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University of Washington Bothell PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Washington Bothell

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University of Washington Bothell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of Washington Bothell. Students. Presented by: Cindy Fong Yan Yan Liang Wilhelmina Koopman Stefenie Tollefsen Mary Tran. Objective. To interview current UW Bothell students, get their insights, and increase awareness based on our findings. Research Methodology. Focus group

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Presentation Transcript

University of Washington Bothell


Presented by:

Cindy Fong

Yan Yan Liang

Wilhelmina Koopman

Stefenie Tollefsen

Mary Tran

  • To interview current UW Bothell students, get their insights, and increase awareness based on our findings
research methodology
Research Methodology
  • Focus group
    • Day & Evening Students
    • Age Range: 23-53 years old
    • Two Business, one CSS, one IAS
    • Discussion Guide on Four Assessments: Awareness, Perception, Communication Audit, Consideration/Credibility
research methodology1
Research Methodology
  • Surveys
    • 29 responses via E-mail
    • Age Range: 21-45 years old
    • Undergraduate & Master Program -Business Students
    • Survey Questions based on same Four Assessments
day evening students
Day/Evening Students
  • Day
    • Believe course offerings geared toward evening students
    • Wants more amenities on campus
  • Evening
    • Believe course offerings geared toward day students
    • Guest speakers scheduled mainly during the day
    • Advisors are not available for evening students
    • Prefers old location of campus
research findings
Research Findings


  • Positive
    • Location, student parking, reputation of UWS
    • Class size, high-tech facility
  • Negative
    • 2nd choice to UWS, limited course offerings
    • Lack of social facilities, lack of internal communication
quotes about awareness
“Quotes About Awareness”

“The other appealing thing is parking: parking is heaven here.”

“I have buddies that go to the Seattle campus and they say they got an $80 parking pass. He didn’t consider it a pass, he considered it the right to hunt and park.”

“Not pleased that UWB students cannot take advantage of IMA & other UWS services – we are paying the same tuition, we should be allowed to take advantage of these ‘perks’.”

research findings1
Research Findings


  • Positive
    • Extension of UWS, dedicated faculty, not just a student ID #
    • Friendly environment, quality education
  • Negative
    • 2nd tier school image, attachment to Cascadia CC
    • Catered to evening students, less intensive workload
research findings2
Research Findings

Communication Audit

  • Positive
    • CC advisors, friendly advising staff
    • Website, E-mail distribution lists
  • Negative
    • Advising staff difficult to consult with, not-up-to-date website
    • Workshops not well communicated
research findings3
Research Findings


  • Positive
    • Approachable & personable professors
    • Credible professors (w/PhDs & work experiences)
  • Negative
    • UWB degree cannot stand alone, not as credible as UWS
    • Lack of UWB awareness, students’ response to their education

“Professors here, they actually teach. If they look at you eyeball to eyeball and if you are not getting it, they present it in another way.”

“I had concerns with attending this school because I thought it wouldn’t be rigorously challenging for turns out I am very satisfied here and with the professors here.”

“…UWB is just a wanna be #1 school.”

how did you hear about uw bothell
How did you hear about UW Bothell?

“UW Seattle advising office had a very negative response with UWB.”

  • Maintain connection with University of Washington Seattle
  • Inform advising staff at UWS and community colleges

-An option, not a 2nd-choice option

-Inform students before application process

  • Advertise

-Offered programs

-High-tech facility, small class sizes, parking

-Community centers

  • Sell UWB merchandise at all University Bookstores
  • Direct mailing of class schedules
  • Update website regularly