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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 PowerPoint Presentation
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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000
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HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

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  1. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 March 2013

  2. Objectives • Describe how HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage addresses customer problems • Describe new midrange storage Systems – HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and business value around this new 3PAR offering including 3PAR Operating System v.3.1.2. • Understand pricing, positioning, use cases and competition • Get ramped, get confident and go sell 3PAR Storage like you never sold storage before

  3. Customer challenges

  4. Faster time to market, avoid delays to rollout new programs, maximize use of all resources, reduce IT cost What are customers looking for from their storage Ensure all primary IT resources and data with minimal overhead and maximum readiness in the event of failure • Seamless delivery of IT Services • Primary storage to support all applications and data types across physical, virtual, and cloud. • Reduction in business risk exposure • Information protection via disk with deduplication for efficient and high speed backup/recovery • More value from information • Information retention and analytics for archival andsearch within massive ‘big data’ content repositories Delivered as: Physical Device orVirtual Storage Appliance Drive residual revenue through predictability while providing readiness for legal and regulatory compliance

  5. Fragmented storage complexity is unsustainable 10+ • Massive complexity • Extreme inefficiency • Rigid infrastructure Midrange Entry Virt Tier 1 SSD PrimaryStorage VPLEX VNX XtremIO VMAX VNXe Scale-out file Archive Object InformationRetention &Analytics Architectures Centera Isilon Atmos Target backup Source backup InformationProtection Avamar Data Domain

  6. Why should our OEMs/ODP’s Design In the 3PAR StoreServ 7000?

  7. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Why should our OEM’s and ODP’s Design In the NewHP StoreServ portfolio? • Reach more customers • Industry’s first tier 1 storage architecture to span SMB to Enterprise – expanded Total Available Market • Win more deals • Competitively priced enterprise class features enable you to position more aggressively and win in midmarket accounts • Make more money • Single, scalable architecture has significant cost savings advantages • New Higher Discounts increase profit margins for our OEMs/ODP’s • Design In Once, lower training and support costs, leverage significant HP R&D investment • From sell through margins to complete delivery to data migration with HP Peer Motion/Online Import; maximize your capabilities and increase profitable revenue • Increase deal size with feature rich simple software suites, FC Infrastructure, StoreEasy Converged Storage, StoreOnce …

  8. Significantly Improved HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Discounts Greater profit opportunity for our OEM and ODP’s • Discounts above are For U.S. Only effective February 1, 2013 • Discounts are being updated for other Regions and Countries.

  9. New: HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Now Effortless tier1 storage with midrange affordability • Effortless: Reduce time spent managing storage up to 90% • Self-configuring, provisioning, and optimizing via autonomic management • Efficient: Reduce capacity requirements 50% - Guaranteed* • Hardware enabled thin technologies, advanced tiering, and thin persistence for both file and block data • Bulletproof: Tier 1 features now in economy size • Quad controller resiliency, multi-tenant design, SSD models with QoS, and mixed workload optimization • Future-proof: Grow with freedom in any direction • Scale-out hardware and federate with HP Peer Motion to for virtually limitless scale from SMB to Enterprise Tier 1 storage at less than $40K! • As compared to your legacy storage array. See HP’s Get Thin Guarantee http://www.hp.com/storage/getthin program for more details

  10. Effortless: Reduce time spent managing storage up to 90% • New 3PAR 7000 Software Suites • Simplified ordering, reduced bundle prices • Out of Box installation and configuration • 3PAR Smart Start • Online Fat-Thin for existing volumes • Convert volumes inline non disruptively without additional capacity • Web Services API • Simplified, RESTful access to 3PAR array • Autonomic Replication Groups • Automatically create replicated volumes when initial volume created

  11. Bulletproof: Midrange storage that refuses to compromise Tier 1 features

  12. New: Eliminating class distinctions between midrange and tier 1… storage without boundaries • Only HP • One architecture • Common tier 1 data services • From midrange to high end HP 3PARStoreServ 10800 HP 3PARStoreServ10400 HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 NEW HP 3PARStoreServ 7200 Tier 1 storage at less than $40K! NEW Redefining the midrange from $25K!

