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BULATS. An Introduction. Istomina Elena- CenterCom Ekaterinburg. What is BULATS?. BULATS stands for the Business Language Testing Service. Designed to help companies find out the level of language skills among their staff, trainees or job applicants.

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An Introduction

Istomina Elena- CenterCom Ekaterinburg

What is bulats
What is BULATS?

BULATS stands for the Business Language Testing Service.

  • Designed to help companies find out the level of language skills among

    • their staff,

    • trainees or

    • job applicants.

  • Assesses language skills which are needed for the workplace and for students and employees on language courses

  • Helps professional/business courses where foreign language ability is an important element of the course.

  • Bulats is a multilingual test
    BULATS is a multilingual test

    Offers parallel tests in English, French, German and Spanish.

    • Tests of English are produced by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

    • French - by the Alliance Françoise,

    • German by the Goethe-Institute

    • Spanish by the Universidad de Salamanca.

      The service is co-ordinated by Cambridge ESOL, which has been producing language examinations since 1913 and delivers over a million assessments a year in 130 countries.

    Why use bulats
    Why use BULATS?

    • Evaluating the language skills of staff within a company

      A company decides it wants a complete language profile of its staff. BULATS can be used to test some or all employees. The service can also be used at regular intervals to monitor the company's language profile.

    Why use bulats1
    Why use BULATS?

    • Evaluating the language skills of job applicants

      A company is recruiting staff to work in its international sales department. BULATS provides a simple way of testing prospective employees and providing the company with an up-to-date and accurate assessment of language ability.

    Why use bulats2
    Why use BULATS?

    • Placing learners on suitable courses for language training

      A business college provides language training courses for its students and needs to place them in courses at the right level. BULATS can be used to place the students on suitable courses.

    Why use bulats3
    Why use BULATS?

    • Screening learners who are unsuitable for the training courses provided

      A company wants to concentrate its language training on employees who are already close to the level of language required. BULATS can provide a test to screen off unsuitable candidates and so help make best use of resources available.

    Why use bulats4
    Why use BULATS?

    • Evaluating language training given

      The training division of a company needs to assess the quality of language training being provided by an external training organisation. BULATS can be used to test people at the beginning and end of the course to monitor progress.

    Why use bulats5
    Why use BULATS ?

    • Pre-testing

      BULATS can be used as a pre-test before other exams

    The range of bulats
    The range of BULATS

    BULATS provides a range of tests to meet different needs:

    • The Computer Test - a fast, accurate test of listening, reading and language knowledge (Grammar & Vocabulary) – length depends on the ability of the candidate

    • The Standard Test - a paper-based alternative to the computer test (110 min)

    • The Speaking Test - face-to-face evaluation of speaking skills (12 min)

    • The Writing Test-thorough evaluation of writing skills in a business context (45 min)

    The range of bulats1
    The range of BULATS

    • All 4 tests:

    • Computer Test

    • Standard Test

    • Speaking Test

    • Writing Test

      can be used independently or in various combinations. This principle of flexibility allows BULATS to customize the service for different situations.

    What level is bulats
    What level is BULATS?

    • BULATS assesses candidates across the whole spectrum of levels

    • The majority of tasks are at intermediate and upper intermediate level

    • Candidates at elementary and lower-intermediate levels will find parts of the test difficult

    What is in the computer test
    What is in the Computer Test?

    • There are eight types of questions and they assess

      • listening,

      • reading and language knowledge (grammar/vocabulary) skills.

    Listening tasks
    Listening Tasks

    • Listen and Select

      Candidates listen to a short recording and answer a short multiple choice question.

    • Listen and Select (Graphic)

      The choice is between three pictures or images.

    • Extended Listening

      Candidates listen to a longer recording and answer a series of multiple choice questions based on it.

      The questions are presented in the same order as the information in the text.

    • You can hear the listening recordings twice.

    Reading and language knowledge tasks
    Reading and Language Knowledge Tasks

    • Read and Select

      Candidates are presented with a notice, diagram, label, memo or letter containing a short text.They choose a phrase that most closely matches the meaning of the text.

