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Germany Deutschland. Germany may not be a classic fashion nation,but German fashion is known for its high quality. Name: Monika Boháčová Nickname: Stereo Age: 16 Sex: Female Job: Student Motto: „ Fashion is my life“. Fashion in Germany. the main centers of fashion are

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Germany deutschland


Germany may not be a classic fashion nation,but German fashion is

known for its high quality.

Name: Monika Boháčová

Nickname: Stereo

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Job: Student

Motto: „ Fashion is my life“

Fashion in Germany

  • the main centers of fashion are

  • Hamburg,Dieseldorf,Berlin

  • Berlin Fashion Week

  • The Fashion Academy Award

  • (the competition for young talent

  • designers)

  • Fashion stars:Wolfgang Joop

  • Michael Michalsky

  • Karl Lagerfeld

  • Hugo Boss

  • Fashion model:Heidi Klum

  • Claudia Schiffer

W.Joop and K.Laferfeld

(Joop has his own brand

Wunderkind and Lagerfeld

works for Channel)

Michalskyis one of the most popular

designers in Germany.

Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer

(Heidilives in America with her husband

Seal and their chidrens . Claudiais one

of theLaferfeld models.)

Beer fashion is

Germans like beer a lot too, though definitely not as much as Czech people do.

Germany has a famous beer festival


<- Oktoberfest waitress

Name: fashion is Ondra Hanousek

Nick: Uzi

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Dream job: SG1 member!

Motto: „Indeed.“

I think Germans are unstoppable football fans!

I think Germany is not too different from Czech Republic, because we are close neighbors and we went through many historical events together.

I think Germans are richest than Czech people

Germany women
Germany women fashion is

So tradicional… The best…


Nature fashion is

Germany is an Alpine country. Alps are very beautiful and a great place for skiing or tourism in summer.

And many other places…

The longest Czech word fashion is :

„nejobhospodařovávatelnějšími “I don´t

know how to translate it into Eng.

The longest German word is maybe:


Schaftskapitän“= Danube steamship

company captain

Name: Kieu Nguyen

Nickname: Q

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Dream job: Doctor(don´t trust


Motto: „The hardest thing to do

is waking up.“

The one I admire

Angela Merkel:

" Men don´t rule the world"

Dominant look:They look just like


Traits:I think there are no specific

German traits, you are who you

are and it doesn´t have anything to

do with your nationality.

My experience with Germany?

Well, some of our friends live

in Germany, but I have never

been there.



About buildings
About buildings fashion is

Germany has got many interesting buildings as well as the CZ.

Ulm Cathedral is

the tallest church

in the world

- 161.53 metres

The Cathedral

OfSaint Bartholomew 

in Pilsen- 102.3m high

  • Kotva( =The Anchor)

  • a big department store

  • in Prague

KaDeWe- the largest

department store in

continental Europe,

+60,000 square metres


Name : Jiří Chovanec fashion is

Nickname : Podravka

Sex: rarely (heh..)

Age: 15

Dream job : Doctor (better than Q ofc)

Ferdinand Porsche

Everyone knows the famous German car company Porsche,but nearly no one knows that it‘s

founder,Ferdinand Porsche,was born in small town Vratislavice nad Nisou in Czech republic.

First morway was built in Germany.

The biggest larps

in the world take place in Germany.

Police fashion is

We really admire your police system.

Sport fashion is

Germans are very good at football and it‘s very popular, just like in most countries.

They are the third country with the most olympic medals, and they also organised two summer and one winter Olympic games.

Name ane ka po zkov nickname agnes sex female age 15 motto no motto dream job i don t know

Germany fashion is

And I think , that we have prettier footballers and better beer.

Name : Anežka Pořízková

Nickname : Agnes

Sex : Female

Age : 15

Motto : no motto.

Dream job : I don´t know.

Czech Republic


What do I think about Germany?

I think , that there´s a lot of things , they are good at. For example they have better cars ,than Czech Republic.

Czech republic.

Cuisine fashion is

German cuisine is very fattening and heavy, for example pork knee with sauerkraut.

It‘s very simillar to czech cuisine probably.

Traditional German

food is, for example,

Eintopf. That‘s a dish

made in a cauldron.

They put everything

they find inside –

meat, vegetables, legumes, whatever.

Music fashion is

Aloha From Hell-pop rock band

Die Happy-Rock band

Johann Sebastian Bach

-German composer in

Baroque period.

Rammstein-metal band

Quick comparisons
Quick fashion is Comparisons

Vs. fashion is

Germany fashion is

Czech Republic


We have better beer , but…

Bye from the czech republic

Ms. Soňa fashion is


Ms. Eva



Bye from the Czech Republic


It will rain in Germany tommorow by the way!