are your standards high
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Are Your Standards High? *

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Are Your Standards High? * - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are Your Standards High? *. By Stephenie rose cooper. * Reuse principle applied in the creation of some content … from Roedy Green at and an SME at The great thing about standards is ….

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are your standards high

Are Your Standards High? *

By Stephenie rose cooper

* Reuse principle applied in the creation of some content … from Roedy Green at and an SME at

the great thing about standards is
The great thing about standards is …

There are so many to choose from

And they all have frameworks and architectures

And they’re not made of ticky tacky and they don’t look the same

the solution
The solution

We need a metastandard

  • A standard to define how a standard is defined
general principles names
General Principles - names
  • Choose a name for the standard that can be reduced to a TLA or an FLA
  • One of the letters in the TLA or FLA should be an ‘X’ or a ‘W’
  • Data field names should be mostly lower case, with 2-3 capital letters whose positions are randomly chosen
the reuse principle
The reuse principle
  • re-use, re-use, re-use*
    • The stretch goal du jour is re-engineering result-driven, on-demand, top-down (and bottom-up) global systems, growing the bandwidth, leveraging the knowledge base, and fast-tracking proactive, strategic, and backward-compatible multitasking -- all without reinventing the wheel or going down rat holes. Are we on the same page?

Except …

* Material on this page is mostly someone else’s stuff I reused

general principles
General Principles*
  • Always use new, generic, standards-neutral terms for everything, so that your standard does not appear to be biased in favor of another standard
    • Your thesaurus is your friend – use it
    • People who complain about having all new names for things should be told that they need to be more open to change for the sake of everyone coming to common agreement

But …

* This slide title is reused

apply the reuse precept
Apply the reuse precept*
  • Do not discard the past and all that it taught us
    • Reuse old names for new purposes
    • Create 3-4 design patterns for recombining reused component terms into dynamic new, next-gen terminology scenarios

* This slide title is not reused

general principles1
General Principles*
  • Many “Global” standards are criticized for always being in English. After all, in the next century, 80% of the users will be Chinese
    • This problem can probably be overcome by using a language-neutral language. Create a new language.


* This slide title is reused, but this footnote is not

apply the reuse theorem
Apply the reuse theorem
  • Leverage an extant language-neutral language.
    • Hobbitese is the the lingua nouveau du jour
    • Other choices in include esperanto, klingon, borg, * or abalone

* Unpronounceable terminology will tell potential members just how seriously your standard is to be taken

open standards win
Open standards win
  • Above all, the standard must be free
    • Do not let your standard be compromised by solution providers and hard cover bigots
    • If you let it go and it flies away from you, it was not the standard for you in the first place