Victim the other side of murder
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Victim: The other side of murder. David Lopez 2p. Gary Kinder. Author of best selling books Victim and Light Years. Ten years after the Hi-Fi Murders, he began researching for the story Victim: The Other Side of Murder.

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Victim the other side of murder

Victim: The other side of murder

David Lopez 2p.

Gary kinder
Gary Kinder

  • Author of best selling books Victim and Light Years.

  • Ten years after the Hi-Fi Murders, he began researching for the story Victim: The Other Side of Murder.

  • Lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and two daughters.

  • Teaches advanced writing seminars to lawyers across the U.S.

Byron cortney naisbitt
Byron “Cortney” Naisbitt

  • 16 years old at time of murders.

  • Science Genius

  • Wanted to become a pilot

  • One of two survivors of murder rampage in Ogden , UT 1974

  • Died June 4, 02

  • Became a fully licensed pilot.

Dale pierre selby
Dale Pierre Selby

The scene of the crime.

  • 21 years old.

  • Murdered 3 people in Hi-Fi Shop in Ogden, UT in 1974.

  • Born in the Isle of Tobago. (Caribbean Islands)

  • Also suspect for murder of Sergeant Edward Jefferson, which was 1 yr. earlier than Hi-Fi Shop Murders.

  • Hill Air Force Base Helicopter Mechanic.

  • Always had a temper as a child.

  • Watched a movie the day before murders and decided to reenact the gruesome scenes.

  • Executed on Aug 28, 1987





Dale Selby on Trial.

Favorite character
Favorite Character

  • Cortney Naisbitt


    -Pulls Through

    -Still does what he loves.

Least favorite character
Least Favorite Character

  • Dale Pierre Selby

    • Not human.

    • Doesn’t have any remorse.

    • Deserved to die.


  • Aftermath: A Test of Love

Rising action
Rising Action

  • Starts right away.

  • Cortney goes missing.

  • Interrupts a robbery in progress.

  • Mom goes looking for him.

  • They both become hostages.

  • Forced to drink Drano and shot in back of head.


  • Cortney is in the Hospital.

  • They don’t think he will live.

  • He is on life support in a coma.

  • They think of pulling the plug.

Falling action
Falling Action

  • Cortney survives!!

  • One of the only survivors of this crime.


  • Really isn’t one.

  • He goes on to become a pilot and graduates high school.

  • Dale Selby put to death but still not enough.

  • The lives of the people of Ogden are still stunned.


  • Ogden, Utah

  • This is important because things happen like this everywhere, even little old UT.

  • 1974

  • This was not that long ago. Dale was barely put to death in 1999.


  • Life- The value of Life.

  • Perseverance- To survive when all odds are against you.

  • Family- Always there to help you through the hard times.

Book rating
Book Rating

  • 10

  • This gives a lot of details on how life is valued and not valued and makes you think twice before complaining about how bad our lives are.

Social issue
Social Issue

  • Media and its effects on society