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Limo Rental Chicago PowerPoint Presentation
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Limo Rental Chicago

Limo Rental Chicago

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Limo Rental Chicago

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  1. Weddings are generally rote and predictable. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, the event usually follows a certain sequence in a specific manner. Without disregarding these traditions, adding an element of personalization allows your wedding to seem special for you, your future spouse, and your guests. Customization is not uncommon for today’s weddings in terms of chosen food, drinks, and even limo rental Chicago. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  2. Customized Vows Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  3. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email: Writing vows for one another is a way that couples have shared the specific reasons for their affection and bond for several years. While this wedding idea isn’t a new trend, the significance conveyed isn’t lessened.

  4. Alternative Music Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  5. The wedding march is the standard tune played as the bride proceeds down the aisle. As weddings become more casual, brides are beginning to experiment with other choices to mark the occasion. Some choose romantic tunes, others choose songs specific to a father/daughter relationship to mark the transition, and still others lighten the mood with a more comedic, unexpected song with a sarcastic edge toward marriage. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  6. Personalized Drinks Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  7. A wedding reception is incomplete without a bar. Many couples may not be able to provide complementary drinks, but they can request the bar make a specific cocktail available for guests. The couple should choose the drink together, combining elements that they both like, and make clear to their guests that the drink is somewhat of a metaphor. Your guests will enjoy the idea. As you venture into your new life via Chicago limo service near me, take pleasure in knowing your guests appreciate the special touch. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  8. Custom-Honoring Food Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  9. Wedding food has long been chicken or fish. Making the decision to serve food more closely aligned with the couple’s shared or separate heritage honors the families of the bride and groom. Make sure to choose a caterer familiar with the selected menus to avoid unsatisfied guests. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  10. Choreographed Dancing Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  11. Rather than eliminate traditional wedding dances, embrace them. Learning special dances before the event makes for a spectacular celebration and gives the side benefit of extra pre-wedding exercise. The moves don’t have to be outlandish or intricate, but planning and practicing the dances before the wedding enhances the interactions among your wedding party, adds a personal touch to the reception, and gives the guests unexpected entertainment. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email:

  12. Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email: As you dance toward your transportation provided by limousine service in Chicago, you’ll be glad that you made the extra effort to make your wedding memorable. Your guests will appreciate the effort and leave rooting for your successful marriage.

  13. All of This Goes to Show That We Highly Value Your Trust. We Await Your Call (312) 757-4634 Address: 8745 W. Higgins Road, Suite 110 Chicago, IL 60631 Call Us: (312) 757-4634 Email: