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Eric Hathaway CV / Resume. CONFIDENTIAL. General Overview Experience Recent Projects Additional Information. For additional details: General Overview. Introduction: 20+ years of executive level business management and development .

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Eric hathaway cv resume
Eric HathawayCV / Resume


  • General Overview

  • Experience

  • Recent Projects

  • Additional Information

For additional details:

General overview
General Overview

  • Introduction:

    • 20+ years of executive level business management and development .

    • Industry experience in financial services, technology, telecommunications, software sales, internet/web development, business development, manufacturing, corporate banking, management consulting and asset management.

    • Acknowledged for the capacity to build consensus and drive solutions that meet short- and long-term goals with experience positioning companies for growth, increased shareholder value, and refined business infrastructure.

    • International experience in China, South East Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, and India.

  • Experience:

    • 1 Year consultant with T-Mobile

    • 2 years as a consultant with Microsoft

    • 7 years as the owner and senior consultant of TransVision Enterprises (management/Technology consulting)

    • 3 years in Eastern Europe as the country-head and CEO of operations for Credit Suisse Asset Management (institutional, private and retail asset management)and 1 year in Switzerland as Vice President of international operations (banking)

    • 2 years as CEO Asian operations for Standard and Poor’s Micropal (data, public speaking, logistics) and 1 year as head of sales in the southwest US (software)

    • 2 years as CEO of Columbia Transportation Co. Inc (logistics)

    • 1 year as IT director for Monolite Industries, Inc (manufacturing)

  • Additional:

    • Speaker at multiple global conferences on business development and finance

    • Featured in multiple articles in global publications

    • Recognized as international business leader in business development and growth

Work experience
Work Experience

  • T-Mobile– Senior Strategy Consultant (United States)

    • Senior level market intelligence consultant for T-Mobile managing multiple projects including broad market competitive intelligence, innovation strategy development, high level market competitive strategy, pricing, financial reporting and special projects.

    • Special Projects: Mobile Payments (global), NGH (Next Gen Wifi), Spectrum/Network analysis

    • Analyze financial reporting, competitive market spend, financial ratios

  • Microsoft Corporation – Senior Marketing Consultant (United States)

    • Strategic consultant for Microsoft driving the formulation and implementation of multiple projects.

    • Digital strategy, platform development, site creation, demos, social media, virtual events and partners. Led the build out of WWPS demo platform for internal and customer facing usage. Managed product promotion during launch (Multipoint), Azure (cloud computing) metric scorecard development

    • Worked in UPG and WWPS developing product strategy, marketing materials, video creation, web site creation and field readiness. Managed WWPS cross industry global strategic digital strategy

  • TransVisionEnterprises – Managing Partner (United States):

    • Planning and implementation of financing for startups and restructure of multiple business operations, management and operations. Sales/marketing consultant in creation, planning and materials distribution. Creation of regulations, policies, financing, and marketing.

    • Completed liquidations, mergers and acquisitions to increase profitability and sustain-ability. Setup of a local offices including marketing, staffing, and operational startup.

  • Credit Suisse: GM - Country Head (Prague, Czech Republic):

    • Turnaround of operation through employment re-engineering, front and back office restructure, sales and marketing development, mergers/acquisition and liquidation and a growth strategy under strict budget constraints.

    • Analysis of major underdeveloped countries (China, India, South America and Africa).

    • Spent months in each area to analyze competition, regulation, trading processes and present to executive board budget and implementation strategy.

Work experience cont
Work Experience (Cont.)

  • Credit Suisse: Senior Director – Global Development (Zurich, Switzerland):

    • Strategic growth through merger/acquisition and new entrance. Analysis of major underdeveloped countries (China, India, South America and Africa). Competitive analysis, regulation, trading processes and present ion.

    • Development of global distribution and development strategy. Analyzed emerging markets from the ground up in the distribution of high end investment products.

  • Standard and Poor’s: CEO Asian Operations (Hong Kong):

    • Managed sales and distribution of software and developed data collection in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Chinaas well as consulting with governments to enhance local fund management operations vs. Foreign entrance and governmental policy.

    • Speaker on Asian conference circuit (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Philippines) as well as financial program host on CNBC Asia.

  • Standard and Poor’s: VP Regional Sales – S.W. US (United States)

    • Introduction of major back and front office Micropal software systems to enhance trading strategies and asset allocation modeling as well as marketing and distribution of both retail and institutional funds. Dealt with all major financial intermediaries, fund managers, banks and fund companies throughout the southwest United states.

