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  1. Welcome! 邓艳辉

  2. Sydney Opera House the Taj Mahal the Eiffel Tower

  3. Leading-in If you had a lot of money and could travel around the world , which place would you like to visit most?

  4. Africa?

  5. the Pyramids Sphinx Exciting, attractive and mysterious Africa!

  6. An adventure in Africa

  7. skim for the main idea Please go through the text as quickly as you can and find the main idea. It is a from______ to________. Toby and his ________ will take ______ weeks to experience an ________ in ______. Toby Aihua brother four adventure Africa

  8. Put the activities in correct order ____ travel down the River Nile ____travel on camels through the Sahara Desert ____climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania ____see wild animals in Kenya ____fly to Morocco ____go to the Himalayas 3 2 5 4 1 6

  9. Morocco the Sahara Desert the River Nile Lake Victoria Kenya Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania Toby’s travel route in Africa Himalayas

  10. Destination One Detailed reading Morocco

  11. The Sahara Desert The biggest desert in the world About the size of the US.

  12. Para.2 Time: How to go there: Weather : How long: What to take: 15th July Sahara plane (from London to Morocco) camels (through Sahara) very hot, dry and dusty six days tents/ sleeping bags/ a torch

  13. tent torch torch sleeping bag sleeping bag

  14. Destination Two Lake Victoria the River Nile

  15. Para.3 1.What adventure activity will the writer try? white-water rafting 2.How to protect himself?

  16. Travel down River Nile helmet life jacket raft white-water rafting

  17. Destination Three - place of wildlife Kenya

  18. Para. 4/5 In Kenya, they’ll live with the ______ people in their villages , and eat and drink _________ they do , including cow’s _______. local whatever blood If you were Toby, would you drink cow’s blood? When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  19. Para. 4/5 In Kenya, they’ll live with the ______ people in their villages , and eat and drink _________ they do , including cow’s _______. local whatever blood According to paragraph 5, Toby wants to _________. A. see a giraffe up close B. scare animals away C. take photographs of animals D. shoot an elephant C

  20. see…up close

  21. Read paragraph 5 and fill in the form. what to take why to take them to carry food and water a backpack a camera to take photos to scare the animals away a gun

  22. Destination Four Tanzania • the highest mountain in Africa • 5895 meters Mount Kilimanjaro

  23. Para.6 Mount Kilimanjaro • 1.What do you think they should take when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? • 2.What problems do some people have while climbing? They feel sick as the air gets thinner.

  24. If you feel sick in climbing mountains, will you give up half way? Whatever difficulty we might come across in our lives, we should not give up easily and try our best to conquer(征服)it .

  25. What do you think of the travel? dangerous exciting scary adventure sick uncomfortable tiring astonishing

  26. Competition Find words,routes and activities in the text relating to adventures !

  27. Reading Strategy An informal letter greetings date body closings signature 30th June Dear Aihua, How areyou? …………… ………….……………………………………………… Best wishes to you! Love, Toby

  28. Conclusion To travel through the world it is  necessary to have the mouth of a pig,  the legs of a deer, the eyes of an eagle,  the ears of an ass, shoulders of a camel, and above all, a bag full of  money and patience.  周游世界须有猪的嘴巴,鹿的腿,鹰的双眼,驴的耳,骆驼的肩膀,尤其需要的是要有满口袋的金钱和耐心。

  29. Homework Practise writing an informal letter to Aihua about your favorite place in Africa.

  30. Thank you !