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Grammar in the PIE PowerPoint Presentation
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Grammar in the PIE

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Grammar in the PIE

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Grammar in the PIE

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  1. Professional Development February 11, 2011 Grammar in the PIE

  2. Grammar courses at the PIE What happens in grammar classes? Grammar in other classes Funtivity: addressing grammar in class Integrating grammar into the curriculum Outline

  3. In the PIE Grammar courses

  4. Grammar, as a standalone part of the PIE curriculum, is fairly new. • Why have grammar courses? • Student value grammar in language learning. • Support/supplemental course – not part of the skills courses. • Grammar can be taught in a way that is meaningful and communicative. Why grammar?

  5. Pre-academic (2 sections) Academic preparation course (3 sections) Bridge (3 sections) Grammar at PIE

  6. Course Objectives • Understand the uses and functions of essential English grammar. • Identify and use the most common structures in English. • Understand the relationship between common words and grammatical structures in English. • Understand grammar in written and spoken English. Pre-academic/APC grammar

  7. Course Objectives • Understand the use and functions of a variety of grammatical structures. • Identify and use complex syntactic structures that are common in academic English. • Demonstrate accurate use of key language structures in academic English. • Use tools and resources to work on grammar on your own. Bridge grammar

  8. PreAc & APC Grammar helps students with fundamental structures of English. Bridge grammar helps students with complex grammar of academic registers. Core levels (i.e., 1 & 2) curriculum focus is on communicative language learning, not grammar (though grammar is supplemented with Azar’s UUEG Interactive software). Some levels yes, some no?

  9. What happens in grammar courses?

  10. Deductive Grammar Teaching (i.e. through rules) Advantages: • Time-saving • Appeals to adult learners • Confirms to many students’ expectations Integration of teaching approaches:Deductive & Inductive grammar

  11. Example: Deductive teaching

  12. Inductive Grammar Teaching (i.e. through examples) Advantages: • Students are more involved • Discovered rules are better memorized • Promotes learner autonomy Integration of teaching approaches:Deductive & Inductive grammar

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  14. Grammar & Listening Grammar & Speaking Integration of language skills

  15. Grammar & Reading Grammar & Writing Integration of language skills

  16. Fun with Grammar Integration of language skills

  17. What role does grammar play in your course? Grammar in other courses

  18. In what ways do you address grammar in your classes? Grammar in other classes

  19. Teachable moments: the times in class when we deviate from the lesson plan to address points arising during the course of learning Grammar in other classes

  20. When should we take advantage of teachable moments? Questions we can ask ourselves: Efficiency? Contextualization? Relevancy? Grammar in other classes

  21. Efficiency: Can we address this point fairly quickly in the context of the lesson? Grammar in other classes

  22. Contextualization: How can we address this point so that it supplements the lesson and does not interfere with it? and… Can we contextualize this point so students can practice its meaning and use? Grammar in other classes

  23. Relevancy: Will it help students, or will most find it confusing or too difficult? Grammar in other classes

  24. Also, we can… …begin to integrate grammar into the normal course of weekly lesson plans. This will help to satisfy students’ need to see grammar in use and is a good way to recycle forms being learned our class or other classes, especially CALL and Grammar. Grammar in other classes

  25. But when? Warm-ups and vocabulary activities Transitions “pre” activities “post” activities Cool-downs Back-up activities Grammar in other classes

  26. Some Basic Ideas for Integrating Grammar Learning Grammar in other classes

  27. Vocabulary activities: Note parts of speech either directly (i.e., tell students if words is a noun, verb, etc.)… Or indirectly (e.g., put “to” in front of verbs, or “a” or “an” in front of nouns). Grammar in other classes

  28. “Post” activities and cool-downs: Ask students to briefly return to a text to do noticing or changing tasks and/or take students’ grammar questions in order to integrate them into subsequent lessons (or let CALL teacher know). Grammar in other classes

  29. Back-up activities: Students often ask for more grammar, so we can develop quick activities for use at the end of class based on texts and need, focusing here on production for meaning and language use. Have students help you make corrections to sample work on the board or use peer review as a tool. Grammar in other classes

  30. Funtivity! Addressing grammar in class

  31. Level APC Students have focused on the be verb in the present and past as well as simple present in grammar class. In your listening and speaking class, you finished introducing new vocabulary, and students completed restricted practice exercises. For free practice, you have students write five sentences using vocabulary words. Here are the sentences you receive… Grammar ideas applied

  32. What needs to be addressed? When, where, and how would you address it? In what ways would you assess their progress? Students’ vocabulary sentences: • My frind lazy. • I have hardworking in next week. • Spend you’r many in sam think good. • I want complete application for my apartement. • We are internationals studint. Group Activity: How do you address student’s language?

  33. What role do YOU see grammar courses playing in the PIE curriculum? Thanks for your time! Suggestions