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Strong Thesis Statements

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Strong Thesis Statements

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Strong Thesis Statements

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  1. Strong Thesis Statements • The plight of the braceros fueled efforts to change immigrant conditions that ultimately gave way to a new approach on U.S. immigration policy. • The defeat of American troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn was used as an event to fuel the hatred of the Indians and speed up the progress of Western expansion while constantly seeking vengeance for the United States’ humiliating defeat. • The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz was a symbol of as well as a catalyst for the pan-Indian movement, and in the coming together of the Native American people as one identity. • For the first time, American citizens who in the past had been overlooked--such as racial minorities, gays, youth, and women—were finally recognized because of an increasingly popular art form that spotlighted the existence of the common American citizen. • Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were some of the most active and popular figures of the Civil Rights Movement; however, the widespread appeal of King’s less erratic approach allowed him to emerge as the more successful leader.

  2. Okay Thesis Statements • The emergence of Hollywood was a critical moment in American history during the 1920s through the 1970s because it drove the pop culture of America and was a major political asset to the government. • The dropping of the atomic bomb was believed by the American government to be the best way to end the war between the United States and Japan, but the extent of its effects proves that it was nothing more than genocide. • The internment of the Japanese was an inhumane and unacceptable event that was based on uneducated opinions rather than factual evidence. • Altogether, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s plan was more effective because it met the goals towards achieving equality for African Americans and maintained long-lasting success.

  3. Thesis Statements to Avoid • Although the Americans believed that the dropping of the atomic bombs would save lives, it was an unjust act. • During the Great Depression the New Deal was a great help towards the economy and the citizens within the United States, providing citizens with new opportunities. • Roosevelt’s policies and actions did not actually help the economy but actually might have made it worse and that it was not these policies that brought America out but rather a different event that happened.