  13. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Effortless tier1 storage with midrange affordability HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Industry unique HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 Gen 4 ASIC Gen 4 ASIC ** FCoE available in future release

  14. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage • SFF maximum configurations in 2 meter cabinets • 480 disks and 300K IOPs in a single rack 3PAR 7200 144 SFF 3PAR 7400 4-node 480 SFF 3PAR 7400 2-node 240 SFF Node Pairs Node Pair Node Pair Drive Chassis

  15. Converged File & Block with HP 3PAR StoreServ StoreServ File Services with the StoreEasy3830 Gateway • Common Addressable Pool of Storage – competitive advantage! • File and block services available from the SAME efficient storage infrastructure to allowmost flexibility • Repurposed on demand to the appropriate services as your business evolves • Efficient storage utilization with fully integrated 3PAR Thin Reclamation and Windows 2012 DeDuplication • Encrypted file data from the client down to drive on the 3PAR array with Windows 2012 SMB 3.0 and Bit-Locker Encryptions • Converged Management via Windows Server Manager • Enables you to access, manage and monitor file and block services through a single dynamic management interface • No loss of benefits from the HP 3PAR SW Suites Thin Provisioning and Reclamation Integrated Management Common Pool for File & Block De-Duplication Encryption √ √ √ √ √

  16. A pain free and risk free evolution that takes the best of EVA into the future of storage Everything you’d want in a next generation EVA EVA DNA • Smart Start • Online Import from EVA to 3PARdirectly from EVA Command View

  17. HP 3PAR Online Import for EVA Reduce cost and time to migrate your EVA data • Agile • Migrate your EVA data over to HP 3PAR StoreServ using the new Online Import feature • HP Services to help with datacenter transition • Simple • Start from what you know - All driven from your known Command View EVA interface • Low cost • No need for additional hardware • Online Import license included (6 months) Online Import

  18. New: 3PAR OS 3.1.2 tier-1 data services Raising the bar again on Tier 1 capability for virtual and cloud datacenters • Reclaiming time for your administrators • Autonomic Replication Groups: Configuration-less disaster protection • Web Services Toolkit: REST API enables sustainable cloud automation • Extending the lead in thin storage efficiency • Thin Persistence with Windows 2012: Effortless capacity reclamation • Dynamic Fat 2 Thin Optimization: One-click, non-disruptive thinning • Prevent losing a single second of application availability • Persistent Ports: Online upgrades with zero dependency • Peer Persistence: Transparent server failover between sites

  19. Engaging the customer

  20. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Who to sell to Opportunities to look for • Installed base : EVA, 3PAR F-Class • New Mid market customers • Expecting Lower price points • New customers to HP storage • Target EMC VNX customers • Other competitors midrange arrays • NetApp, IBM v7000, Hitachi AMS • Virtualization • Infrastructure refresh (including Tech Refresh) • Consolidation – application, data center • In the midrange • From direct attached storage • Applications • ERP • SAP, Oracle, SQL • Database applications • Exchange on shared storage • Converged storage with file and block • General file and home directory consolidation

  21. Use cases

  22. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 target use cases Database optimization Microsoft Exchange ERP solutions ROBO Host service providers Industry solutions Server virtualization Virtualizedprivate cloud

  23. Industry applications Top Healthcare EMR/EHR vertical applications for HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 • Applications supported at launch • Applications supported as soon as possible after launch

  24. Best in Class vSphere integration HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage Optimize VM Densities Simplify provisioning and management Save on storage costs • Wide striping • Mixed workload support • VMware VAAI support • Adaptive Queue Depth • Storage I/O Control integration • SRM support • Application consistent snapshots • Autonomic Groups • vCenter Management plug-in • vCenter Recovery Manager plug-in • VMware VASA support • Insight Control Storage Module support • VM fast clone • Double VM density • Thin provisioning • Thin conversion • Thin persistence • Zero detection • Adaptive optimization • Get Virtual Guarantee • Get Thin Guarantee

  25. Industry applications Top Healthcare EMR/EHR vertical applications for HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 • Applications supported at launch • Applications supported as soon as possible after launch

  26. HP ecosystem opportunities Opportunities to add more value to the deal • Protect • StoreOnce and StoreEver • Connect • StoreFabric • Converged • StoreEasy HP ProLiant and BladeSystem HP Storage Technology Services

  27. Competition

  28. Your competition! VNX 5XXX

  29. 3PAR key differentiators - why we win • One architecture and a single stack from midrange to high-end • Data migration through Federated software • Non-disruptive scalability to four nodes • Delivers enterprise features and resiliency at an affordable and competitive price point. • Automated DR configuration means you’re protected from the start • Mixed workload support increases consolidation and cloud opportunities • Persistent technologies deliver high availability and Tier 1 resiliency Industry-leading thin technologies cut capacity requirements in half Automated sub-volume tiering increases consolidation and reduces costs Simple to install, own, and upgrade • Smart Start and Rapid Provisioning get you up and running in minutes • Self-diagnostic and phone home capabilities automate support • New software suites simplify purchasing and lower costs • Shares a single, simple management console with all 3PAR arrays • Online import makes upgrading from EVA effortless

