asia pacific economic cooperation n.
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Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

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Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Aviation Security Sub-Group Aviation Experts Group 27 th APEC TPT-WG Meeting Hanoi, Viet Nam ICAO Professional Management Course Submitted by New Zealand. Course Objectives.

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asia pacific economic cooperation
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

Aviation Security Sub-Group

Aviation Experts Group

27th APEC TPT-WG Meeting

Hanoi, Viet Nam

ICAO Professional Management Course

Submitted by New Zealand

course objectives
Course Objectives
  • To provide guidelines for a common understanding of Annex 17 standards and recommended practices
  • The guidance material for their implementation contained in the ICAO Security Manual (Doc 8973)
  • To promote the use of management principles and best practices relevant to the field of AVSEC;
course objectives1
Course Objectives
  • To promote intra-regional cooperation and create an AVSEC professional network, and
  • To provide the ICAO Secretariat with possible misunderstandings in the interpretation of Annex 17 for the purpose of proposing corrective actions to the AVSEC Panel of ICAO, with a view to modifying, if needed, Annex 17, the Security Manual as well as ICAO’s AVSEC training packages.
course modules
Course Modules
  • 1. Global Environment
  • 2. Terrorism
  • 3. Understanding Annex 17 and the Security Manual
  • 4. Establishing the Legal Framework
  • 5. Establishing Coordinating Infrastructure
  • 6. Financial Management
  • 7. Development of Specific Measures to Comply with Annex 17
  • 8. Including Security Measures in the Design of Infrastructures and Processes
course modules1
Course Modules
  • 9. Project Management
  • 10. Technology and Equipment
  • 11. Quality Control
  • 12. Human Resources Management
  • 13. Management of Response to Major Security Emergencies
  • 14. International Cooperation
  • 15. Other Issues and Related Aspects
teaching methodology
Teaching Methodology
  • Experienced instructors
  • Presented in English and French at present
  • First week in classroom-face to face sessions
  • Approximately ten weeks of assignments and tests through online learning
  • Some assignments are individual and some as a group
  • Final week at the end of the course focuses on the final assignment and final exam
  • I averaged approximately 10-15 hours per week
  • Continual commitment is required for the whole time of the course
  • Access to Internet obviously essential
  • Euro’s 3,500, travel and accommodation expenses
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of Annex 17 SARPS
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the relevant Conventions
  • Understanding of necessity for robust legislative and regulatory structure
  • Standardisation of ICAO’s vision and strategic objectives
  • Professional business and personnel management knowledge and practices
  • Ready access to other Professional Managers through the world
  • Formal qualification from Concordia University

It is recommended that:

  • The sub-group note the relevance of the ICAO course to the effectiveness of implementing aviation security measures in the APEC region; and
  • Note the benefits as outlined in the presentation.
  • ICAO Avsec-PMC Flyer
  • ICAO Journal article-April 2005
  • Training Schedule-2006