language culture diversity n.
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Language, Culture, Diversity PowerPoint Presentation
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Language, Culture, Diversity

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Language, Culture, Diversity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Language, Culture, Diversity. The Reading Process. The Reading Process. Cognitive Science - reader ’ s prior knowledge - reader ’ s interest and memory Example: Agree Disagree 1.Bees sting _____ _____ 2.Earth is flat _____ _____ 3.Tarantulas are _____ _____ Deadly.

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Language, Culture, Diversity

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language culture diversity

Language, Culture, Diversity

The Reading Process

the reading process
The Reading Process
  • Cognitive Science

- reader’s prior knowledge

- reader’s interest and memory

  • Example: Agree Disagree

1.Bees sting _____ _____

2.Earth is flat _____ _____

3.Tarantulas are _____ _____


a definition of learning
A Definition of Learning
  • “Learning is adaptive reorganization in a complex system” (Hutchins, 2000, p. 289)
  • Accommodation vs. Assimilation
  • Cue Systems:
    • 1. Graphophonic
    • 2. Syntactic
    • 3. Semantic
      • Examples:
        • 1. “ono”
        • 2. The dog ______ the cat up a tree.
        • 3. The large cat was donated to the zoo.
  • Context
  • Morphemic Analysis
  • Phonics
  • Examples:
    • Top down decoding
reader in control context
Reader in Control-Context
  • Once upon a time___there were three little___who went out into the___big world to build___homes and seek their___.
morphemic analysis
Morphemic Analysis
  • Semihemidemipedalist


Woody Allan would not be called a semihemidemipedalist!

chalookyu eensai
Yuno-smaw-keed-time sooo-machmo-preedee-no-damounten wai-yu-fala-lai shcrape-damounten laidat wasetime cha-looook wansanset ha-yugoin-loook wasetime somach bealdeen yuteenk-yu mo-nacho eensai-da-box cha-loook-yu eensai

Yunokan teenschrate weed-awdees conschrapshens hod fobreed yuno yunowai get-somanee axedent yu-mak-om ass-wai cha-lookyu eensai how-mach-peepos-now mabe-assa-chrabo mobeta-os-stop makeen-bebe bambai da-house-broke

Chalookyu Eensai
text in control
Cha-loook-yu ousai da-turees de-wenfoget nokan-fine paradise ousai ousai-wea ousai yu howkan ere-teeng eensai ass-jalai srrrfeen-ah wen-yu get-wan goooood ride ass-leeveen ah

Ass-wachu-col eensai yu-wenfoget-lov owat assakine-yuno wakine cha-loook-yu eensai

Text in Control
text structure
Text Structure
  • Narration
  • Expository Structures & Signal Words
    • Cause-Effect
    • Comparison/Contrast
    • Time Order
    • Problem-Solution
importance of text structures
Importance of Text Structures
  • Reading like a writer
  • Being able to comprehend diverse texts
  • Example:
    • Certain plants need an environment with constant, moderate temperature and high humidity or they will die. Consequently, a greenhouse is ideal for these plants.
when text structure won t work
When Text Structure Won’t Work

Internet sites are organized by idiosyncratic design (vs. predictable text structures)

  • Guided Internet reading and searches:
    • Assume students will get lost
    • Start by scaffolding via WebQuests
    • See <>
the sort strategy searching online reading texts
The SORT Strategy: Searching Online Reading Texts
  • Developing students’ successful independent Internet searches:
    • Step 1. Type your key word in to your search engine (Google, Bing etc.) e.g. Judge Roy Bean
    • Step 2. Skim your search results and eliminate unrelated sites
    • Step 3. Open the remaining sites and take notes (using your computer’s clipboard)
sort cont d
SORT Cont’d
  • Step 4. Bookmark each site you visit so you can backtrack if you need to
  • Step 5. Stop when the information at various sites starts to overlap
  • Detailed example at:
    • Walker, N. T., Bean, T. W., & Dillard, B. (2010). Whentextbooks fall short: New ways, new texts, new sources of information in the content areas. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
levels of comprehension
Levels of Comprehension
  • Right on the page
  • Think and search
  • On your own
  • So what?
lemming passage questions
Lemming Passage Questions
  • How often does a mass lemming migration occur? (right on page)
  • What would you do if you lived in a nearby seaport town about to be overrun by lemmings? (on your own)