  30. Pulling away from the competition What are the key StoreServ 7000 differentiators and why we win Effortless and future-proofed Bulletproof Efficient • Leading Thin technologies • Start Thin, Get Thin, Stay Thin • HW enabled zero bit detection • Federated Thin Provisioning • Thin Conversion for Online Import EVA • Adaptive Optimization • Dynamic Optimization • 2X efficiency • ONLY clustered quad-node architecture • Persistent Cache • Fast RAID Rebuild • Virtual Domains • 3X performance • mixed workload • 2x VM density • Effortless management • Autonomic Groups • Autonomic Replication Groups • Smart Start • Future-proofed storage • Peer Motion • Online Import for EVA data • Persistent Ports • Peer Persistence • The only storage architecture you will ever need

  31. HP 3PAR StoreServ – Expected FUD • Here comes the FUD • “Everybody has thin provisioning now” • “3PAR is not Unified” • “3PAR has no primary volume dedupe or no compression” • “Remote mirroring periodic Async RPO is worst in industry” • “Two years late with SAS – HP again under invests in R&D” • How to respond • All competitors’ THP has performance caveats and zero reclaim that hurts performance. HP is thin, fast, and safe. • HP offers a common addressable storage pool– management is converged via W2012 Server Manager. • In most environments 3PAR THP will save more space overall, be easier to manage, and has no performance caveats. Plus Windows 2012 deduplication for files. • Use sync if you can’t lose any IOs. HP 3PAR async saves bandwidth enabling DR for less money! • Ridiculous. 3PAR has always beaten competitors in COO. Now with SAS the gap is even larger. 3PARs SW benefits are best in the industry

  32. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Summary of weaknesses by competitor • EMC VNX • Siloed architecture wastes space: siloed RAID Groups, siloed file:block • Thin provisioning wastes space, lowers performance, post processing zero reclaim wastes capacity and performance • Complex array management planning required prior to using their Wizards! • NetApp FAS • Very complex and risky space reservation policies for block plus performance issues at hi cap • Risky MetroCluster DR solution – one side down then they are manual in SPOF mode • Generally no load balancing between siloed controllers –and too complex • Dell Compellent • Poor RAID-5 and RAID-6 performance • Online firmware upgrades only for OS, not PCI cards, IO modules, or HBAs • IBM V7000 • Weak thin provisioning. Warns thin provisioning reduces performance. Weak zero reclaim. • SSDs are a must for tiering functionality, 2 level tiering only, low performing MLC based SSDs used

  33. Simple configuration and afforable pricing

  34. Easy Steps to configure an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Required Optional Add HP rack and PDUs Select Base Controller Configuration (includes 24 SFF drive slots per controller pair; comes with rack mount kits for 19’’ rack) 1a 1 Add additional host adapters and cables (FC or iSCSI/FCoE) 1b Add physical Service Processor (SP) 1c Hardware Select Drives(Min per node pair and type: 8 for 10K/15K RPM, SSD drives / 12 for 7.2K RPM drives) Add additional Drive Enclosures (SFF/LFF) (Max 5 for 7200/ 9 for 7400 2-node / 18 for 7400 4-node) 2a 2 Add additional Drives (SFF/LFF) 2b Add HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 OS Software Suite Add additional software 3 3a Software • For drive-based software title select: 1 Base license + 1 license per drive up to cap (48 for 7200, 168 for 7400) • For system-based software title select: 1 Base license only Recommended Optional Select Support and Hardware Deployment services Add advanced services, consulting or training 4 4a Services

  35. HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Product pricing strategy • Price positioning – parity at raw capacity • At typical array sweet spots • Before considering any utilized capacity gains • Versus EMC VNX 5000 • 7200 priced at parity with EMC VNX 5300 • 7400 2N priced at parity with EMC VNX 5500 • 7400 4N priced at parity with EMC VNX 5700 • Versus HP EVA P6000 • 7200 priced at parity EVA P6350 • 7400 priced 15% [2 node] to 30% [4 node] above EVA P6550 New HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 New

