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Discussions on the next PAAP workshop, RIKEN PowerPoint Presentation
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Discussions on the next PAAP workshop, RIKEN

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Discussions on the next PAAP workshop, RIKEN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Discussions on the next PAAP workshop, RIKEN. Collaborations toward PAAP. Several potential topics : Applications (Wave Propagation, Climate, Reactor Physic, Dynamic Molecular, Material science, chemistry)

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Presentation Transcript

Discussions on the next

  • PAAP workshop, RIKEN
collaborations toward paap
Collaborations toward PAAP
  • Several potential topics :
  • Applications (Wave Propagation, Climate, Reactor Physic, Dynamic Molecular, Material science, chemistry)
  • Numerical methods, linear algebra (Auto-tuning, FFTE, Krylov Methods, Hybrid Methods, Co-Methods
  • Middleware (KAAPI/TakTuk, Kadeploy/OAR, Resource management)
  • Language (OpenWP, YML, OpenMPD)
  • Algorithmic and programming paradigms (several talks)
  • Evaluation of the performance of future computers (Next-Gen, T2K, Tsubame:2.0)
  • Wave Propagation, Climate, Reactor Physic, Dynamic Molecular, Material science, Chemistry
  • What adaptations will be required to use future Several-Petascale Computers : from vector accelerators to many-core processors, and grid-like programming
  • Required arithmetic for Petascale applications
  • Generated communications,
  • …/…
  • Benchmarking prototype
  • Experimentations on future computers
  • Remark : the goal of this collaboration is not to run application software in production on the future computers
numerical methods
Numerical Methods
  • Sparse and Dense Linear Algebra
  • Krylov Methods, restarted iterative methods : asynchronous non-blocking communications, subspace size, restart strategies…. Co-method deployment…
  • Auto-tuning, self-learning parameter optimisatin (cf SciDac), automatic-adaptation of subspace size…
  • FFT, large scale…
  • Multiple arithmetics, iterative refinement
  • Very large size non-Hermtian matrices with cluster of eigenvalues
  • Middleware for very large Petascale platform ; load balancing, security, fault tolerence, data persistency, anticapation of migration, orchestration….
  • Grid-Like middleware adapted to such petascale computers
  • Virtualization for the end-users
  • Several middleware concerned for a unique application experimentation
  • Same operating system from grid to cores??? What interface….
  • New Languages, for each level ; from grid to many-core
  • After Fortran, MPI, and OpenMP… Language for the Next Generation (NG): to explore new worlds and new civilizations….and to go there no one has gone before!
  • End-users have to be able to develop software using component technologies and high level languages, independently from the hardware and the systems, they need to be able to give their expertises.
  • Workflow language, language to develop components for part of the petascale platform/supercomputer, language for many-core programming? Interface between these langauges.
  • Standard agreement, rather than advanced idea (Sato).
  • Standardization and education (Sato)
algorithmic and programming paradigm
Algorithmic and Programming Paradigm
  • Large granularity distributed computing
  • +
  • Parallel computing for distributed memory execution model
  • +
  • Parallel computing for shared memory execution model
  • +
  • Vector pipelined or SIMD model
  • and/or
  • Data parallelism
evaluation of the performance of future petascale platform supercomputers
Evaluation of the performance of future Petascale Platform/supercomputers
  • Benchmarks and Experimentations, extrapolations
  • NG
  • Tsubame 2:0
  • T2K (3 computers for the same application???)
  • French Petascale project(s)????
proposed actions
Proposed Actions
  • Write a small document starting from the workshop
  • each chairperson ask a small text to each speaker (approx. ½ page), then, he prepares a coherent 2 or 3 pages text with potential collaboration topics (to discuss now eventually) and names of concerned Japanese and French researchers
  • A General Introduction and a General conclusion are write
  • The general process have to be finish by next February
  • Regular seminar on PAAP (by video, internet)
  • A second workshop, in France, in 2008
  • slides, links…. and pictures