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December 19 and 20

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December 19 and 20. SSR. 15 minutes to read independently; book check. Moral Development of Huck.

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15 minutes to read independently; book check

moral development of huck
Moral Development of Huck

Go back through the book and find instances where Huck has to make a decision about doing the ‘right’ thing, i.e.: playing a trick on Jim in chapter 2. Why doesn’t Huck want to do it? (Afraid of getting caught – punishment – stage 1, level 1.)

In your literature circle groups, trace Huck’s moral development looking at it through Kohlberg’s theory of thought and behavior.

Use the map to plot the points where Huck Finn’s moral growth culminates in a crisis of conscience and a decision to assist Jim, i.e.: When Huck tells the two slave hunters there is only one man on the raft and he’s white.

Each group will share their findings and continue to plot Huck’s development as we read.

today s reading
Today’s reading

As a class, we will read chapters 29 and 30.

Be sure to complete your literature circle role as we read and trace Huck’s moral dilemmas.

academic homework
Academic Homework

Find four new instances where Huck has wrestled with a dilemma and chart it on the map. Tell where you found it and what stage of Kohlberg’s Moral Development you think it is.

Review through Chapter 29 and complete your role in the lit circle packet. Role change at chapter 33.


Turn in IR projects – second third.

Remaining presentations.

Then, to the library.

Today, your thesis is due. Be prepared to show me your thesis and tell me what you are going to talk about in your 4 – 6 page research/analysis/critical perspective paper.

**If I don’t get to all of you, we will resume on Wednesday and after the winter holiday.

honors reading
Honors Reading

Read chapters 33 – 35.

Study Vocabulary


ani, anti- (against)

circum- (around)

com, con- (together, with)

de- (down, down from, opposite of)

dis, dif, di- (away, from, apart)

epi- (upon, in addition)

anim(mind, will, spirit)

cred(believe, trust)

dict(to say, to speak)

here, hes(stick)

pos, pon(put)

contra, counter- (against, contrary)

equi- (equal)

hyper- (above, beyond)

hypo- (under, less than)

intra- (within)

mis- (less, wrong)

fin (end, boundary, limit)

duc, duct (to lead, draw)

bene (good)

mal (bad)

just (right, law)