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The EZ-SAT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The EZ-SAT. Introducing the EZ-SAT.

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Introducing the EZ-SAT

The new Perfect-Vision EZ-SAT satellite meter utilizes the very latest developments in satellite identification technology enabling you to make your satellite installations quickly and accurately brought to you by the same manufacturers of the Perfect-Vision BIRDOG series of satellite meters.

The single function button makes this the easiest satellite meter to use ever. Press and hold to switch on press again to select your satellite and press and hold to switch off.

The EZ-SAT uses receiver LNB power, but for more flexibility a battery pack, connector and carry case are available as accessories.

The USB connection and automatic driver installation makes updating your meter simple and gives you even greater installation flexibility.

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Connecting is EZ

The EZ-SAT accessories are available from Perfect Vision. AA Batteries are not included. Long life alkali batteries are recommended.



The EZ-SAT uses the receiver LNB power as illustrated above or utilizes an external battery pack accessory as shown on the right. The standard kit includes the following items.

USB Lead

F-F Lead

Protective cover

Note: The EZ-SAT is ideal for single LNB installations and is NOT suitable for multi LNB assemblies such as DirecTv SWM, Dish Network 1000 or similar. Signals that are not DVB-S or DSS modulated are not compatible with the EZ-SAT this includes Turbo Code.

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Finding a satellite

The EZ-SAT features a clear and easy to read backlit LCD display that has a lock indicator along with level and quality bar graphs and percentage values based.

Shown here are the displays for searching and when you have found your selected satellite. Select your satellite by tapping the function button.

The Level and Quality values enable the installer to get the best results from their satellite installations.

The EZ-SAT is switched on and off by pressing and holding the function button.

Here no signal is present (Unlocked)

The level increases on passing other satellites.

A lock has been found.

After peaking up.

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Advanced installation techniques (peaking up)

Now that you have acquired your satellite follow these steps to further improve your signal. While the display is showing found move the dish very slowly off the target satellite in either a left or right direction (Azimuth adjustment) until the signal level and quality just starts to drop away and make a mental note of the position of your dish, now move the dish back in the opposite direction watch where the signal and quality level peaks and continue until the level just starts to drop off again. Now move you dish back to the centre of these two points (the Azimuth is now optimized). Tighten the azimuth clamp bolts.

We can apply the same procedure to the up and down motion (Elevation adjustment), again we are looking to see where the signal and quality just starts to fall away and move while moving up in Elevation make a mental note of that position and then adjust the elevation down until the signal level and quality just starts to drop off again. Then return your elevation position to the centre of these two points (the Elevation is now optimized). Tighten the Elevation bolts.

It’s a similar approach for the skew adjustment, again we are looking to see where the signal and quality just starts to fall away and move while rotating the LNB (or dish assembly) make a mental note of that position and then adjust the skew in the opposite direction until the signal and quality level just starts to drop off again. Then return your skew position to the centre of these two points (the polarization is now optimized). Tighten the LNB clamp.

Even while fully tightening the bolts of the dish assembly keep an eye on the meter display so that further fine adjustment can be made. Tip: Tighten the bolts in a similar fashion to a head block on an engine (applying even pressure by tightening opposite bolts in sequence).

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Automatic USB driver installation and file transfer

From time to time it may be necessary to update the satellite selections on your EZ-SAT satellite meter or you may wish to download an alternative satellite pack by registering your EZ-SAT satellite meter on the manufacturer’s web site. Before proceeding to download new or updated settings please ensure that the USB drivers are correctly installed. This is usually an automatic process (as described below) but the drivers can also be manually downloaded and installed if required. For the automatic driver installation to take place your PC must be connected to the internet.

  • Ensure your EZ-SAT meter is not connected a set top box or the optional battery.
  • Connect your EZ-SAT to your computer with the USB lead supplied.
  • Wait for the USB driver installation to take place (of which there is two elements).
  • Check that the meter shows “Program mode” on the display.
  • Download the required satellite pack from the web site.

You are now ready to load new satellite selections into your EZ-SAT meter. Open the satellite pack you downloaded from the web site and follow these steps.

Click “OK”, disconnect the USB and you are ready.

Click on the word “Transfer”

The new data is loaded in.

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Additional feature

The EZ-SAT also features a language selection function, that enables you to select from English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

During the start-up logo display press the function button to select the required language this is seen the bottom right hand corner of the display.

En: English Fr: French Es: Spanish Po: Portuguese

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