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Short Story Unit Honors

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Short Story Unit Honors. Thematic Focus: The search for identity. Short Story Packet. There are seven major components or elements in most short stories: plot Character setting Theme mood Tone narrative viewpoint. What is Identity?.

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short story unit honors

Short Story UnitHonors

Thematic Focus:

The search for identity

short story packet
Short Story Packet
  • There are seven major components or elements in most short stories:
    • plot
    • Character
    • setting
    • Theme
    • mood
    • Tone
    • narrative viewpoint
what is identity
What is Identity?
  • the distinguishing character or personality of an individual
  • the relation established by psychological identification
  • Is “identity” a state of mind?
what types of identity exist
What types of identity exist?
  • Gender
  • Societal
  • Nationality
  • Cultural
  • Familial
  • ???
8 ways we characterize ourselves others
8 Ways we Characterize ourselves & others
  • By our actions—”Actions speak louder than words.”
  • By our speech—colloquialism & dialects
  • By how we affect others—optimism vs. pessimism
  • By our reactions—fear, revenge, forgiveness
  • By what people say—gossip is as gossip does
  • By descriptions—tall, dark and handsome
  • By our psychology—past experiences and attitude
characterize yourself
Characterize yourself
  • Describe yourself using at least one example from each of the 8 descriptors.
  • By our actions
    • Something you do—a habit
  • By our speech
    • Something you say that others smile about or know it’s you! How you say it too
  • By how we affect others
  • By our reactions
  • By what people say
  • By descriptions
  • By our psychology
limiting identifiers stereotypes
Limiting Identifiers: Stereotypes
  • The class cut-up; the ladies’ man; the impatient secretary; to deranged cook; the hard of hearing custodian; the gullible girl; the computer nerd; the popularity seeker; the humorless teacher; the loner; the quick tempered athlete; the complainer; the rule follower; the sports fanatic; the drama geek; the skateboarders;
flat vs round
Flat Vs. Round
  • Flat characters are the stereotypes; people aren’t stereotypes!!!
  • Round characters are much more developed and realistic—people are round; they may appear to be in a stereotype, but people are rarely what the appear to be and never fit into just one charactization
how would you characterize yourself
How would you characterize yourself?
  • I am…
    • A Caucasian woman
    • Katherine and Justin’s sister
    • Linda and Azariah’s daughter
    • A protestant
    • Scotch-Irish/German
    • A teacher and a learner
    • A writer
    • A reader
    • A compulsive alarmist
then go deeper
Then go deeper
  • I am…
    • Loved
    • Honorable
    • Trustworthy
    • Blunt
    • Realistic