malvern hills outdoor centre
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Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre

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Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre. May 11 th – May 13 th 2012. Accommodation. In South Block, contains dormitories, bathrooms, common room and a small kitchen Children choose a friend they want to share a room with and are split into 2 girls and 2 boys dorms

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malvern hills outdoor centre

Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre

May 11th – May 13th 2012

  • In South Block, contains dormitories, bathrooms, common room and a small kitchen
  • Children choose a friend they want to share a room with and are split into 2 girls and 2 boys dorms
  • Share bunk beds which it is their responsibility to make
  • Each have a small wardrobe space which they have to keep tidy
  • Have room inspections on Saturday and Sunday mornings!!
  • Children are split into 3 groups and rotate around the activities
  • Children choose 2 people they would like to be with
  • Activities not set in stone, instructors assess weather / tiredness to make sure activities are safe to complete and alternatives are available if needed
  • Day of trip children come to school in own clothes, NOT uniform
  • ESSENTIAL it all fits in 1 bag that the children can carry
  • Need 2 or 3 complete changes of clothes
  • No Jeans - take a long time to dry and very uncomfortable when wearing a harness – leggings and tracksuit bottoms best
  • 2 pairs of trainers / shoes – indoor pair can be a pair of slippers
  • Plenty of pairs of socks - have a habit of getting wet feet!
  • Wash bag to include a flannel – helps to get the mud off!
  • Large towel for showers
  • Hair bobbles for long hair – gets caught in the ropes / equipment
  • No need to send wellies or waterproofs – centre provide these
  • Lunch box needs to be empty and named – make lunches at centre
  • Sun hat / cream and hat and gloves – who knows what the weather will bring!!
  • Duvet cover and pillow case – centre now charge extra for these
  • PLEASE make sure as much of your child’s kit is named and that they help you pack so they know what is theirs!
  • ESSENTIAL - teddy bear, some chn have a special cuddly they always sleep with – if all chn and adults have one no one feels embarrassed
pocket money
Pocket Money
  • There is a small souvenir type shop
  • Please send up to £5 – NO MORE in change not a note as makes the shop trip very time consuming!
  • Money to be put in a named purse or re-sealable bag (not envelopes and to be handed in at the office on the morning of the trip not packed in bags as kept in safe at the centre
  • Any money spent will be returned on Monday after trip

• School medication form needs to be completed for any medication / creams / inhalers and put in a clearly named re-sealable bag with the medication

• All medication to be handed in a school office on morning of trip

• Travel Sickness pills – please make sure there is one for the return journey!!

  • Please make sure nothing of any value is packed e.g. MP3 players / iPods / DS games / Cameras / Mobile phones – very little time to use them and no mobile phone signal at the centre
  • If children want they can bring a disposable camera which is clearly named. We do have clear rules about when and where they can be used
phone calls
Phone Calls
  • We don’t make phone calls home unless under extreme circumstances
  • A number of parents have expressed a wish to know we have arrived safely, so we will be putting and ‘arrivals announcement’ on the school website.
emergency contact details
Emergency Contact Details
  • Please make sure if any details change you provide us with updated numbers!
  • It is essential we can get hold of you should we need to during weekend
  • Should you need to contact us in an EMERGENCY you will be given 2 numbers to contact Mrs McPartland and she will get in touch with us
  • If we are going to be late on the Sunday or need to contact all parents we have 3 parents who will have us a list of numbers to contact you
  • School has its own insurance policy which covers this trip
  • Additional insurance from WCC is available at cost of 55p
sweets food
Sweets / Food
  • The food is fantastic at the centre – especially cooked breakfast!
  • Unless specific dietary items are needed please don’t pack any food in bags – encourages little visitors!
  • Hand in any food for dietary reasons at school office in a clearly named bag on morning of trip
  • Sweets for the bus are fine – not too many!! Please don’t pack in their big bag
  • We leave from the bottom of Longdon Close at approx. 2.45 on the Friday afternoon
  • We return to bottom of Longdon Close at 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon
additional information
Additional Information
  • Nothing is too small or silly to share with us!
  • Clear expectations are set and shared with the children
  • In extreme cases of bad behaviour parents will be contacted to collect their child