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Short Story Radio. The Warehouse Madrid Advanced Course. Do you read or listen to short stories ?. Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story. What makes a story?. Beginning Middle End Something that sets the story – premise Character or narrator

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short story radio

Short Story Radio

TheWarehouse Madrid


do you read or listen to short stories
Do youreador listen to short stories?
  • Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story
what makes a story
What makes a story?
  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End
  • Something that sets the story – premise
  • Character or narrator
  • Somebody else comes in and the situation gets complicated – development
  • Whatever makes the story more interesting– complication
  • Something gets sorted out - resolution
types of stories
Types of Stories
  • Types of stories
  • Joke
  • Narrative
  • Someone telling something that happened to them
  • anything
radio story
Radio Story
  • Has to hook the reader
  • Catch their attention
  • Maintain interest
  • Build attention
  • Reader is ready for the story to come to an end
  • Happy/sad/laugh
first part of the story
First Part of the Story
  • Genre?
    • Love story
  • How is it organized?
    • Along the same lines as explained earlier: beginning, middle end with premise, development, complication, resolution
  • What is the premise?
    • The narrator and his friends are on holiday
  • What is the development so far?
    • Meeting Kirsti in the nightclub
  • Beckon to someone
  • Cringe
  • Recall
  • Mouthed
  • Nodded
  • Somersault
  • Gloat
  • Hanging on my every word
  • Blissful
  • Plucking up the courage
  • A bite to eat
  • Pouted
  • burly
  • A man “eyed” me
second part of the story
Second Part of the Story
  • Be cool about
  • Chauffeuring me to a date
  • Time share presentation
  • She cajoled (persuaded)
  • I think I can make a withdrawal
  • She snorted
  • I raised an eyebrow
  • My heart thumping
  • A thing of the past
new verbs
New Verbs
  • Kirsti tried to cajole James into staying for the presentation.
  • James stormed out of the room when he realized it was a time-share presentation.
  • James leapt up in alarm as Kirsti came up to their table.
  • Kirstihissed to James that they were going to the bank.
  • Kirstigrabbed James so that she could give him a kiss.
  • Kirstdragged James out of the club to get the money.
  • Mike nudged James to warn him that Kirsti was coming.
  • Pauses, rhythm and stress
  • Range of lively words (e.g.adverbs, verbs, adjectives
  • Vary thepace and thestress
  • Build up the tension (perhaps make it more scary or hold something back)
  • Tone of voice as you tell the story
  • Give it a flow to make sure the listener enjoys it
  • The year was 2000. I was 13 years old and I’d been “dating” a boy in my class at my new school for 8 months. Well, calling it dating is a bit of a stretch. The most we’d ever done was hold hands. As his father didn’t let him receive phone calls from girls at his house, I’d only managed to call him after school twice, always asking to speak to his sister.
  • Dating a boy who lived in a “macho world” protected by an intimidating father wears on a girl. By the end of the year, I realized I didn’t want to be “Dan’s girlfriend” anymore, especially when he couldn’t go to the parties and dances everyone else went to.

As we didn’t have the best relationship in the first place, I decided to write him a letter.I wrote the letter on lined notebook paper. It took up almost a whole page. I gave my typical 13 year-old reasons for not wanting to be together anymore and I thought “that’s that” as we really had only held hands in the library a couple of times. What a relief.

  • My best friend was the “chosen one”, the one who would give him the letter. I wanted it done after school so I wouldn’t have to see him for the rest of the day.

Little did I know that that night the boys soccer team had an important match in the season tournament. My boyfriend, Dan, was the goalie. Turned out that he was so devastated by my letter that he cried before the match and then let two goals escape before the game was over, causing the boys to lose the game and the tournament that year.

  • Of course, I was blamed for the tournament by the entire team. They got over it though, and so did I.
  • My next boyfriend didn’t play sports at school. He was on a club hockey team.