    • Extended Reading

      Candidates read a longer text and answer a series of multiple choicequestions based on it.The questions are presented in the same order as the information in the text.

    • Multiple Choice gap-fill

      Candidates choose the best word or phrase to fill gaps in a text. Four choices for each gap.

    • Open gap-fill

      Candidates complete blanks in a text by typing in the missing word.

    • Gapped sentences

      Candidates complete gaps in a sentence by choosing the correct word or phrase. There are four choicesfor each gap.

    Key features of bulats
    Key features of BULATS?

    • Flexibility in its delivery

      • Tests available on demand

      • Tests suit clients’ needs

      • Tests can be administered on site

      • Fast turn-around of results

      • Range of 4 Tests on offer administered independently or in combination

    What level is bulats3
    What level is BULATS ?

    • Upper-Advanced- Fully operational of the language in most business and work situations, e.g. in the workplace can argue a case confidently justifying and making points persuasively. 

    • Advanced - Good operational command of the language in a range of business and work situations, e.g. can participate effectively in discussions and meetings.

    • Upper-Intermediate - Generally effective command of the language in a range of familiar situations, e.g. can make a contribution to meetings on practical matters, but is unlikely to follow a complex argument.

    • Intermediate - Limited but effective command of the language in familiar situations, e.g, can take part in a routine meeting on familiar topics, particularly in an exchange of simple factual information.

    • Elementary - Very limited command of the language in a range of familiar situations, e.g. can understand and pass simple messages.

    • Beginner - Very limited command of the language. Candidates аt this level may know some phrases but cannot communicate in the language.

    Who is bulats suitable for
    Who is BULATS suitable for?

    • The test is carefully designedto be suitable for a wide range of people at work – technicians,secretaries or managers, in banking, in education or in manufacturing, in administration, research ormarketing.

    • BULATS does not require any previous business experience, and so it is also suitable for students

      who may need to use the foreign language in the future.

    Users of bulats
    Users of BULATS

    • TestimonialsBULATS is used by a wide range of companies and organisations in different sectors. These companies include well known international companies as well as small and medium sized businesses.

    • AirbusEmirates GroupHitachiItalia LavoroUNDPWipro


    • BULATS is administered

      through a network of authorised BULATS agents. Agents are approved to sell the full range of BULATS tests to customers.

      Agents have information about BULATS including prices and availability of tests. Agents can also offer a demonstration of the computer test.

    • CenterCom has become an Agent since 08.2006

    Examples of corporate recognition in russia

    Axmor Software  - PET 

    Canon   -  PET

    Caterpillar   - FCE

    Edmins Group  -   BEC Higher

    Hydroproject Institute  - FCE

    International Moscow Bank (IMB)  - BEC Vantage

    Marine Agent Ltd  - BEC Vantage

    Millennium Distribution - PET

    Novosoft LLC  - BEC Vantage

    Philip Morris Management Services Ltd   - BEC Preliminary

    Promix   - BEC Preliminary

    Russky Alyuminy (RusAl) -  BEC Preliminary

    Sonic Duo  - FCE

    Star Software Corporation– FCE

    TNK-BP  PET, BEC Vantage

    Volskcemen– PET

    Waterhill Recruitment Services -   BEC Vantage

    World Bank  - BEC Higher

    Yukos Oil Company  - FCE, CAE

    Zao Smarts   - FCE

    Examples of Corporate Recognition in Russia

    Assessment of language skills
    Assessment of language skills

    • BULATSprovides a rapid, accurate assessment of language skills in English, French, German and Spanish and is linked to the five-level scale for language assessment established by the Council of Europe.

    • It involves a computer-based test, backed up by optional tests of writing and speaking skills in a business context. It is provided by four members of the ALTE - the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, Alliance Française, Goethe-Institut and Universidad de Salamanca It is already in use by businesses and training organizations in Europe, the Far East and Latin America.


    • 10-50 51-300301-1000

    • Computer test1850 1600 1400

    • Standard test17001550 1300

    • Speaking test1000 900 800

    • Writing test1150 1050 850

    Web site
    Web site

    • http://www.bulats.org/