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Internet Awareness

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Internet Awareness. By Leslie Taute. Play. What could happen?.

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internet awareness

Internet Awareness

By Leslie Taute


what could happen
What could happen?
  • Letting your children know what to put and not put on the internet can possibly help save your child's life, let them know about the predators out there, and remind them to not put any personal information out on the internet. Let them know the different consequences.
social media
Social Media
  • Be sure you are not putting personal information out there on the internet, you never know who is out there lurking and what they may be trying to do. The biggest mistake many people make on the internet is trusting people they don’t know, you don’t know their background and they may be trying to use all of the information you just gave them maliciously.
know the rules
Know the rules
  • Don’t ever give out your password, to any social media site, or email your have, people can get into your things and can send out mean and hurtful email, or post things on your media page that may be untrue.

know how to protect your children
Know how to protect your children
  • Go to
  • There you can learn tips of what to do if your child has been victimized by cyber bullying, they can also give you tips on how to talk to your child about the dangers of cyber bullying and to let you know if it is happening to them.
  • To teach children at an early age got to
  • There young children can watch videos about internet safety, play interactive games as well as gain proper knowledge to internet safety
know the effects of cyber bullying
Know the effects of cyber bullying
to find information for all ages go to
To find information for all ages go to
  • This website will link you to websites that can help:
    • Parents
    • Teens
    • Tweens
    • Children

No Matter what the age, knowing is the best defense.

things put in the internet
Things put in the internet
  • ARE PERMINANT- You usually cant erase something once it has gone onto the internet, things that were hurtful usually can’t be taken back, and that one picture that only your friends said they saw, can then put a wrench in your future.
  • This video demonstrates how fast new can travel, and the effect it can have.
what not to put on the internet
What not to put on the internet
  • Embarrassing, or risky photos
  • Passwords
  • Phone numbers
  • Where you are going
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Any incriminating evidence
be smart
Be Smart
  • Don’t let the internet get the best of you, learn internet etiquette, learn to be nice and how to let go of mean things said to you.
  • Do not post things you don’t want other people to see or take advantage of.
  • The internet is permanent, don’t post pictures you don’t want others to see, also don’t send out pictures to other people that you don’t want others to see.