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The Haunted Cruise!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Haunted Cruise!!!!

The Haunted Cruise!!!!

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The Haunted Cruise!!!!

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  1. The Haunted Cruise!!!! By: Anne, Katie, Jake, Maddie, Jackson

  2. One spooky Halloween night 5 kids – Mary, Kristina, Joseph, Jerry and Annie were going on a cruise. When they got to the dock a skeleton tricked all the children to go on a haunted cruise. When the 5 kids left, the skeleton started laughing in a high pitched voice and said, “ See you later if you survive.” The children didn’t understand the man/ skeleton , but went on any way. When they got on the cruise the big ship immediately took off. Everything was outdated and old plus the wallpaper was pealing off. Before the 5 kids knew it they were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. All of a sudden Jerry, Mary, Kristina, Annie, and Joseph discovered something mysterious about the cruise. There was a zombie boat driver with ripped clothes and a tiny square nose. they also found a lot of creepy creatures, like skeleton pirates with bats on their shoulders. They also found ghosts in the haunted ballroom trying to scare them. they soon realized this was not the regular cruise this was a HAUNTED CRUISE!!! They were so scared they screamed!

  4. The five kids – Mary, Annie, Joseph, Jerry, Kristina – started running for their lives to get away from the zombie boat driver. While running, they came across random graves on the ship with skeletons coming out of them. The kids were extremely frightened and ran to their room, but then discovered that Jerry had disappeared! They ran out the door to search for Jerry, and found bones sticking out of a barrel, along with a big, loud grumbling noise. They looked – and it was a mouse!

  5. Since they were still running Mary said ,” Go to the room.” So they met at their room to think of a plan. Suddenly they saw Jerry on an iceberg frozen. The kids ran to the deck and jumped on the iceberg and tried to defrost Jerry with a old hair dryer Kristina found on the ship but thought where to plug it in . The captain pointed under the iceberg with a grin on his face . There were 3 electric sharks and one giant Sea Monster . The kids all screamed. Suddenly Annie thought then took the hair dryer from Kristina and said,” I have a idea.” Annie threw the plug in the water. A few minutes later the plug sank into one of the electric sharks, the hair dryer turned on. Joseph took the hair dryer and started to defrost Jerry.

  6. The five kids explored the ice berg and found a wooden dinghy. They all jumped aboard the dinghy and rowed until they got to the theTreat cruise ship. When they finally reached the real cruise ship, they saw someone throwing a rope down to save them. Right when the kids were about to climb up the rope to safety, ghost sharks started attacking them. They all yelled, “Oh no!” Luckily, a sea monster eats the sharks and saves them. They climbed the rope to the ship and enjoyed there real cruise. Or was it the real cruise?!?.

  7. THE END OR IS IT!!!