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Trns • port Task Force Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Trns • port Task Force Report

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Trns • port Task Force Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trns • port Task Force Report. Presented at the Trns•port User Group Conference Burlington VT by Shirley Daugherty NE DOR Chair, Trns•port Task Force September 8, 2003. Trns • port Licensees. New Brunswick. Philippines. 40 Agency DOTs, 1 Canadian Province,

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Trns • port Task Force Report

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Trns•port Task Force Report Presented at the Trns•port User Group Conference Burlington VT by Shirley Daugherty NE DOR Chair, Trns•port Task Force September 8, 2003

    2. Trns•port Licensees New Brunswick Philippines 40 Agency DOTs, 1 Canadian Province, DC Dept. of Public Works, and The Philippines Dept. of Public Works and Highways Alaska Hawaii

    3. Trns•port Mission ... to serve the operational and executive management information needs of the transportation agency associated with the development and management of construction projects.

    4. Trns·port Task Force Members Shirley Daugherty, NE, chair Roger Bierbaum, IA, vice chair Todd Bergland, MN Jim Johnson, FL Loren Lemmen, MI Paul Neumann, CO

    5. Trns·port Task Force Participants at our meetings: Chuck Conley, AASHTO Staff Dominic Cali, SCOJD Liaison James Hancock, T&AA Liaison Jennifer McAllister, TUG Chair Tom Rothrock, Info Tech Margaret Andraka, Info Tech

    6. Trns•port Task Force • Five meetings each year • Numerous conference calls • Countless emails • Subgroups • Technical review teams

    7. Task Force Subgroups • Third-Party Relationships • Platform Strategies • TMRs Review • Testing/Acceptance Process • SiteManager / CAS / FieldManager • Trns•port System Administrator Certification • XML • Catalog Rewrite

    8. Technical Review Teams • SiteManager / FieldManager Interface - Loren Lemmen, Chair • SitePad II – Shirley Daugherty, Chair • SiteManager Sample and Test Modification – Jim Johnson, Chair • Test Suite Phase II – Paul Neumann, Chair • FieldNet – Loren Lemmen, Chair • SiteManager Sample Information Enhancement – TBD

    9. Technical Review Teams – cont. • Web-Enabled CES Parametric Estimating – Todd Bergland, Chair • Estimator FY03-04 Enhancements – Shirley Daugherty, Chair • FieldManager FY03-04 Enhancements – Loren Lemmen, Chair

    10. Support of Trns•port Products • Mainframe – June 30, 2004 • SiteManager Inspector Version – September 23, 2003 • Release versions become unsupported 12 months after the next release becomes available

    11. Trns•port TMR Review A major accomplishment in FY02-03 was the TMR assessment and review process which was a joint Task Force, Info Tech, and Agency endeavor resulting in the removal of more than 445 obsolete or deleted TMRs. Additional reduction in TMR backlog was accomplished through TMR groupings.  

    12. Trns•port TMR Review What now? Repeat the process! Review Remaining TMRs to: Combine duplicates or similar TMRs Determine if any are obsolete or still needed

    13. Trns•port TMRs New release errors will be fixed at the contractor’s expense: Something that worked before and is broken by this release is covered. TMR delivered in the release and doesn’t work properly is covered. Must be reported within the standard warranty period to qualify.

    14. Trns•port TMRs During the year we continued to focus our maintenance activities towards addressing customer needs while improving product quality and reducing the number of updates per module. This fiscal year’s work effort concluding with the September release of SiteManager will see 792 errors fixed and delivered.

    15. Trns•port TMRs Progress was made towards streamlining product installation and configuration procedures and increasing automated testing. We improved on reporting and validation processes in both technology upgrades and product deliverables with alpha, beta and final test result reports.  

    16. Trns•port TMRs However, this does not include errors introduced because of technology upgrades. They will be handled in the traditional manner. Errors that existed prior to this contract year will also be handled in the traditional manner.

    17. Trns•port TMRs New search functions have been added to the TMR database to allow easier access to information and data. For example, information on planned TMRs in upcoming releases can be found on Cloverleaf at: • These improvements have been done to make the TMR database more user-friendly.

    18. Trns•port TMRs Next Step for FY03-04 • Combining / bundling of TMRs • Looking for the right solution • Determine need for TRT(s) • Focusing on High Priority Error Reports

    19. Maintenance and Support • Upgrading to new versions • Enhancements and warranty time frame • Cost of supporting multiple platforms • Technology upgrades • Planned changes can be found on Cloverleaf • Test suite • Multi-phase

    20. Joint Development Enhancements Current Enhancement Projects: • Test Suite – Phase II • SiteManager – Field Manager Interface • Assign P/S At Material Code Level and change as needed • Billion Dollar Currency • December 2003 Release

    21. Joint Development Enhancements Current Enhancement Projects (cont): • Licensees continue to individually and jointly funded additional enhancements • Michigan, FieldNet • Minnesota, Interfaces to Quantity Manager • North Carolina, Expedite

    22. Proposals • Tracer – Solicitation out to AASHTO members • SitePad Phase II • SiteManager Sample Information Enhancement • Request for participation out to SiteManager Licensees • Web-enabling parametric estimating CES

    23. Proposals (cont) • BAMS/DSS Rewrite (Future) • BAMS/DSS Interactive Model (Future)

    24. Strategic Directions • Web Enabling • Multi-step work plan is being developed • XML (Now a TRB Research Project) • Testing • Cost savings • Improved software

    25. Strategic Directions (cont) • TrnsNet • Process Improvements • Documentation improvements

    26. Other Joint Efforts • Sharing with other licensees • Report Templates • SAS Adhocs • SQL Queries

    27. Special Interest Sessions • RTF – Tips and Tricks • Green Mountain C • Web-Enabling Trns•port • Lake Champlain B

    28. Future of Trns•port • Continues to grow, adding new functionality and staying current with new technologies • Remains a robust suite of software modules • Current Licensees adding modules • Other states and countries are looking at Trns•port to meet their needs

    29. Future of Trns•port By continuing to work together, we can insure this will continue into the future • AASHTO Staff • Trns•port Task Force • User Group Board of Directors • Users Group Input • Trns•port contractor

    30. Trns•port Task Force • Seeking individuals who are interested in serving on the task force • Submit resumes anytime • Must have approval from agency