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OJ Simpson Case Study Compilation

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OJ Simpson Case Study Compilation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OJ Simpson Case Study Compilation. SUPA Forensics Period 8. O.J. Simpson Case: Background. Sara Starr, Michelle Hao, Mariam Momjian, Rebecca Song, Tristan Jeong. Who was O.J. Simpson?. Born on July 9th, 1947 He was raised by his mother, along with three siblings

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OJ Simpson Case Study Compilation

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    1. OJ Simpson Case Study Compilation SUPA Forensics Period 8

    2. O.J. Simpson Case: Background Sara Starr, Michelle Hao, Mariam Momjian, Rebecca Song, Tristan Jeong

    3. Who was O.J. Simpson? • Born on July 9th, 1947 • He was raised by his mother, along with three siblings • Joined a street gang called the Persian Warriors at age 13 • Was a very successful college football player for USC • he won the Heisman Trophy • Went on to play football (as a running back) in the NFL until 1979 • he played for the Buffalo Bills • only became successful after the Bills changed their style of offense to showcase his talent • Changed career paths and went into acting and commentating (was fairly successful)

    4. The Personal Life of O.J. Simpson • O.J. married Marguerite L. Whitley in 1967 • O.J. had three children with Marguerite • their daughter Aaren Lashone died just before her birthday at age 2 (1979) • O.J. and Marguerite got a divorce in 1979 • Before he got a divorce, O.J. met Nicole Brown, who was 17 years old • In 1985 O.J. and Nicole were married • together they had two children • In 1992, Nicole filed for divorce • Nicole had often complained that O.J. was abusive towards her (which O.J. always denied)

    5. When, where, what? • Murder occurred on June 12th, 1994 • Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found dead outside Nicole Brown’s luxury condominium • 875 Bundy Drive • (Supposedly) OJ Simpson brutally stabbed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman to death • Ronald Goldman was there just to drop off Nicole Brown’s sunglasses • He was in the wrong place at the wrong time

    6. Victims

    7. Nicole Brown • She was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1959; moved with her family to Southern California as a toddler • She was working as a waitress when she met O.J. Simpson in 1977; she was 18 • She began dating Simpson, who was still married though he divorced his wife in 1979 • In 1977 Nicole Brown married O.J. Simpson • Had two kids with Simpson; Sydney and Justin • Nicole Brown was a devoted mother, as well as the owner of a small interior decorating business • O.J. was arrested for beating her (after a long history of bruises on her body), and they got divorced in 1992

    8. Ronald Goldman • born and raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois • moved to Southern California at age 18 • extremely athletic; enjoyed fitness clubs and surfing • was not in a relationship with Nicole Simpson Brown, was merely returning sunglasses she had left at the restaurant where he was a waiter

    9. Suspects

    10. OJ Simpson • Evidence found and collected at the scene led investigators to believe OJ was guilty • 6:20pm a chase began when OJ was seen being driven in his white Bronco, by his friend, and holding a gun to his head. A captured conversation revealed Simpson repeatedly saying that he was “the only one who deserved to get hurt”- his actions were interpreted as an admission of guilt. • The chase ended at 8:00 pm at his home in Brentwood, and Simpson was granted an hour to speak to his mother. • The authorities arrived, and upon Simpson’s surrender, they discovered $8000 in cash, clothing, a loaded .357 Magnum, passport, fake goatee, mustache, and family pictures in his Bronco.

    11. By race: 9 blacks, 1 hispanic, 2 whites By sex: 10 women, 2 men By education: 2 college graduates, 9 high school graduates, 1 without diploma 5/12 thought it appropriate to use force on a family member 5/12 reported that they had a negative experience with the police 9/12 thought that Simpson was less likely to become a murderer because he was an athlete 12/12 were Democrats The jury was mostly black people because the case was filed in LA rather than Santa Monica. A poll showed that most blacks found Simpson innocent while most whites found Simpson guilty. Jury

    12. When the trial initially began, on September 8 2008 in the court of Nevada Court, the judge was Jackie Glass Simpson testified asking the judge for retrial, but he was denied by Judge Linda Marie Bell Judge

    13. Prosecutors Marcia Clark, lead attorney in the case, Special Trials Division. Christopher Darden, co-counsel. Darden had completed a six-and-a-half year assignment with the Special Investigations Division before joining the prosecution team. Gil Garcetti, Los Angeles District Attorney, elected in 1992.. Hank Goldberg, joined the District Attorney's Office in 1985. William Hodgman, director of the Bureau of Central Operations, which includes the Special Trials Division. Lisa Kahn, DNA coordinator for the district attorney's office. Cheri Lewis, assisted in the research and preparation of prosecution motions and pleadings.