    • Leading sales/marketing director in the region which led to the promotion to regional director Asia

    • Recognized for management capacity and sales and marketing advancement

  • MonoliteIndustries: Director - logistics / IT (Portland, OR):

    • Developed and implemented IT solution including CAD, distribution, accounting, processing systems architecture for start-up manufacturing firm.

    • Planned implementation of international operations, logistics and distribution for approximately 5000 individuals with 7 distribution centers, corporate offices.

Additional experience mergers acquisitions articles and speaking
Additional Experience (Mergers/Acquisitions, Articles and Speaking)

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: CEO - Multiple mergers, acquisitions, integrations and sales of operations around the globe (as CEO, Consultant or PM)

    • Implemented and completed 4 mergers/acquisitions, headed up 4 merger integrations, negotiated the sale of 2 company's and planned an acquisition/development strategy for 2 global corporations. Led the roles from either a CEO or hired consultant (interim CEO) position in the planning, implementation and the integration elements of the merger and/or acquisitions. Worked with large company corporate headquarters in the merger of operational units to stand alone smaller companies with typically 40-60 employees and many times geographically separate entities. In many cases, there have been cultural and lingual elements that have been involved as well as having to change an entire operation to run under new corporate guidelines and/or management structure.

  • Featured Articles and Press:

    • Managing Privatization in Eastern Europe: Development Magazine, 1999

    • Asset Management issues in developing countries: Banky and Finance, 1997

    • International business in Asia: Hong Kong Times

    • New paradigms in Management: MT Journal

  • Featured Speaking Engagements:

    • Investment from within: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    • Regulatory problems/solutions: Bangkok, Thailand

    • Developing offshore regulation: Hong Kong, China

    • Eastern European investment hurdles: Warsaw, Poland

    • Risk analysis: Prague, Czech Republic

    • CNBC Asia: Hong Kong, China

Recent project experience
Recent Project Experience

  • Mobile Payments / NGH (New Wifi) / Competitive Intel Cross industry

    • Special Projects: Mobile Payments (global), NGH (Next Gen Wifi), Spectrum/Network analysis

    • Broad Marketing and Industry Intelligence (special projects)

    • Analyze financial reporting, comparative market spend, financial ratios

  • Azure - Cloud Readiness (Azure):

    • Creation and gathering of all metrics for readiness scorecard

    • Development of tech specs for scorecard, technical development of scorecard

    • Worked with multiple teams within to define and collect data for monthly reporting

  • Development of P.S. Demo Site To Azure (Cloud):

    • Move all assets (site, videos, demos, etc.) to Azure platform for increased access, speed, and promotion

    • Project continues forward to move all VM’s upon functionality release*

  • WW Public Sector Demo Platform Strategy and Development (WWPS):

    • Create a customer centric demo platform utilizing partner specific demos, “day in the life” videos and hosted VM tutorials.

    • Re-design and conglomerate existing sites into one cohesive customer centric environment. Manage current internal use demos and create buzz for both internal, field and customer use.

  • Digital Strategy, Development and Field Promotion (WWPS):

    • Create all up digital strategy across WWPS including content management platform, new digital ID, social media, virtual events, partner finder and demo platform integration.

    • Analyze all aspects of integration with US, Field and global marketing teams

    • Design executive communication decks, analysis reporting

    • Plan and implement field roll out, promotion, communication and strategy

  • Recent Project Experience (Cont.)

    • Social Media Analysis (Cross Industry) (WWPS):

      • Outline 9 GEO study and implement to analyze current use of social media across Government, Health and Education so as to inform and build social media strategy across all three industries.

      • Promote results to internal WWPS industry teams

    • Multipoint Services Integration and Promotion (UPG):

      • Plan and create strategy to integrate Multipoint Server, Mouse and SDK into WWPS campaign and overall sector strategy across all external and internal facing material

    • Management of Demo Video Creation (UPG):

      • Plan, project manage and design the build of a demo video

      • featuring Multipoint Technologies.

      • Build included management of script development, on-site filming and post-production

  • Design, Creation and Development of

    • Complete design and creation of

    • Worked with multiple parties to determine functionality and design

    • Integration with outside reporting systems and data

  • Design, Creation and Development of

    • Planned and implemented design of as a marketing site

    • Utilization of Flash elements and other plugin technologies

      Additional Information:

  • Web Site:

  • LinkedIn:

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