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The dawning of C heon Il Guk The e ra of mankind coming under the dominion of the Principles of Creation Reflections on the future of our movement By Stephen Stacey. True Father’s course .

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The dawning of Cheon Il GukThe era of mankind coming under the dominion of the Principles of CreationReflections on the future of our movement By Stephen Stacey

True father s course
True Father’s course

  • Because there was a disconnection between Father’s proclamation and the Christian foundation in the 1950’s – True Father had to set about to rebuild a new foundation

  • This foundation had to be strong enough so that the Principle would continue to guide humanity into the future after True Father’s SeungHwa.

  • Father could finally declare this foundation was built – the era of Cheon Il Guk was declared in 2004

Start of cig june 13 2006
Start of CIG - June 13, 2006:–

The age of restoration through the Cain/Abel dynamic ends – the end of an age where Father was desperate to set up a strong foundation through sacrificing the blessed couples.

The foundation is built, heaven is assured. Now a new time where God’s blessings come to earth through individuals fulfilling the responsibilities of citizens of CIG

  • Fulfil the 4 realms of the heart and live for others

  • Be guided by your ‘high noon’ conscience

  • Educate people about the holy blessing

  • Prepare yourself for your eternal life

  • Voluntary tithing

  • Take care of nature

  • Protect other nations – international service and police

    See -

Theologically speaking
Theologically Speaking

We move from using the principles of restoration to achieve heaven’s goals


Using the divine laws that are elucidated in the Principles of Creation as a framework to build Cheon Il Guk.

There are 7 divine laws in the Principles of Creation that, when followed, allow for each creation to receive God’s blessings of wellbeing and enrichment

The 7 main divine laws that are expounded the principles of creation
The 7 main divine laws that are expounded the Principles of Creation

  • Identity – mind/body unity

  • Dual Characteristics

  • G/T – common vision

  • Joy/beauty/meaning

  • Human Value

  • Growth

  • Vitality elements = feedback

    Let’s see how they apply in a marital setting

The principles of creation in marriage allowing a couple to receive god s blessing
the Principles of Creation In Marriage – allowing a couple to receive God’s blessing

  • Identity – mind/body unity – who should I grow to be so as to be ready for marriage

  • Dual Characteristics – How do Mars and Venus bring their various talents together to benefit their family

  • G/T – common vision – how do we make a home together – finances, roles, child rearing strategies, etc

  • Joy/beauty/meaning– Marriage needs affection, joy, romance, and meaning in lineage building

  • Human Value – what is respect between man and woman (e.g.; no abuse, porn, infidelity, etc)

  • Growth – what patterns of growth do we develop – book reading, seminar attendance, mentoring, etc

  • Vitality elements = feedback – how do we help each other mature over the years – praise, asserting boundaries, etc

The principles of creation in companies many well run companies embody them
the Principles of Creation In to receive God’s blessing Companies -Many well run companies embody them

  • Identity – mind/body unity – who are we – what do we exist for, what’s our brand name?

  • Dual Characteristics – Valuing masculine and feminine dimensions in decision making and growth strategies

  • G/T – common vision – depts working together to support growth goals – with good networking to find unity

  • Joy/beauty/meaning – Find meaning in work, joy along the way, our end result beauty, of value to society

  • Human Value – respect – how do we value all stakeholders. No sexual or racial harassment. Equal opportunities, fair terms of dismissal, reasonable wage, etc

  • Growth – how do we raise up staff to fulfil potential. How can leaders be raised up to bring out the best in staff

  • Feedback systems – Suggestion boxes, complaints procedure, quality circles, range of feedback data, etc

Conclusion the principle of creation elucidates
Conclusion to receive God’s blessing – the principle of creation elucidates

The key principles that guide the healthy maintenance and development of ANY creation

  • Families

  • Companies

  • Teams

  • Churches

  • Countries

  • Organisations

How do we to receive God’s blessing use the Principles of Creation so our organisation can substantially set about building CIG?

1 identity who are we can we build a brand name that people understand and value
1) Identity – Who are we, can we build a brand name that people understand and value

Over the years Father has shown us 3 various models the movement can adopt:


  • UPF

  • Unification Church

    It’s time we make a clear organisational brand name: -

    E.g.: A core church organisation, with 2 semi-independent, inclusive, outreach organisations of FFWPU and UPF

Dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity
Dual Characteristics of Masculinity and Femininity people understand and value

  • In almost all faiths and the UC - restorational principles have usually been followed– where women are often denied equality of roles within the religious structure. Also marriage of religious leaders is often disallowed.

  • In the era of CIG women can claim their position as God’s daughters – and the input of both men and women is valued at every level within the organisation. Also, masculine and feminine dimensions are seen as essential in defining a successful future

Give and take action around a common vision
Give and Take action – Around a common vision people understand and value

  • In the era of restoring of the Christian foundation – finding a common vision was hard as only Father could see the bigger picture.

  • In the era of CIG - with our identity clarified, and with key developmental strategies developed though the harmony of M/F ideas – a common vision can be developed – and members within each organisation can feel motivated to work towards a clear, identifiable future that they believe is worthy of their investment.

