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Technology:. Past to Present… 9 Social Studies. Thinking…out loud. Imagine if inventors like Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison were still alive…what types of modern day technology would spark their interest? Think about the technology we have access to…

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Past to Present…

9 Social Studies

Thinking out loud
Thinking…out loud

  • Imagine if inventors like Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison were still alive…what types of modern day technology would spark their interest?

  • Think about the technology we have access to…

  • How do we use modern day technology

What is technology
What is Technology?

  • Technology: the application of knowledge and skills to make goods or to provide services.

    • Tools and machines to convert natural resources into products we need

    • Is both product and process

  • Technology is any product or process that allows humans to extend their natural abilities

Alexander graham bell

Turn to page 197

Look at Bell’s inventions

How did each invention broaden human abilities?

Alexander Graham Bell

Technology and change
Technology and Change

  • Technology is a powerful agent of socialization

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Snapchat

    • Tumblr

    • Text messaging

  • Technology also provided major change in society

  • New inventions

  • Constant change (how quickly cell phones get outdated)

Tech and change con t
Tech and Change con’t

  • Society moves at a much faster pace then it did years ago

  • There are many globalchanges within the use of technology

Examples of tech changes
Examples of Tech changes

  • Medicine

  • Communications

  • Home Technology

  • Workplace Technology

  • Sports

  • Others??

Focus on figure pg 198

Read together & discuss as a class…

Revolution in Agriculture

Revolution in Industry

The “High-Tech” Revolution

1.Identify important forms of technology in each of these images

2.Consider the impact of each form on the lifestyle of people in each period

Focus on Figure (pg 198)

Technology time line
Technology Time Line

  • In groups of 3-4 look over “A Global Technological Time Line” (pg 199)

  • Each person needs to select 1 fact from each area (Agriculture, Manufacturing and Industry, High Technology) that they’d like to share with the class…

  • Why did you pick these specific facts?

Technology in everyday life then and now
Technology in Everyday Life: Then and Now

  • Technology has certainly changed in the last number of years

  • We are constantly hearing about “upgrades”, “better versions”, faster, stronger and more capable technology

  • Let’s have a look back in time…

Breadalbane school pei 1959

Education: How as it changed?

Breadalbane School, PEI 1959

University of Prince Edward Island, 2013

Recreation how has it changed men s hockey
Recreation… How has it changed?Men’s Hockey

In class assignment
In-Class Assignment

  • Alone or with ONE partner, pick one of the following inventors (once inventor is selected, he or she is off the list)

  • You get one class to complete research and make slideshow.

  • If you don’t finish during class, you have afterschool and lunches…

  • Research the following…

Research and answer the following
Research and Answer the following

  • Cover slide

    • Picture of inventor

    • Student names

    • Date

  • Who is your inventor?

    • Date of birth/death

    • Place of birth

    • Education background

  • What did they invent (no more than 3 inventions please)

  • What motivated them?

    • Science?

    • Technology?

    • Family?

    • Curiosity?

  • What resources/technology did they have access to?

    • Wire? Metal? Plastic? Cable? Money? Tools? Etc.

  • How did the invention impact humans?

  • In your opinion, what do you think this inventor would think is a great new idea?


  • Thomas Edison

  • Henry Ford

  • Louis Pasteur

  • Louis Braille

  • FroebeleWilmelm

  • Samuel Finley Breese Morse

  • BarthélemyThimonnier

  • Alexander Fleming

  • Oliver Evans

  • Guglielmo Marconi

  • George Washington Carver

  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier


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