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Choose Your Own Adventure Bullying PPT

Making Good choices - 4th grade bullying project

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Choose Your Own Adventure Bullying PPT

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  1. Make the right choice By Alexis Johnson

  2. Nineth is on the field and she sees someone getting pushed around what should she do? 1 walk away and pretend nothing happened Or… 2 tell them to stop

  3. oops Oops! You made the wrong choice. Don’t be a bystander. Walking away can’t stop the bully. Go back and try again. Go back

  4. Good job Yay you made the right choice! Click the arrow to go to the next slide. Next slide

  5. Problem 2 Terry is sending Sana mean emails how should she handle the problem 1 talk to them and figure out why they were doing it. Or… 2 send a mean email back

  6. oops Oops you made the wrong choice click the arrow to choose a different answer. Go back

  7. Good job Good job you made the right choice talking about it can make it better but sending a mean email back cant. Continue to the next slide Next slide

  8. You finished! You have completed the bullying power point have a fun rest of your day!

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