    14. Defense Attorneys (“The Dream Team”) - His criminal case cost at least $3 million, possibly as much as $6 million. F. Lee Bailey - celebrity attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr Alan Dershowitz Carl Douglas Robert Kardashian Peter Neufeld - specialized in DNA evidence Barry Scheck - specialized in DNA evidence Robert Shapiro Gerald Uelmen

    15. The Crime By: Rebecca Weimer, Brenna Wiegand, Kalette deMarrais and Noelle Lawler

    16. Type of Murder • Murder weapon- knife • O.J. Simpsons ex-wife and her friend were found murdered outside of Nicole Brown Simpons home.

    17. The Crime • Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman were murdered

    18. Charges • O.J. Simpson was charged with two counts of first degree murder • First degree murder means that he planned to kill his ex-wife and her friend • He was eligible for death penalty

    19. Suspect • OJ Simpson • Nicole Brown Simpson • Ronald Goldman Victims

    20. In court: • Judge Lance Ito- Judge • Mark Fuhrman- Detective of the LAPD • Supposedly planted the famous bloody glove

    21. Witnesses • Kato Kaelin • Was currently staying in a guest house on Simpsons property • He was present on the night of the two murders • Rosa Lopez • Former maid to Simpsons neighbor • Said when she was walking the dog and saw his white bronco parked outside his house

    22. Defense • Johnnie Cochran • Robert Shapiro • F. Lee Bailey • Robert Kardashian

    23. Prosecution • Marcia Cross

    24. The Car Chase • O.J. was in passenger seat while Al Cowlings drove • On Interstate 405 in LA in White Ford Bronco • Hour long chase • O.J. held a gun to his head and laid in the back seat- 50 miles total • Detective Lange was talking to O.J. to convince him to throw the gun out of the car

    25. Return to house • O.J. wanted to speak to his mom before he surrendered • He was allowed to go into his house for an hour • Lawyer Robert Shapiro arrived • Simpson surrendered

    26. Search of house: • After Simpson surrendered police searched the bronco and found: • $8,000 cash • Change of clothes • Loaded gun • Passport • Family pictures • Fake goatee and Mustache ** None of this was used in court as evidence**

    27. Crime Scene Evidence Michael Leon, Max Cepeda, Dan Desiderio, Kat Hroncic

    28. Evidence from the Crime • XL Aris Gloves • Size 12 Bruno Magli Shoes • The Bronco car • Strange reaction to call about the death of Nicole Brown. • Simpson had fresh cuts on his left hand the day after the murder. • Blood on OJ’s sock matched the blood of Nicole Brown. • Hair Fibers similar to Simpson’s hair

    29. XL Aris Gloves • During the trial Simpson was asked to try on the exact pair of gloves from the crime scene. • Simpson bought a pair of these gloves at Bloomingdale’s • Simpson’s Lawyer asked to try on the gloves with latex gloves on underneath the Aris Gloves

    30. Size 12 Bruno Magli Shoes • Simpson was also asked to try on these pair of size 12 Bruno Magli Shoes • The shoe print was found at the crime scene which match the pair that Simpson had in a size 12

    31. The Bronco • Simpson try to escape the cops in a white Ford Bronco which was reported to be covered with blood on the inside of the car.

    32. Fresh cuts on hand • The day after the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman fresh cuts were found on Simpsons left hand

    33. Hair Fiber • The Hair fibers found at the Crime Scene matched Simpson’s.

    34. Bloody sock matching Nicole Brown’s • These socks were found in Simpson bed room they matched the blood type from the crime scene of Nicole browns blood.

    35. Witnesses in the OJ Simpson Case Mark Wittkamp, Jane Murphy, Richie Myers, & Danielle LoGuercio

    36. OJ SIMPSON TRIAL • Also known as the “People of the State of California vs Orenthal James Simpson” • Opening statements started on January 24, 1995 and until the verdict was reached on October 3, 1995 • OJ Simpson (Former actor and football star) was tried on two counts of murder: • Murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson • Murder of waiter, Ronald Lyle Goodman • It became the most publicized case in US history. • Was the longest trial ever held in California, costing over $20 million to fight and defend, running up 50,000 pages of trial transcript in the process.

