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Brainstorming and outlining

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Brainstorming and outlining - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brainstorming and outlining. Written and compiled by Miss Dana Shaaban Presented by: Anita J. Ghajar-Selim Supervisor, Writing lab Student Learning Support Center. What is brainstorming?. The gathering of ideas from your brain onto paper “Storm” of ideas scattered around in your brain

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Brainstorming and outlining

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    1. Brainstorming and outlining Written and compiled by Miss Dana Shaaban Presented by: Anita J. Ghajar-Selim Supervisor, Writing lab Student Learning Support Center

    2. What is brainstorming? • The gathering of ideas from your brain onto paper • “Storm” of ideas scattered around in your brain • Thinking about a topic from different angles • Thinking of as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time.

    3. How do you brainstorm? • Write down your ideas so that you don’t forget them. • Write down everything that comes to your mind; don’t worry about sorting out “good” and “bad” ideas. • Don’t worry about spelling or grammar.

    4. Example of brainstorming • Topic: What would I do with a million dollars? Travel the world Pay debts Give to charity Buy books, clothes, cars etc… Put it in a bank account Buy gifts for people I love

    5. Free-writing • Like pouring all of your thoughts onto paper • Don’t take your pen off the page; keep writing for the entire time. • Just write about anything. The important thing is to start writing and keep writing! • Don’t try to sort “good” and “bad” ideas. • Don’t worry about spelling and grammar.

    6. ?????? Maybe I could say this or maybe I could say that… hmmm When is free-writing helpful? • When you have NO idea about the topic • When you have TOO many ideas about the topic

    7. Example of free-writing • Write about the following topic: Talk about a scary dream you once had. In my dream, I was coming back home from school really late. There were no lights in the street and I could hear the sounds of meowing cats and barking dogs. I walked faster and faster and almost fell into a big puddle of mud. Suddenly I saw a big man with a mask on his face. He told me to give him my money. I threw a rock at him and ran home. When I opened the door I found the man sitting in my favorite chair!

    8. Clustering/mapping • When you write down words or concepts associated with the topic – any ideas that come into your mind • Another way to organize your ideas. • Start with your topic in the center, and branch out from there with related ideas. • Use words and phrases, not complete sentences.

    9. Make my children love education Never stop learning Education Work Eventually get a PhD My Future Find a good job Make them a priority Learn to love whatever work I’m doing Family Use the skills I have learned in as many ways as possible Raise healthy, happy children Get married Clustering example

    10. Venn diagram • Used when comparing between two or more objects, events, people, and places. • Useful for compare/contrast essays Differences Similarities Differences

    11. Venn diagram example • Let’s say we want to compare Doha to Dubai: Doha Dubai Independent state Tall buildings Part of the UAE Cities in the gulf Ruled by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Ruled by Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed Al Maktoum Expensive Lots of construction Not too crowded Big malls Too crowded

    12. outlining • More organized form of pre-writing than the others we discussed. • It can be used after you have generated ideas through brainstorming, free writing, or other pre-writing techniques. • It works well for structured types of writing such as essays. • You can use complete sentences, but you don’t have to.

    13. Outline format An outline of a paragraph: • Introduction Topic sentence • Body First supporting detail Second supporting detail Third supporting detail • Conclusion Concluding sentence

    14. Example of an outline • Introduction: Topic Sentence: There are several fun activities people can do in Qatar. • Body 1st supporting detail: camp in the desert 2nd supporting detail: go to Sealine beach 3rd supporting detail: admire art at Islamic Museum • Conclusion: Concluding sentence: These activities are just some ways to have fun in Qatar.

    15. Persuasion Plan

    16. You can use the following website to help you write a nice outline and put in your thoughts and thesis statement. •

    17. Thank you for your attention Please contact us at Or visit: Or call 485 2600