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ICT issues. Games and entertainment By Tiberiu Staicu. ICT issues.

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Ict issues

ICT issues

Games and entertainment



Ict issues1
ICT issues

The playing of computer games and the use of the Internet for entertainment of all types has led to a number of issues that have often concerned schools, parents, governments and many others. The most common concern is addiction of the use of ICT.

Computer addiction
Computer Addiction

Computers can be a great source of entertainment but it also can lead to negative effects. Allot of persons(usually young people) have been addicted to computers games and now thy have allot of social problems.

Internet is the biggest major problem of computer addiction because it is available to everyone. Here you can get inside a world from which you can never get out if you very involved in it.

Computer addiction1
Computer Addiction

The things that can make see and observe that a person is addicted to computers are:

  • The user craves computer time

  • They are overjoyed when at the computer

  • They are unable to sop computer activity

  • They are irritable when not at the computer

  • They neglect family and friends

  • They have problems at work or school

Computer games
Computer Games

Games are one of the biggest issues out there because they can be purchased by anyone and they can have a great impact on child if his age is not suitable for his age. One of the things that makes games a great issue is that you can do anything in a game, but you can’t do it in real life. Some may child's try and as a result they can hurt themselves or even worse. Computer games can be addictive, how many are out there and this can make you child have later in his life social problems(ex. can’t have a proper conversation with a person).

Computer games1
Computer Games

Most of the games are just a waste of time and you can’t learn anything from them, even worse you can be to addictive(if you play poker online and you see that you are good, you may go to play somewhere for real money and lose allot). Even games for small children’s which are advertised like being educative their not.