    37. There were 150 witnesses called to give evidence before a jury that was sequestered at the Hotel Intercontinental in downtown L.A. from January until October. • Here are our key players

    38. Jose Camacho • Knife salesman at Ross Cutlery who claimed to have sold Simpson a 15-inch (380mm) German-made knife similar to the murder weapon three weeks before the murder.

    39. Cynthia Shahian • A friend and jogging partner of Nicole Simpson. • Testified on Monday, February 6th • Said Nicole Simpson was “distraught” after she received a letter from her ex-husband saying she could no longer use his mansion as her legal address.

    40. Detective John Edwards • Replied to the 911 phone call from Nicole Brown Simpson • She screamed that her husband was, “going to kill me.”

    41. Steven Schwab • Neighbor who said he found Akita (the Simpson’s dog) with blood on its paws at about 10:55pm while walking his own dog. • He said Akita behaved unusually, barking at houses while following him home • He turned dog over to neighbor Sukru Boztepe.

    42. Sukru Boztepe • Said that Akita led him and his wife, Bettina Rassmusen, to Nicole’s condo, where they found the bodies. • They got an “old man” to call 911 at about 12:10 am on June 13th.

    43. Detective Mark Fuhrman • Principal target of defense’s police conspiracy theory • Testified about finding a bloody glove at OJ’s estate • He was called a racist and was accused of planting the glove at the Simpson’s estate. • He entered the Simpson’s estate without a search warrant because he was concerned that OJ himself might have been harmed. • On July 5th, 1996, charges of perjury were filed against Fuhrman for his use of racist language • On October 2nd, 1996, Fuhrman accepted a plea bargain and pleaded no contest to the charges. • He was sentenced to three years probation and fined $200.

    44. Detective Philip Vannatter • Reconstructed how the crime scene was treated. • He said that bloody glove and trail of blood at estate led him to regard OJ as only suspect. • Said that he could see Detective Fuhrman at all times during inspection of OJ’s Bronco and that OJ voluntarily gave police statement

    45. Brian “Kato” Kaelin • Simpson’s house guest • Was on stand for five days. • Said that he had dinner with OJ until 9:35pm. • Testified to hearing thumps on wall of guest house at 10:38pm, and then saw OJ again around 11:00pm when he helped load limo. • Said that OJ was “upset,” “not fine” in talking about Nicole not letting him see daughter at recital. • Closed by saying that he did not plan to write a book about his role and insisting he felt “some obligation” to OJ but would not lie for him.

    46. Brian “Kato” Kaelin Cont. • 20 years after the murder, Kaelin finally admitted that OJ killed his wife. • He stated that, “The statute of limitations has now passed … so I can now say … yes, he did it.” • When asked why he didn’t tell the truth while on the stand, Kaelin responded, “I was too scared. I was terrified.”

    47. Collin Yamauchi • Los Angeles Police Dept. criminalist. • Testified that he recommended the department withhold some blood samples to Cellmark Diagnostics. • Admitted he had expectations of what the test results would be since he thought Simpson was in Chicago at the time of the murders • Said he made a numbering error on a vial of Simpson's blood, but he said it had no baring on test results. • Said he ran 23 samples at once during the first batch of DNA analysis, instead of the recommended he also said he spilled some of Simpson's blood. • He was called “messy”

    48. Allan Park • Limo driver OJ hired to take him to the airport. • Testified that he arrived at the estate at 10:22pm, didn’t see the Bronco on the street, and couldn’t get OJ to answer doorbell. • At 10:55pm, he saw a shadowy figure enter house; OJ answered at 11:00pm saying that he had overslept. • Said that OJ was not bleeding and that he saw no injuries on his hand. • Said he saw five bags at OJ’s house but OJ guarded a small bag.

    49. Gary Sims • Senior criminalist of California Dept. of Justice laboratory in Berkeley. • Testified that blood from right hand glove found on Simpson's estate matched Goldman's blood • Testified that the odds were 1 in 240,000 that blood at the crime scene could have come from a black person other than O.J. Simpson. • Prosecutors mocked him if DNA could "fly” due to how poorly handled the evidence was. • Sims denied that he was part of an evidence-tampering conspiracy.

    50. Robin Cotton • Lab director at Cellmark Diagnostics of Germantown, MD. • Testified that DNA tests matched OJ’s blood at crime scene, victim’s blood at his estate, and in his Bronco (witness Bernie Douroux, who towed OJ’s Bronco to police headquarters, said he didn’t notice any blood).