poisonings span a lifetime n.
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  1. POISONINGS SPAN A LIFETIME Donna Lotzer Senior Clinical Pharmacist Poison Education Coordinator UW Hospital and Clinics Poison Prevention and Education Center

  2. POISONS CAN BE FOUND EVERYWHERE ! sspprittzzzz Glass Cleaner

  3. LEARN ABOUT “OOPS MOMENTS” AND HOW TO BE SAFE AROUND THE HOME Learn how to make your home safe and poison-free for yourselves and the grandkids Find out how to be safe with medicines Wonder why accidents can happen to the best of us?

  4. WHATS AN OLDER PERSON TO DO ? • Be Aware (room by room survey) • Take Care (point out possible hazards) • Be Prepared (have pharmacy & poison center phone numbers posted)

  5. WISCONSIN POISON CENTER  One number for help1-800-222-1222anytime, anywhere in WI and the country Center located at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Education/outreach from Madison and Milwaukee

  6. SOME POISONS ARE NOT OBVIOUS Faulty furnaces and heaters produce deadly carbon monoxide Mixing chemicals can cause noxious fumes “Seeing” without glasses leads to mistakes Spoiled food looks like edible food

  7. LOOK-ALIKE PRODUCTS • “Mistaken identity” leads to problems • Cleaners mixed up with sport drinks • Comet cleanser or Parmesan cheese • Candy looks like kid’s vitamins • Plants and mushrooms – edible or poison • Taking the wrong medicine or dose • Call the poison center for advice! 1-800-222-1222 nationally

  8. SHOE BOXES AND MYSTERY MEDS • Proper storage for meds is important • Check to see if they have expired • Sort through that shoe box! • Caution for duplicate ingredients in Rx and OTC products

  9. HAVING A SENIOR MOMENT ?? A little confused? Things happen fast? Unexpected visitors? Change of routine? How did that happen? Should I bother to check it out?

  10. BEING A GRANDPARENT MEANS…  Youngsters get into things “in a flash”  Potential for poisoning is higher than in adults Poison center staff are always ready to help out – just call1-800-222-1222

  11. I DON’T NEED A POISON CENTER…OR DO I? I can’t read that tiny print on cleaner labels – OOPS – it says don’t mix them! I’ll store items where I can reach them – OOPS – that’s mouse poison in the pantry! My medicines have snap caps to make opening easy – OOPS – my grandchild just ate some!!

  12. TIPS TO PREVENT POISONING Read/follow labels  Lock poisons out of sight and reach Look for & use child-resistant packages  Don’t take medicine in front of children  Separate storage for cleaners and food

  13. GRANDPARENT/CAREGIVER’S ROLE IN POISON PREVENTION Poison prevention saves everyone time, money, and worry Grandparents/caregivers need to know: When to call the poison center Access is through a toll-free number:1-800-222-1222

  14. “MY GRANDCHILD JUST GOT INTO…” Separate youngster and item immediately  Fluids generally OK if ingestion  Skin & eye exposure will need flushing Call the poison center at once - do not wait for the child to become ill

  15. POISON CENTER WILL NEED TO KNOW...  What was taken/spilled/splashed/inhaled?  How much was involved & when did this happen?  Age and weight of person?  How is the toddler/child/adult right now?

  16. THE TAKE-HOME MESSAGE IS… To prevent poisonings, watch kids carefully !! When in doubt, check it out with the poison centerat 1-800-222-1222

  17. Poison Trivia • Which is the most dangerous product for a child to swallow? • Calamine lotion • Laundry bleach (5% chlorine) • Arthritis pain relief ointment (with oil of wintergreen) • Answer?

  18. Poison Trivia cont’d… • Which is the most dangerous for a child to swallow? • 1 prescription pill for diabetes • pencil lead • 1 cigarette butt • Answer?