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Moodle Modifications and in-house enhancements PowerPoint Presentation
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Moodle Modifications and in-house enhancements

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Moodle Modifications and in-house enhancements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School. Moodle Modifications and in-house enhancements. Inception 1999 24 staff members 48 online courses Student enrollment Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School. Cyber School.

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Presentation Transcript
Inception 1999

24 staff members

48 online courses

Student enrollment

Saskatoon Catholic

Cyber School

Cyber School

cyber school

We have a very high degree of customization across the board in our asynchronous Moodle LMS.  Move from WebCT to Moodle in 2011-2012.

All of these adaptations were developed in division by our programmers and integrated to assist our teachers in their day-to-day Moodle responsibilities, as well as improve the communication between home and school.  

These enhancements have created a better learning experience for our online students.

Cyber School

cyber school1

Automatic Bi-Weekly Grade Reporting

Sends a snapshot every two weeks to students,

parents, teachers

Midterms – at day 75 – get sent to our in-division

schools for their records

Cyber School

cyber school2

Inactivity Notifications

Happens at day five, ten, and 15 of INACTIVITY – not just not logging in.

Subject: Cyber School Alert: You have been absent from Information Processing 20

Hi Brett,

This is an automated email, please do not reply to this email, but directly contact your teacher instead if you have questions or concerns.

You still have not been attending your Cyber School class Information Processing 20.

I am concerned that you will not be able to complete the course in the time you have left. Please contact me as soon as you are able.

If you have discussed this with me already, please disregard this email, otherwise, please contact me immediately if there is a problem that you need help with. Please note that these notices are sent out based solely on days of inactivity and do not take into account the course work you have completed, or are working on offline to date or any previous conversations you may have had with your course instructor regarding your inactivity.

Lisa Choquette

Cyber School

cyber school3

Final Report Card Processing

Teachers receive a notification via e-mail upon day 150 OR when all the cells in the grade book are filled.

No semester system at Cyber School. Continuous intake and outgoing students.

The final gets sent to the Cyber Office, student, teacher, parents

Cyber School

course page setup 2 columns



2 columns

Cyber School

automatic course specific sms messages


SMS Messages

Cyber School

cyber school6

Monthly CIF’s

(Continuous Improvement Framework)

It is easy for us / our teachers to become complacent in our LMS, so we introduce a new CIF about every month, which is set up to incorporate better learning practices into our courses.

It also helps us challenge our teachers and keep them ‘on their toes’ so to speak. It’s good to get them out of their comfort zone.

These skills carry over into their face-to-face schools.

Cyber School

cyber school7

What we offer:

Hybrid Courses

The courses can support or be used as the actual course in a face to face classroom.

Credit Recovery

a program to allow students on the bubble to get the marks they need in the specific unit(s) of a class to get a credit for the overall class.

Summer School

We can offer any of our classes for students anywhere in the province during July and August. No need to be tied to a face-to-face school. Students can still vacation at the cottage, or keep that summer job!

Cyber School

Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School

2701 Porter Street

Saskatoon SK., S7J 3K7

Telephone: (306) 659-7700

Cyber School