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LNN Mission Statement PowerPoint Presentation
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LNN Mission Statement

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LNN Mission Statement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LNN Mission Statement
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  1. LNN Mission Statement The Lehigh Nanotech Network maintains a strong, connected nanotechnology cluster in an opportunity-rich networking environment to: Advance nanotechnology business, partnerships, and workforce development Connect academic research with business drivers for commercialization Promote visibility and alignment of the network with government initiatives and policies Facilitate inclusion of socioeconomics, arts, and education in nanotechnology pursuits Establish a nanotechnology identity for the membership

  2. LNN Vision (Draft) A marketplace for exchanging ideas, creating partnerships, connecting value chains, and enhancing creation of marketable products through research An association of commercial, academic, and government organizations that provides a vehicle to allow technology providers and users to interact effectively Aids in selecting, prioritizing, and managing projects through member interaction Assists in finding resources and financial support from sources such as government funding agencies, industry associations, and private capital Member organizations cooperate to identify ideas, needs, strengths, and resources, and to bring these elements together to accomplish desired research goals and commercialization

  3. 2006 Budget Proposal

  4. LNN Member Activities & Benefits • Business opportunities and ideas • Networking • Exploration of common interests • Education programs • Equipment “test drives” • Funding opportunities • Access to research results • Faculty and student contacts • Representation at conferences • Connection to socioeconomic, arts, and educational aspects

  5. Website and brochure Improving CAMN database, incl. LNN data • Allow registration and gathering/ updating information • Permission levels; password access • “Discussion Board” for questions and announcements • Include member profiles and info…. like resources available….and needs

  6. Related Network Connections • GGSNA • NJ Technology Council, Princeton School for Engineering, Engelhard • MANA • BFTP-SEP, New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology, and Delaware Technology Park • 2-year, $295,000 grant from the U.S. Dept of Commerce Economic Development Administration • CAMN participating in PA nanotech assessment by Battelle • Drexel • Nanotech Institute (like CAMN, LNN) • Materials and Nanotechnology Consortium (like ILP) • Evaluating how to combine capabilities • NTI • BFTP-SEP, Penn, Drexel • Biotech focus • Lehigh interested in involvement