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  1. InterSwyft Technology presentation

  2. Introduction InterSwyft brings secured encrypted transmission of SMS messages for internal and external devices such as automobiles, payment terminals, collection devices, automated machines, or access solutions with integrated GSM module. The technology allows implementation of secured payment transactions, authorizations and exchange of sensitive information such as private certificates, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

  3. Mission 1. Providing a secured information exchange using the SMS messages and allowing for easy integration into the customer products and services - InterSwyft supplies the technology, and the implementation itself is carried out by the customer. . 2. Providing a complete solution of secured information exchange using SMS messages along with the service or product for the customer - the customer's solution delivered on a turnkey.

  4. Customer’s Benefits Secured transmission of the SMS messages bypasses the Internet, and eliminates the possibility of all Internet attacks. Technology is also available at the Internet outage, or its unavailability on the given location. Technology is also available at ultra-small devices for the external environment, where implementation of the Internet is technically impossible. Security of transmitted information reaches higher level as at payment terminals, what makes the technology suitable for the payment transactions and transfer of sensitive information. The technology is compatible with any GSM network of mobile operator, including the roaming. Support for the ARM devices with an operating temperature from -40 to +80 degrees allows use in extremely difficult conditions. It enables transmission and processing of sensitive information such as credit cards. The customer gets the opportunity to charge his clients for the use of services and devices. Possibility to create a mechanism for charging of credits of remote services and devices. Easy integration with the GPS navigation module enables extension of products and services by monitoring functionality. .

  5. Components The solution consists of two main parts 1. Client part integrated in devices is responsible for sending and receiving SMS messages, collection of information with subsequent evaluation and communication with parts of equipment or functionality of the operated service. 2. Server side has the task to receive and send SMS messages, to communicate with the central database, to carry out communication activities such as sending emails, generating statistics, eventually display information on the map. Full functionality of the client and the server part is defined by the customer‘s needs and requirements.

  6. Compatibility The technology is compatible with each GSM network supported by SMS It is not necessary to modify the mobile operator’s equipment in any form, or to modify properties of the GSM network messages Any GSM device - mobile phone, SMS gateway, car, proprietary device or mobile operator’s transmitter can be a receiver and transmitter of the InterSwyft SMS. There is assured full support for roaming Support for transmission of binary messages - pictures, sound, spectral specimens, thus opening more opportunities for innovative services

  7. InterSwyft’sportfolio 2010

  8. SMSDoor It assures access to the systems, information, facilities or services on the basis of a secured authentication using SMS GSM network. Encrypted credit card number or an identification key that makes it possible to automatically charge the access can be a part of the transmitted data. The program can utilise customer’s existing system and payment infrastructure. Examples of use: Payments for the waste collection in robotic collection devices, remote actuation of the device or process, automation of payments for services in the exterior on the base of mobile number, allowing access on the base of the phone number, etc.

  9. SMSDoor scheme 1

  10. SMSDoor scheme 2

  11. SafeStream Transfers Technology ensuring bi-directional - duplex transmission of information between two GSM points via SMS messages with 100% authentication of data sender. On the figure there is illustrated communication of two types of clients (workstation with a GSM gateway and payment terminal with integrated GSM module) with a central server.

  12. EsCAPE (Secure Key Exchange Platform) The platform ensuring fast exchange of passwords, keys, certificates and other identification data in a secure non-Internet environment with a GSM gateway, respectively mobile device (mobile PC, Symbian, etc.)

  13. Security Communications Transmission of duplex communication between two or more devices with security proprietary protocol designed for real-time communication involved in connection Client - Client or Client - Server. Platform designed for secured communications of military and police in the range of 2,000,000 participants.

  14. SMS Payment System Payment operations with fully secured bank transfers with the possibility to support of transaction rollback execution at any stage of the process.

  15. SMS Secure Order Technology ensuring the mobile ordering system with guaranteed customer identification and order according to the IMEI or the phone number.

  16. InterSwyft VOIPCredit The technology for support of services requiring the credit billing in the operator’s VoIP network. The possibility of using for commercial ordering and proprietary service in the operator’s VOIP telephony.

  17. Support • InterSwyft Ltd. assures complete design, development, implementation, testing, training and documentation for each solution • There are available several forms of support from the basic up to guaranteed 24 hour’s support with the direct intervention at the customer