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Twenty Questions

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Twenty Questions. Subject: Explorers Ch 5. Twenty Questions. 1. How long did Henry Hudson travel?. 1 year. 2. Who came with Columbus on his second voyage to the New World?. Juan Ponce de Leon. 3. True or False: Jacques Cartier was a sailor. True.

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twenty questions

Twenty Questions

Subject: Explorers Ch 5

4 where did robert de la salle make his settlement
4. Where did Robert de la Salle make his settlement?
  • On the Mississippi River, he called it Louisiana
5 true or false jacques cartier spread diseases to the native americans
5. True or False: Jacques Cartier spread diseases to the Native Americans.
  • False
  • He claimed land for France and started a settlement called New France.
8 the spanish explorers who claimed land in the caribbean central and south america were known as
8. The Spanish explorers who claimed land in the Caribbean, Central and South America were known as...
  • Conquistadors
9. Sicknesses that European explorers brought with them and infected/killed Native Americans were called…
  • Contagious diseases
10 the shortcut to asia through north american that no explorer ever found was the
10. The shortcut to Asia through North American that no explorer ever found was the...
  • Northwest Passage
13. Where did most explorers who arrived at islands like Cuba or Puerto Rico think they were arriving?
  • East Indies of Asia
15 who went the new world in search of the mythical fountain of youth
15. Who went the New World in search of the mythical “fountain of youth”?
  • Juan Ponce de Leon
20 true or false you will pass this test
20. True or False:You will pass this test.

Of course you will!

Study some and good luck!!