appropriate Offering

  • Planning the Proposal & Presentation

  • Customizing the Presentation

  • Linking Solutions to Needs with SELL (FAB)

  • Anticipating & Negotiating Concerns

  • Summarizing Solutions to Confirm Benefits

  • Securing Commitment

The sell sequence model fab

Select, describe, link feature

Explain what the feature does

Lead into the benefit

Let the customer talk

The SELL Sequence Model(FAB)





Use Response Checks!

Response checks a key to gaining commitment
Response Checks:A Key to Gaining Commitment

  • “How does this sound to you?”

  • “Is this something that would be valuable to you?”

  • “Wouldn’t that achieve your goals we discussed?”

  • “Don’t you agree?”

  • “Doesn’t that make sense for you?”

Fab putting it all together the sell sequence
FAB - Putting it all TogetherThe SELL Sequence

  • One of the problems you have that we recently discussed is your high energy bill. (need connection)

  • This air conditioner has a high energy-efficiency rating (feature) which will result in a 10 percent savings on your energy costs (benefit) because it actually uses 10 percent less energy than older models (advantage).

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to actually reduce energy costs these days? (checking question)

Fab putting it all together the sell sequence1
FAB - Putting it all TogetherThe SELL Sequence

  • Earlier, you confirmed that you really need to reduce cooking time so you can reduce customer waiting time. And this would also allow you to serve more customers per day. (need connection)

  • This cookware is stainless steel with an aluminum core (feature). This type of construction distributes heat 20% faster and more evenly than conventional materials (advantage), which means that you will be able to serve your customers about 5 minutes sooner and with better tasting food (benefit).

  • Wouldn’t that be great! (checking question)

Sell sequence
SELL Sequence

  • In-Class Activity

Presentation tools and tips
Presentation Tools and Tips

  • Capture prospective buyer’s attention

  • Generate interest in the recommended solution

  • Make presentations more persuasive

  • Increase the buyer’s participation and involvement

  • Provide the opportunity for collaborationand two-way communication

  • Match the buyer communication style!

Sales aids proof providers

“In January, our agency was rated one of the top 10 service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.

Sales Aids: Proof Providers

  • Statistics

  • Testimonials

  • Case Histories

Develop “Site Sellers”

or Portfolios

Sales aids visual aids
Sales Aids: Visual Aids service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.

  • Product Examples

  • Printed Materials

  • Photographs & Illustrations

  • Graphs & Charts

Sales aids verbal support
Sales Aids: Verbal Support service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.

  • Storytelling

  • Examples and Anecdotes

  • Comparisons, Analogies, Metaphors

Creative verbal support vs facts and figures
Creative Verbal Support vs. service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.Facts and Figures

  • Context (Personal Relevance)

  • The Big Picture

  • Humor

  • Mental Images

  • Emotional Connection

  • Rapport and Trust

Verbal support analogy choosing me to manage your insurance

Verbal Support - Analogy service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.Choosing Me to Manage Your Insurance

Think about seed corn. There is no questioning the potential of the seed if planted and nourished correctly. The real question is “do you believe the farmer knows how?” Your insurance program is the same. There is no questioning the potential of a proper insurance program for you. The question is “do you believe I am the best one to design and manage that program?”

Verbal support metaphor taking a long term view of personal insurance

Verbal Support – Metaphor service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.Taking a Long-Term View of Personal Insurance

The Pyramids were built to protect family treasures and to stand the test of time. That is the approach I recommend for your personal insurance – choose an agent and policies that will build a Personal Pyramid to protect you and your family now and that will be here to grow and change with you for the long term.

Verbal support analogy fixed vs equity investing

Verbal Support - Analogy service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.Fixed vs. Equity Investing

Fixed investing is like buying a “Twinkie” – you know exactly what you are going to get and all Twinkies are the same. Equity investing is like making a cake – you buy good ingredients, follow the directions, and bake it at the right temperature for the right amount of time. It takes more time and effort but the result is more rewarding.

Dennis Zahrbock

2002 MDRT Proceedings

Verbal support storytelling the reality of life and death

Verbal Support - Storytelling service-quality agencies by the PIIAI.The Reality of Life and Death

Let me share an experience…

…Florence is doing very well. She and Eddie had planned for this time.

Richard C. Murphy

2000 MDRT Proceedings