Hanging water bottle holder
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Hanging Water Bottle Holder. Anthony Z. 8 years old Mississippi, USA. Step 1-Think It!.

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Hanging water bottle holder

Hanging Water Bottle Holder

Anthony Z.

8 years old

Mississippi, USA

Step 1 think it
Step 1-Think It!

When sitting outside on our porch, we have to place cups in a cup holder, which is made into the arm of the chair, or we have to place cups on the ground. The problem is that we have only one chair that has a cup holder made into it. I am inventing a cup holder that hangs from the ceiling next to the chair. This cup holder can be used next to any chair.

Step 2 explore it
Step 2-Explore it

  • At Houzz.com, I found a picture of a cup storage rack with pegs for cups to hang on when they are not being used.

  • At Amazon.com, I found a chrome cup or mug holder that fits under a shelf and holds cups when they are not in use.

Documentation of sources
Documentation of Sources

“17,082 cup holders Home Design Photos.”

http://www.houzz.com/cup-holders . 2/25/2014.

“Spectrum 51770 Under The Shelf Mug Holder, Chrome.”

http://www.amazon.com/Spectrum-51770-Under-Holder-Chrome/dp/B000G68MU8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393346043&sr=8-1&keywords=hanging+cup+holders . 2/25/2014.

Step 4 create it
Step 4-Create It!

  • I gathered supplies: three camping water bottle holders, a stapler, and a bungee cord with a spring snap link hook on each end.

  • I stapled the ribbon on the back of the bottle holders to keep them from slipping and falling off of the metal hook.

Step 5 try it
Step 5 –Try It bottles in it.

  • The first time I tested the Hanging Water Bottle Holder the holders fell off. After stapling the ribbons on the back of each holder, the invention worked, but it will hold only bottles and not cups. Sometimes, a water bottle falls out of it.

Step 6 tweak it
Step 6-Tweak It bottles in it.

I stapled the ribbons on the back of the water bottle holders because the first time I tested the Hanging Water Bottle Holder, the holders fell off.

Step 7 sell it
Step 7-Sell It! bottles in it.