Joy beauty goodness meaning
Joy, beauty, goodness, meaning people understand and value

  • The era of restoration, an age where a cosmic battle was raging, was a time of sacrifice – and there was little time for creating joy, beauty suffered and many times the meaning of members’ sacrifice was not apparent.

  • In the new era of CIG - joy, beauty, goodness and meaning - become increasing substantiated in all aspects and activities of movement. E.g.;

    • Marital enrichment and parenting courses become core elements of healing the world and building a happy future

    • Community building occurs through sincere inter-religious dialogue and joy giving multi-cultural events

    • Educational institutions are reformed so as to raise God’s children in an environment of truth, beauty and goodness

Respect and human value we are all god s children
Respect and Human Value people understand and value– We are all God’s children

  • In the era of restoration – True Father needed leaders who understood him – especially his language – and thus Korean leaders led on every continent. Also, since it was an era of cosmic battle – obedience to the directions from above was a much desired quality

  • In the era of CIG – out of respect for all stakeholders connected with our movement - leaders are people who naturally embody healthy leadership qualities and who have vision that inspires. In CIG, all colours are equal in God’s eyes, and thus leaders can come from any race. Clear policies of inclusivity are developed, channels to deal with complaints are formed, and healthy methods of dealing with inappropriate behaviour are encouraged.

Growth strategies
Growth strategies people understand and value

  • In the time of restoration finances were mainly used to secure a foundation and it was hard to invest in education of members or leaders

  • With a clear vision of what we are aiming for, growth strategies are much easier to secure. Those interested in various aspects of CIG will be encouraged to work together to provide resources for everyone. (e.g.; marriage enrichment and youth development programs. Manuals to raise up future church leaders). The key shift will occur in understanding that successful development will occur only through raising up quality leadership and blessed couples – not through sacrificing them. New developments by individuals will also be valued, encouraged, and supported so the ideas mature.

Vitality elements feedback systems to help growth and maintain health
Vitality Elements – Feedback systems to help growth and maintain health

  • In the era of restoration – feedback came from a very limited range of sources.

  • In the era of CIG, all kinds of feedback systems will be developed in the movement – allowing for God’s blessings to flourish in the spirit of openness and dialogue. Reports will be more honest; advice of blessed families will be taken to heart by leadership; reporting systems will look not just at short term goals but long term growth. The movement will essentially tap into the creativity of all families to define a better future.

How can we build a bright future
How can we build a bright future maintain health

  • We either use the Principles of Creation to guide our movement into a bright future – principles that many healthy companies use today to bring success


  • We leave the Principles of Creation on the book shelf, and wander forward in an unsure way, struggling with changing visions of different leaders – seeking to define a future using untried leadership models – models that are no way a match for the divine laws that Heaven has revealed through True Parents

Are the true parents the messiah or do we have to wait for their return
Are the True Parents the Messiah or do we have to wait for their return?

  • If our organisation goes forward using restorational models then we have to question if True Parents have really started the era of CIG.

  • Are we to wait for True Parents to return so we can finally live the Principles of Creation? Or have they completed their restorational work.. and now the Principles of Creation can guide our movement?

The principles of creation in cig
the Principles of Creation their return?in CIG

  • Identity – mind/body unity – We define who we are

  • Dual Characteristics – We find enrichment through valuing the masculine and feminine dimensions of life

  • G/T – common vision – knowing who we are, we can more clearly define our goals and get there together

  • Joy/beauty/meaning – We find meaning in our work, joy along the way, our end result is beautiful, of value

  • Human Value – We respect the divine in all races, and value the variety of ways people serve God.

  • Growth – We develop clear strategies to raise up blessed couples and leaders, value new developments from members, and develop programs that help mankind

  • Feedback systems – Suggestion boxes, complaints procedure, quality circles, range of feedback data, etc

Does this mean we no longer need restorational theology
Does this mean we no longer need their return?restorational theology

To guide the movement – not really. But when it comes to individual members there will still be a need for the principles of restoration in a variety situations. E.g.:

  • For new church members – to help them understand various dimensions of healing themselves through voluntarily taking a submissive role.

  • After being blessed and made a tribal messiah, members might freely feel a need to use restorational principles to heal something in their lineage

  • Members can freely switch between the two dimensions – asking themselves whether inappropriate behaviour by a leader needs compassion and forgiveness or whether it needs honesty for growth to occur

If we want to teach the world about how to gain God’s blessing – we have to learn to substantiate the principles of creation first

  • If our movement can learn to embody the Principles of Creation – and our families and companies can do so too – then we will one day have much to offer the world

  • Many of our second generation want to understand how they can use the Principle to build a life that is enriched by Heaven’s love – and once they understand that our theology offers a wonderful 7 sigma plan for development – they can learn to embody the Principle of Creation in all aspects of their life, clarifying and deepening its understanding, and teaching others how they can gain heaven’s blessings too.

We can achieve so much when divine principles guide us into the future
We can achieve so much when divine principles guide us into the future.

Because of the Principle we have an immense capacity:

  • To value people of different faiths and races

  • To treat the opposite sex with respect

  • To understand the principles that will heal the world

    On this foundation, if we actually use the Principles of Creation to build our organisation – then we can achieve so much in short amount of time – and substantially guide the world towards the brighter future we all want.