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  1. Manpower Technology Delivers Access to Global Talent Market Supply Demand

  2. Our Focus For Today • The Problem: Accessing the Right Talent (at the right time) • Focusing within the IT Market • Labor Shortages • Skills Gap • The Impact of Offshoring • The Solution: Increase Supply and Decrease Demand • Technology-enabled • Produces efficiencies • Provides access to a greater talent pool • Partnerships

  3. During the Course of this presentation: 60 babies will be born in the U.S., 244 babies will be born in China, and 351 babies will be born in India The top 10 jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004 If Myspace were a country it would be the 11th largest in the world (between Japan and Mexico) China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world

  4. Introduction

  5. 78 400,000 worldwide clients countries and territories 4,400 offices worldwide $20B in Revenue North American employees 457,000 Manpower 4.4 million employees worldwide

  6. What We Do

  7. The Problem…

  8. The Skills Gap 50% ? 2012 Year by which the demand for systems analysts is expected to increase by 39% Jobs, Trade, Sourcing and the Future of the American Workforce Rate at which enrollment in U.S. computer science programs has dropped since 2000 The Economist

  9. Top Trends in 2007 Strategy: Seeding the Execution Edge 1. Process improvement will be job No. 12. IT works on closing the sale 3. Companies make their Web sites more engaging Management: Metamorphosis is Underway 1. The division between IT and business will diminish2. CIO compensation keeps climbingand IT organizations will keep growing3. CIOs struggle to find business-savvy technologists Technology: Building the Bridge to Tomorrow's Technologies 1. The move to a new architecture marches on2. Enterprise applications start losing their luster3. Data quality demands attention4. IT reluctantly embraces Web 2.0 Security & Risk: The Defense Never Rests 1. No abatement of IT security threatsSecurity concerns turn users away from Windows 2. Security morphs into risk management 3. Compliance achieves what government intended

  10. Intensifying Trends • Demographic evolution • Economic development • Global competition • Technological progress

  11. The Solution…

  12. Computerization Automation Process redesign Job redesign Offshore Outsource Workforce optimization Decrease Demand Increase Supply Migration Education / Training Public-Private initiatives School links Un(der) employed Diversity / Inclusivity Reskill / Upskill Older Workers Offshore Cross-training Flexibility Workforce optimization

  13. Global Resourcing Manpower Professional & Global Resourcing access to offshore IT talent for onshore projects through our dedicated global resourcing. On-demand access to in-demand IT consultants from low cost countries, working remotely for you

  14. Where is the Talent? Manpower has access to over 150 vendor partnerships in over 30 countries through our global resourcing partner Access to best and brightest around the world Facilitating nearshore and offshore teams Vast array of available talent across various technologies, disciplines and roles

  15. Technology Delivers Access to Global Talent Market

  16. Why Technology? Technology enables Companies to operate in markets or geographies they previously had no access to Offshoring Technology is the VMS process facilitator and can bring some instant process efficiencies, which can lead to instant cost efficiencies. It is the key component to achieving success.

  17. What is our Technology? Manpower operates with Oracle’s (PeopleSoft’s) Service Procurement Technology within the Vendor Managed Solutions (VMS) Market Currently supplying staff across 35 countries, through the technology

  18. How do I manage a global workforce?

  19. What is Vendor Managed Service (VMS)? Managed Services Programmes (both Master and Neutral Vends) are on the increase Staffing Industry Analyst, 2007 Top 10 Trends and Events A Vendor Managed Service is where a company will partner with a specialist provider to effectively outsource the management of their contingent workforce. Master and Neutral Vend scenarios Human Resource Outsourcing Recruitment Procurement Outsourcing

  20. Why VMS? What are the benefits? Drivers behind VMS: Focus on cost reduction, flexibility, and competitiveness Need for holistic view of current and available talent What do VMS deals bring to the table? Provide experienced delivery with the best combination of service and tools Deliver cost savings, process efficiency and control VMS programs have many attributes and can be set up in many different ways but the key purpose of any Program is to remove problems from the recruitment processes, whilst providing best practice methodologies with the management information to prove it

  21. Critical Success Factors

  22. Programme Management and Compliance:Organisational alignment through Sponsorship Partnership Approach Communication and TrainingManagement Information Visibility and Cost TrendsIf you know what’s going on, you can do something about it!

  23. Speed to Market and Operational EfficienciesFast and Accurate deployment of Technology is keyBusiness Efficiencies through targeted Processes Approval Chains or IntegrationCommon Processes can lead to instant cost savings

  24. Knowledge and PhilosophyGlobal Knowledge, Locally Delivered Culture, Laws and SupportAdaptability

  25. Conclusions

  26. Conclusions Technology remains the enabler for companies to access the global talent market, but it is programme compliance and speed to market that drives the key factor of cost reduction and the right candidate at the right time. Partnership with a Global supplier, whilst retaining the key local knowledge, with a best practice programme deployment helps to ensure both access to the global talent in your marketplace and cost reductions Manpower’s Program Philosophy Understanding the people, the culture, and the laws in each individual country is key to making a program successful. Without the direct connections to the local market, global programs have a greater probability of failing