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Additional things to do or not to do after a Chicago car accident PowerPoint Presentation
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Additional things to do or not to do after a Chicago car accident

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Additional things to do or not to do after a Chicago car accident - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chicago Legal Group, car accident attorneys explain the things that are asked by people who involved in auto accidents. There are some additional things to do or not to do after a car accident in Chicago. It is important to inform your insurance company about the accident to claim the significant damages. Never, give a statement to the other (not mine) insurance company.

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Additional things to do or not to do after a Chicago car accident

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Additional things to do or not to do after a 

Chicago car accident 


I often get asked questions from people involved in Chicago car accidents. They 

asked some poignant questions about what they should and should not do following 

their Chicago car accident. I thought I would share a few of these thoughts with 


Should you report the accident to your insurance company? Yes. 

Even if you consider your Chicago car accident to be minor, its still important to 

report it to your insurance company. What happens if weeks following the accident 

the damage turns out to be much more significant than you expected? You could be 

out of luck. Often times slight impact accidents cause significant damage to a car 

even if the cosmetic aspect of the accident does not seem serious. 

Should you repair minor damage to your car? Yes. 

Even if you think the damage to your car was slight, it is important to get it fixed. 

Scratches, dents and dings can often lead to more serious damage later on. They 

may also threaten the structural integrity of your car. So if you are able, get your 

car fixed. 

Should I report the accident to the DMV? Yes. 

Each state has different reporting requirements. But in general, its mandated by 

law that you report your Chicago car accident to the DMV. See your local statute 

for specific requirements. 

Should I go to the doctor? Yes. 

You are probably not a medical professional. As such, it is imperative that following 

an accident you see your doctor as soon as possible. Whether it’s a trip to the ER or 

a visit with your family practitioner, get medical treatment. Often injuries such as a 

concussion don t reveal themselves immediately

concussion don’t reveal themselves immediately. And they may be more serious 

than you think. Further, though less important, if you try to make a claim with an 

insurance company later, it will be much more difficult if you wait to get medical 


Should I accept full or partial responsibility for the Chicago car 

accident? No 

Do not discuss responsibility for the Chicago car accident if at all possible. It cannot 

help you. If you make an admission of fault, regardless how small, it will come back 

to haunt you. 

Should I give a statement to the other (not mine) insurance company? 


Do not give a recorded or written statement to the insurance for the guy/gal who 

caused the Chicago car accident. It won’t help you and in all likelihood will come 

back to haunt you in the end. The insurance adjuster is NOT on your side. They are 

looking to pay you as little as possible and to assign as much blame on you as 

possible. Never trust an insurance adjuster. 

If you were involved in a Chicago car accident and you want to speak to an 

attorney, please feel free to contact me, Barry Zlotowicz, ​Chicago car accident 

lawyer​, at 312-848-9783. 

Content Source: Blog- ​​Chicago Legal Group