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"The Sniper"

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"The Sniper"
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"The Sniper"

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  1. "The Sniper"

  2. “Liberty”, “An American Story”, and “Ex-Refugee…”

  3. Literature Terms

  4. Literature Terms II

  5. Vocabulary

  6. Miscellaneous

  7. Liberty, An American Story, and Ex-Refugee The Sniper and Cranes Literature Terms Literature Terms II Vocabulary Miscellaneous $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

  8. Write TWO character traits to describe the sniper in “The Sniper.” Explain each trait.

  9. Answers May VarySkilled; Young; Determined to complete task etc.

  10. Introduce the exposition of “The Sniper”

  11. Characters: The Republican Sniper and the Free State SniperSetting: Doublin, IrelandConflict: Man vs. ManSniper vs. Sniperor Sniper vs. WarThe Republican Sniper has to kill his enemy

  12. Identify ONE universal theme for “The Sniper”

  13. Answers May Vary War Death Loyalty Death Death

  14. Identify ONE external conflict in “The Sniper” Be Specific Man vs. _____ Who vs. WhoExplain the conflict

  15. Answers May Vary “The Sniper” =Man vs. Man; The Sniper vs. the woman; A woman tells the enemy the sniper’s location. The sniper then kills her.

  16. In ONE sentence, a complete sentence, identify the theme of “The Sniper”.

  17. Answers May VaryWar can destroy families and friendships.When in war one must make some hard choices about friends and family and one’s duty.

  18. Identify TWO character traits that describe the Dihn family. Explain each trait.

  19. Answers May Vary Determined= The family risked their lives to come to America and pursue the American Dream. Hard Working= Once reaching the United States, the family worked hard to live a free and rich life.

  20. Introduce the exposition of “Liberty”

  21. Characters: the narrator; a young girlSetting: a Hispanic speaking country (Dominican Republic)Conflict: The Alverez family needs visas to get to the United States

  22. Explain what the narrator’s aunt means in “Liberty” when she tells the young girl she will find liberty in America.

  23. The aunt means that in America the family will find freedom .

  24. Tell me ONE way “Liberty”“An American Family” and “Ex-Refugee…” are similar. BE SPECIFIC.

  25. Answers May VaryAll three pieces tell a story of a family’s struggle to America; Immigrants coming to America.

  26. What common theme do “Liberty” “An American Family” and “Ex-Refugee..” share?

  27. Answers May VaryMaking sacrifices can set you free.By working hard, anyone can reach the American Dream

  28. This literature term deals with basic concerns in a humans life It does not matter what culture you live in as a people we all experience these things… called?

  29. Universal Theme

  30. Mr. Harwick and Mr. Laden get into an argument over the students success in Mr. Laden’s class. This is an example of what literature term?

  31. External ConflictMan vs. ManMr. Laden vs. Mr. Harwick

  32. Define Motivation

  33. The reason why a character does the things he/she does in a story; The fears, wants, or needs that drive a character

  34. Create an example of an INTERNAL CONFLICT

  35. Answers May Vary Remember internal conflict is a struggle within the character’s mind

  36. Explain the overall MOOD of “The Sniper”.

  37. Tense/ Suspenseful; you are drawn into the story immediately

  38. When you are trying to explain the reasons for a character’s actions you are identifying what literature term?

  39. Motivation

  40. Identify THREE UNIVERSAL THEMES all humans experience.

  41. Answers May VaryLoss; heartache; happiness; success etc.

  42. This word means guilt, sorrow, or regret…

  43. Remorse

  44. DefineRefuge

  45. To provide sanctuary, a safe house, aid; assistance, help; shelter; protection from danger or difficulty

  46. TRUE/FALSEThe THEME of a story can be explained in one word.

  47. FALSE The theme of the story can be told in one, complete sentence. The universal theme can be told in one word.

  48. DefineGenre

  49. Genre is the categories literature is classified under