  36. At the sweet spots – 24 drives (7200), 80 drives (7400 2N), 112 drives (7400 4N), pricing at parity to VNX – HW, SW and support Small configurations below sweet spots are lower than EMC Benefit of simplified spindle pricing At max configurations, SW caps kick in to drive pricing down At sweet spots, min or max configurations, EOS bases are covered HP 3PAR 7000 Pricing with software pricing caps EMC VNX 5700 7400 Cap at 168 Drives 7200 Cap at 48 Drives EMC VNX 5500 EMC VNX 5300 Max Range • 7200 cap at 48 drives, 7400 cap at 168 drives • = Estimated sweet spots for the 7200, 7400 2N, 7400 4N • Config with 900GB 10K SAS. SW includes include 100% AO, 100% VC,100% RC, 100% SR

  37. Product + Support 7200 Net TCO Comparison (16TB w/ 900GB 10K SAS) • Product Discount Assumptions: 45% for 7000, 70% for F-Class, 45% for EMC VNX 5300, 45% for NetApp FAS 2240, 60% for all other. • Install Discount Assumptions: 43% for EVA, 43% for 3PAR. Same as product for rest. • Support Discount Assumptions: 48% for EVA, 66% for F-Class, 45% for 7000. Same as product for the rest. • 900GB SFF SAS. Avg. SW : 10% AO, 50% VC, 25% RC, 80% SR

  38. Support comparisons NEW

  39. Choose from 3 levels of Proactive Support Services Operation Support Services for HP 3PAR 7000 • Value proposition • Warranty protects against product defects, Services protects the business—avoid downtime and improve performance, with the right support level and access to firmware and patch updates/ upgrades • Business benefit • Protect your business from unplanned outages • Support needs to be considered holistically not product by product, choose the support level that is right for your business needs • Proactively protect all your data center needs including 3PAR StoreServ, Servers, connecting devices and applications • Proactively plan, add, modify and change your 3PAR StoreServ storage environment

  40. Value proposition The proper configuration and setup of 3PAR StoreServ storage is crucial to safeguard performance, efficiency, utilization and protect against data loss Business benefit HP Services installs and tests your 3PAR StoreServ hardware and software onsite, including configuration setup and integration into your current IT environment Mitigate risk and accelerate implementation from day one 3PAR StoreServ deployment services help you maximize performance, efficiency and capacity utilization HP Services risk free deployment Deployment services for HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

  41. Summary

  42. Key take away Your sales opportunity √ The Right products HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 – Effortless Tier 1 Storage At the Rightprice 3PAR technology at a competitive midrange price Aggressive discount structure to maximize OEM/ODP profit √ √ For the Rightcustomers Huge IB opportunity; large competitive OEM base to attack

  43. Call to action Prepare yourself Learn the sales pitch • Now • Present to Customers Buildthe pipeline for FY13 and Beyond • Follow-up Calls Attackthe market Call every customer (EVA/E-F Class IB, new mid range targeted customer)

  44. Marketing contacts and locating additional information

  45. Regional product marketing contacts • Sales Issues • Product availability • Special pricing • Qualifying customers • Order entry, configuration, or status issues • HP Care Pack Services queries • Presales Support Issues • Technology or supported configuration questions • Planning and deployment scenarios • Infrastructure requirements

  46. Tools and resources • Product home page • http://www.hp.com/go/storeserv7000 (as of 12/4) • http://www.hp.com/go/3PAR Partner portal • http://h20457.www2.hp.com/partnerportal/gateway_ww.html • Log onto the partner portal for your region, click on EG (Enterprise Group) in the left hand navigation bar, storage and sales & technical tools tab  Internal HP 3PAR StoreServ Sales Portal • http://intranet.hp.com/tsg/ww3/StorageSalesPortal/Pages/3PARstorage.aspx

  47. HP StoreServ 7000 Storage collateral plan Effortless tier1 storage with midrange affordability

  48. Back-up

  49. Double VM density - guaranteed System Wide Striping, Mixed Workload Support , and Quad Controllers Silicon-level Integration with VMware VAAI APIs for HW-Assisted Locking 50% less capacity - guaranteed Silicon-level Integration with VMware VAAI APIs for Thinning, Reclaim Adaptive Optimization and Fast RAID Technologies Effortless provisioning Autonomic Groups and VMware Management Integration Remote Copy Integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager Peer Persistence Integration with VMware MetroCluster The midrange storage standard for virtualization Buy 50% fewer physical servers Cut storage capacity requirements by 50% Spend 90% less time managing storage

  50. HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 and 7000 positioning The only storage architecture you’ll ever need * Assumes only magnetic disk drives are used in the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 array