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Who A m I?

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Who A m I?

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  1. Who Am I? By Matthew J. Mori

  2. Who am I? • I am Matthew Mori, I am 16 years old, and I am a Junior at Minuteman • I run Cross-Country in the fall, Act in Drama for the winter (and the start of the spring), and run Track in the spring

  3. This is a Donkstrich (that namewasn’t coined by me, but by a shop friend of mine, this also my secondary emblem, my primary being the one on the title slide)

  4. What do I want? (Part I) • Okay, I split this into two parts for spacing reasons, this part will describe what I want, I didn’t want to do something traditional, something that is temporary, I want something, that can only be made happen (in the majority) by myself, something that is only can be realized of accomplishment at the very end, when the last breath of life is made, when the story is shown in full, for the last time, something that can be remembered, and is, to me, the ultimate satisfaction, and is something that will be revealed on the next slide…

  5. What do I want? (Part II) • I want to live a life worth living, to be remembered not just for what I did in my lifetime, however long or short it will be, but also for who I was, that is something not even money can buy, to me, this is not the only thing I want, but this is something that is not just “in-the-now,” but this is something that is eternal, for people to know that I helped people doing what I love, and what I will do/did inside that dash, not the day I was born, nor as it is the day I breathe my last breath, the only thing that matters to me is the journey in-between, that sole dash between the beginning and the end… This is my lifetime goal, to be happy with my life, and help people be happy with theirs. • Well, other than that I want to be a humorist politician

  6. What will I do to get it • Care for myself as well as others, help those who want and/or need help, maybe start a family, who knows, I will have to treat everyone like how I want to be treated, with kindness, respect, compassion, honesty, gratitude, forgiveness, fun, determination, treat everywhere as a sacred place, possibly get a couple careers in fields of study that I’m interested in (Marketing, Design, Child Psychology, and Comedy) • I will savor every second that I have left on this Earth, knowing, that I will never, get those seconds back. In closing, all I want in my life, in the end, is for the ability to say that I had a good life, that I can fully accept, the fact I am going to die, and the ones who remember me, live out my legacy, and they could help the world get better.

  7. In case you’re getting bored • Okay, the next slide is going to help you recover from the whole massive, brain-frying, deep emotional speech that I finished twenty something seconds ago, via videos that describe myself in a funny way

  8. Links • (4:16) • (5:13) • (1:41 also,this does containA LOT ofswearing, I can, hopefully, trust all of you not to repeat it)

  9. My favorite masterpiece (it’s still ongoing…ish)

  10. Sources • YouTube, look up llama with sombrero, live long and prosper, and Mr. Popo wallpaperon Google images, my brain, (some of the picturesis mine, you can tell by most of them having a donkey head with a monocle and a mustache

  11. Thanks for Watching! • (Live Long and Prosper)